Understanding motivations to use online streaming services : integrating the technology acceptance model (TAM) and the uses and gratifications theory (UGT)

Published on Dec 21, 2020in Spanish Journal of Marketing - ESIC
· DOI :10.1108/SJME-04-2020-0074
Mark Anthony Camilleri18
Estimated H-index: 18
Loredana Falzon1
Estimated H-index: 1
The outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and its preventative social distancing measures have led to a dramatic increase in subscriptions to paid streaming services. Online users are increasingly accessing live broadcasts, as well as recorded video content and digital music services through internet and mobile devices. In this context, this study aims to explore the individuals’ uses and gratifications from online streaming technologies during COVID-19.,This research has adapted key measures from the “technology acceptance model” (TAM) and from the “uses and gratifications theory” (UGT) to better understand the individuals’ intentions to use online streaming technologies. A structural equations partial least squares’ confirmatory composite approach was used to analyze the gathered data.,The individuals’ perceived usefulness and ease of use of online streaming services were significant antecedents of their intentions to use the mentioned technologies. Moreover, this study suggests that the research participants sought emotional gratifications from online streaming technologies, as they allowed them to distract themselves into a better mood and to relax in their leisure time. Evidently, they were using them to satisfy their needs for information and entertainment.,This study contributes to the academic literature by generating new knowledge about the individuals’ perceptions, motivations and intentions to use online streaming technologies to watch recorded movies, series and live broadcasts.,The findings imply that there is scope for the providers of online streaming services to improve their customer-centric marketing by refining the quality and content of their recorded programs and through regular interactions with subscribers and personalized recommender systems.,This study integrates the TAM and UGT frameworks to better understand the effects of the users’ perceptions, ritualized and instrumental motivations on their intentions to continue watching movies, series and broadcasts through online streaming technologies, during COVID-19.,El distanciamiento social durante la pandemia del coronavirus (COVID-19) ha llevado a un aumento dramatico en las suscripciones a los servicios de transmision de pago. Los usuarios en linea acceden cada vez mas a transmisiones en vivo, asi como a contenido de video grabado y servicios de musica digital. En este contexto, este estudio explora los usos y las gratificaciones buscadas por las personas con las tecnologias de transmision en linea durante la COVID-19.,En la operacionalizacion de las variables se utilizaron las medidas del “Modelo de Aceptacion de Tecnologia” (TAM) y la “Teoria de Usos y Gratificaciones” (UGT). Ademas, se utilizo SEM-PLS 3 para analizar los datos recopilados de las encuestas.,La utilidad percibida y la facilidad de uso de los servicios de transmision en linea son antecedentes significativos de la intencion de utilizarlos. Ademas, las personas buscan gratificaciones emocionales de tales tecnologias, ya que les permiten distraerse, estar de mejor humor y relajarse en su tiempo libre. Ademas, las utilizan para obtener informacion y entretenimiento.,Este estudio contribuye a la literatura academica generando nuevos conocimientos sobre las percepciones, motivaciones e intenciones de los individuos de utilizar tecnologias de transmision en linea para ver peliculas grabadas, series y transmisiones en vivo.,Los hallazgos implican que hay margen para que los proveedores de servicios de transmision en linea mejoren su marketing centrado en el cliente reforzando la calidad y el contenido de sus programas grabados y la publicidad intermitente.,Este estudio integra las teorias TAM y UGT para comprender mejor el creciente uso de las tecnologias de transmision para ver peliculas grabadas, series y transmisiones en vivo.
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