Prediction of fatigue failure of steel beams subjected to simultaneous corrosion and cyclic loading

Published on Jun 1, 2019in Structures1.839
· DOI :10.1016/J.ISTRUC.2019.02.003
Le Li3
Estimated H-index: 3
(RMIT: RMIT University),
Chun-Qing Li10
Estimated H-index: 10
(RMIT: RMIT University),
Mojtaba Mahmoodian11
Estimated H-index: 11
(RMIT: RMIT University)
Abstract Steel structures are usually subjected to simultaneous corrosion and service loads which are cyclic in nature. This paper proposes a new methodology for prediction of fatigue failure of steel structures subjected to simultaneous corrosion and fatigue stresses. A model is developed to determine the effect of corrosion on S-N curve of steel subjected to corrosion and fatigue and verified with experimental results. The fatigue damage to steel is modelled as a stochastic process allowing for corrosion effects on both stress range and S-N curve. The first-passage probability method is employed to determine the time-dependent probability of fatigue failure of the steel structure subjected to corrosion and fatigue stresses. A worked example is provided to demonstrate the application of the proposed methodology. It is found in the paper that neglecting corrosion effect on S-N curve can lead to 90.43% reduction of the probability of fatigue failure of steel structures subjected to corrosion and fatigue stresses in 120 years, which can be catastrophic. The methodology proposed in this paper can help structural engineers and asset managers to predict the fatigue failure of steel structures when they are subjected to simultaneous corrosion and fatigue stresses.
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It is well established that the fatigue phenomenon of metallic structures such as leaf springs presents a random behavior, which is influenced by a probabilistic effect of many factors. This paper presents a probabilistic design approach to predict the high cycle fatigue behavior of a single asymmetric parabolic leaf spring. The suggested approach is used to assess the fatigue reliability of a single asymmetric parabolic leaf spring with uncertainties associated with its design parameters. This ...
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Abstract This paper investigates the effect of corrosion on degradation of mechanical properties of G250 mild steel. Corrosion tests are conducted by immersing steel into hydrochloride acid solutions, with acidity ranging from 0.00001 M to 3 M. Both macro analysis and micro analysis are undertaken to investigate the mechanism of corrosion induced degradation of mechanical properties. Intergranular corrosion is found for mild steel during corrosion. Results indicate that there is considerable red...
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AbstractIn time-dependent reliability analysis, the calculation of the mean outcrossing or upcrossing rate of a stochastic process from a safe domain or barrier level based on the Rice formula continues to present serious challenge to researchers in the field. Furthermore, the derivation of closed-form analytical solutions to the first passage probability for nonstationary processes has not been very successful except for Gaussian process. The intention of this paper is to drive a closed-form so...
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Abstract By introducing effective fatigue stresses, multi-axial fatigue problems can be transformed into equivalent uni-axial problems. A damage evolution law has been proposed from the view of cyclic motion of atoms׳ balance position, and the life evaluation formula has been deduced for arbitrary cyclic stress combinations. It is found that both fatigue limit and proportional coefficient of life should be dependent on mean stresses. The relationship between fatigue limit and mean stress, and th...
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This paper presents a method to estimate remaining fatigue lives of railway bridge members subjected to time-dependent corrosion. The method addresses effects of material loss due to general (uniform) corrosion and fatigue strength degradation of material due to corrosive environment. The method mainly consists of stress history, which is obtained by considering the effect of time-dependent loss of material, full-range S–N curve, which represents the corrosive environment, and sequential law, wh...
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Abstract The paper presents a spectral fatigue damage analysis of a double hull tanker structural detail accounting for corrosion wastage over time. The cyclic load of the wave-induced vertical bending moment, analysis using a strip theory on the frequency domain, is considered for two loading conditions. The influence of sea environment parameters and operational profiles including the use of different scatter diagrams, and wave variance spectra have been analyzed. The effect on the time-depend...
