The Myelin Water Fraction Serves as a Marker for Age-Related Myelin Alterations in the Cerebral White Matter - A Multiparametric MRI Aging Study.

Published on Feb 24, 2020in Frontiers in Neuroscience3.707
· DOI :10.3389/FNINS.2020.00136
Tobias D Faizy12
Estimated H-index: 12
(UHH: University of Hamburg),
Gabriel Broocks15
Estimated H-index: 15
(UHH: University of Hamburg)
+ 12 AuthorsUta Hanning18
Estimated H-index: 18
(UHH: University of Hamburg)
Quantitative MRI modalities, such as diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) or magnetization transfer imaging (MTI) are sensitive to the neuronal effects of aging of the cerebral white matter (WM), but lack the specificity for myelin content. Myelin Water Imaging (MWI) is highly specific for myelin and may be more sensitive for the detection of changes in myelin content inside the cerebral WM microstructure. In this multiparametric imaging study, we evaluated the performance of Myelin Water Fraction (MWF) estimates as a marker for myelin alterations during normal-aging. Multiparametric MRI data derived from DTI, MTI and a novel, recently-proposed MWF-map processing and reconstruction algorithm were acquired from 54 healthy subjects (aged 18-79 years) and region-based multivariate regression analysis was performed. MWFs significantly decreased with age in most WM regions (except corticospinal tract) and changes of MWFs were associated with changes of Radial Diffusivity (RD), indicating either substantial alterations or preservation of myelin content in these regions. Decreases of Fractional Anisotropy (FA) and Magnetization Transfer Ratio (MTR) were associated with lower MWFs in commissural fibre tracts only. Mean diffusivity (MD) had no regional effects on MWF. We conclude that MWF estimates are sensitive for the assessment of age-related myelin alterations in the cerebral WM of normal-aging brains.
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Abstract The relationship between regional brain myelination and aging has been the subject of intense study, with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) perhaps the most effective modality for elucidating this. However, most of these studies have used nonspecific methods to probe myelin content, including diffusion tensor imaging, magnetization transfer ratio, and relaxation times. In the current study, we used the BMC-mcDESPOT analysis, a direct and specific method for imaging of myelin water fracti...
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Abstract With myelin playing a vital role in normal brain integrity and function and thus in various neurological disorders, myelin sensitive magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques are of great importance. In particular, multi-exponential T2 relaxation was shown to be highly sensitive to myelin. The myelin water imaging (MWI) technique allows to separate the T2 decay into short components, specific to myelin water, and long components reflecting the intra- and extracellular water. The myeli...
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Myelin Water Fraction (MWF) measurements derived from quantitative Myelin Water Imaging (MWI) may detect demyelinating changes of the cerebral white matter (WM) microstructure. Here, we investigated age-related alterations of the MWF in normal aging brains of healthy volunteers utilizing two fast and clinically feasible 3D gradient and spin echo (GRASE) MWI sequences with 3 mm and 5 mm isotropic voxel size. In 45 healthy subjects (age range: 18–79 years), distinct regions of interest (ROI) were ...
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Abstract Purpose We present a computationally feasible and iterative multi-voxel spatially regularized algorithm for myelin water fraction (MWF) reconstruction. This method utilizes 3D spatial correlations present in anatomical/pathological tissues and underlying B1+-inhomogeneity or flip angle inhomogeneity to enhance the noise robustness of the reconstruction while intrinsically accounting for stimulated echo contributions using T2-distribution data alone. Methods Simulated data and in vivo da...
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Abstract Aging is known to have deleterious effects on cerebral white matter, yet little is known about these white matter alterations in advanced age. In this study, 94 oldest-old adults without dementia (90–103 years) underwent diffusion tensor imaging to assess relationships between chronological age and multiple measures of integrity in 18 white matter regions across the brain. Results revealed significant age-related declines in integrity in regions previously identified as being sensitive ...
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White matter (WM) occupies a large volume of the human cerebrum and is mainly composed of myelinated axons and myelin-producing glial cells. The myelinated axons within WM are the structural foundation for efficient neurotransmission between cortical and subcortical areas. Similar to neuron-enriched gray matter areas, WM undergoes a series of changes during the process of aging. WM malfunction can induce serious neurobehavioral and cognitive impairments. Thus, age-related changes in WM may contr...
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: Myelin is critical for healthy brain function. An accurate in vivo measure of myelin content has important implications for understanding brain plasticity and neurodegenerative diseases. Myelin water imaging is a magnetic resonance imaging method which can be used to visualize myelination in the brain and spinal cord in vivo. This review presents an overview of myelin water imaging data acquisition and analysis, post-mortem validation work, findings in both animal and human studies and a brief...
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Abstract Post mortem studies suggest protracted myelination of subcortical white matter into the middle age followed by gradual decline in the late adulthood. To date, however, establishing the proposed inverted-U pattern of age-myelin association proved difficult, as the most common method of investigating white matter, diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), usually reveals only linear associations between DTI indices and age among healthy adults. Here we use a novel method of estimating Myelin Water ...
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The aim is to investigate the relationship between microstructural white matter (WM) diffusivity indices and macrostructural WM volume (WMV) among healthy individuals (20–85 years). Whole-brain diffusion measures were calculated from diffusion tensor imaging using FMRIB software library while WMV was estimated through voxel-based morphometry, and voxel-based analysis was carried out using tract-based spatial statistics. Our results revealed that mean diffusivity, axial diffusivity, and radial di...
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Purpose To improve the quantification accuracy of transverse relaxometry by accounting for B1-error, after minimizing slice profile imperfections. Materials and Methods The slice profile of refocusing pulses was optimized by setting refocusing slice thicknesses three times that of the excitation pulse. The first step of data processing combined the L-curve approach with the linearized version of the extended phase graph model to jointly estimate the temporal regularization constant map and the f...
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Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is the gold standard for the detection of cerebral lesions in X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD). ALD is one of the most common peroxisomal disorders and is characterized by a defect in degradation of very long chain fatty acids (VLCFA), resulting in accumulation of VLCFA in plasma and tissues. The clinical spectrum of ALD is wide and includes adrenocortical insufficiency, a slowly progressive myelopathy in adulthood, and cerebral demyelination in a subset of ma...
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Myelin loss and iron accumulation are cardinal features of aging and various neurodegenerative diseases. Oligodendrocytes incorporate iron as a metabolic substrate for their myelin synthesis and maintenance. An emerging hypothesis in Alzheimer's disease research suggests that myelin breakdown releases substantial stores of iron that may accumulate, leading to further myelin breakdown and neurodegeneration. We assessed associations between iron content and myelin content in critical brain regions...
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We present a review of the characterization of healthy brain aging using MRI with an emphasis on morphology, lesions, and quantitative MR parameters. A scope review found 6612 articles encompassing the keywords "Brain Aging" and "Magnetic Resonance"; papers involving functional MRI or not involving imaging of healthy human brain aging were discarded, leaving 2246 articles. We first consider some of the biogerontological mechanisms of aging, and the consequences of aging in terms of cognition and...
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BACKGROUND Neurodegeneration is a complex cellular process linked to prompt changes in myelin integrity and gradual neuron loss. Current imaging techniques offer estimations of myelin volumes in lesions/remyelinated areas but are limited to detect subtle injury. PURPOSE To investigate whether measurements detected by a signal hierarchically isolated as a function of time-to-echo (SHIFT) MRI technique can determine changes in myelin integrity and fiber axolemma. STUDY TYPE Prospective animal mode...
Abstract Chronic hypertension, or high blood pressure, is the most prevalent vascular risk factor that accelerates cognitive aging and increases risk for Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia. Decades of observational and clinical trials have demonstrated that midlife hypertension is associated with greater gray matter atrophy, white matter damage commiserate with demyelination, and functional deficits as compared to normotension over the adult lifespan. Critically, hypertension is a modifiab...
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The myeloarchitecture of the corpus callosum (CC) is characterized as a mosaic of distinct differences in fiber density of small- and large-diameter axons along the anterior-posterior axis; however, regional and age differences across the lifespan are not fully understood. Using multiecho T2 magnetic resonance imaging combined with multi-T2 fitting, the myelin water fraction (MWF) and geometric-mean of the intra-/extracellular water T2 (geomT2IEW) in 395 individuals (7-85 years; 41% males) were ...
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Demyelination occurs in response to brain injury and is observed in many neurodegenerative diseases. Myelin is synthesized from oligodendrocytes in the central nervous system, and oligodendrocyte death-induced demyelination is one of the mechanisms involved in white matter damage after stroke and neurodegeneration. Oligodendrocyte precursor cells (OPCs) exist in the brain of normal adults, and their differentiation into mature oligodendrocytes play a central role in remyelination. Although the d...
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