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A fatigue reliability model which integrates the probability distribution of hot spot stress range with a continuous probabilistic formulation of Miner's damage cumulative rule is developed for fatigue life and reliability evaluation of steel bridges with long-term monitoring data. By considering both the nominal stress obtained by measurements and the corresponding stress concentration factor (SCF) as random variables, a probabilistic model of the hot spot stress is formulated with the use of t...
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The Paderno Bridge along the Adda river in the northern part of Italy is a relevant arch-bridge connecting Milan and Bergamo province in the northern part of Italy: the bridge is part of the Monza-Bergamo line and is in service from 1889. A stepwise and practical approach for evaluating the structural integrity of historical and deteriorated steel bridges, incorporating analytical, mechanical, and structural characterizations, is presented. Critical regions of hot spot members were identified us...
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A probabilistic fatigue assessment methodology for riveted railway bridges is presented. The methodology is applied to a typical, short-span, riveted U.K. railway bridge under historical and present day train loading. On the loading side, the problem is randomized through dynamic amplification and traffic volume; on the resistance side, the S-N curves and the cumulative damage model are treated probabilistically. Model uncertainty is represented by the ratio between actual and calculated stresse...
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Abstract Pipe elbows (bends) are considered critical pressurized components in the piping systems and pipelines due to their stress intensification and the effect of bend curvature. They are prone and hence more exposed to different corrosion failure modes than straight pipes. Late detection of such elbow damages can lead to different dangerous and emergency situations which cause environmental disasters, pollution, substantial consumer losses and a serious threat to human life. A comprehensive ...
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Abstract In this paper, the combined effect of corrosion and fatigue on the fatigue strength of steel connection plates is thoroughly investigated through a comprehensive experimental program. A model for fatigue strength degradation as a function of corrosion rate is developed. The mechanism of fatigue strength degradation is also examined to gain a insightful understanding of fatigue strength degradation under simultaneous corrosion and fatigue environments. It is found in the paper that the s...
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Abstract Indoor swimming pools are a typical aggressive environment in which long-span steel structures are prone to corrosion, especially in the connection position of joints. In order to evaluate the impact of the corrosion on the mechanical properties of joints, a corrosion test of Q235 steel in a swimming pool environment was carried out for 48 and 72 months respectively. The surface pitting distribution of the corrosion specimens was measured and statistically analyzed, and a probability di...
#1Songling Xue (Southwest Jiaotong University)H-Index: 3
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Last. Lilai ShenH-Index: 1
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Abstract In this paper, the S-N curve of Zn-Al alloy coated steel wire was obtained by setting 30 groups with different corrosion-fatigue tests. The results show that the corrosion-fatigue resistance of Zn-Al alloy coated steel wire is preferable to high-strength steel wire. The crack initiation time of Zn-Al alloy coated steel wire is longer than high-strength steel wire, and the propagation speed is far lower than high-strength steel wire. Finally, a life prediction model considering corrosion...
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Abstract While the low-cycle fatigue performance of metals is significantly influenced by corrosion, the corrosion damages and therefore the fatigue mechanisms induced by different solutions are different. In this paper, the pre-corrosion fatigue behavior of 316L austenitic stainless steel in hydrofluoric acid are studied. To characterize the corrosion type as well the extent of corrosion, the corrosion behavior of 316L austenitic stainless steel at different HF concentrations are investigated. ...
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Corrosion of steel is now a worldwide issue, threatening the safety of steel structures. Literature suggests that little research has been conducted on the prediction of fatigue failures of connect...
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Abstract This paper presents the results of experimental research about the influence of temperature and strain rate on microstructure and fracture mechanism of C25 mild commercial steel. This type of material has applicability in the construction of machines domain (for example: shafts and gears). In the paper, there were done the following experimental determinations: hot tensile stress tests were investigated over wide ranges of forming temperature and strain rate; hardness tests and fractogr...