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The Bohai Strait Channel (BSC) is a strategic infrastructure project connecting the Shandong Peninsula and northeastern China. One challenge related to building the BSC tunnel portion is that ventilation shafts cannot be constructed due to certain limitations, which leads to a barrier for ventilation design. To explore the feasibility of ventilation without shafts, we first compare the tunnel ventilation design methods in China and the European Union. We also present the development process of e...
The main objective of this research is to develop a hybrid damper by combining the friction damper (FD) and the X-shaped metallic damper (XMD) to enhance the performance of a building under seismic excitations with different peak ground accelerations (PGA). Four- and twelve-storey-reinforced concrete buildings were retrofitted with the hybrid damper, and seismic fragility, nonlinear dynamic, and life cycle cost analyses were executed on both structures to evaluate the performance of the hybrid d...
Grouted splice connector is widely employed in precast concrete structures, but its utilization is still limited by shortcomings such as high construction cost, inconvenience in assemblage, and uncompacted grout caused by its small sleeve diameter. The grouted sleeve lapping connectors proposed by the authors can not only provide reasonable force transfer and convenient construction processing but also have the characteristics of low price and easy grouting. In this paper, the seismic performanc...
Real-time expressway traffic flow prediction is always an important research field of intelligent transportation, which is conducive to inducing and managing traffic flow in case of congestion. According to the characteristics of the traffic flow, this paper proposes a hybrid model, SSA-LSTM-SVR, to improve forecasting accuracy of the short-term traffic flow. Singular Spectrum Analysis (SSA) decomposes the traffic flow into one principle component and three random components, and then in terms o...
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Made up of an engineered mix of ordinary Portland cement (OPC) with artificial pozzolans such as trass, fly ash, and slag, the blended cements have been intensely employed within cementitious materials. The main reasons behind this intensive use can be clarified by enhanced workability/strength, the high resistance to chloride/sulfate, reduced permeability/alkali-silica reaction, and a drop in the heat generated by cement’s hydration. The use of cementitious blends within concrete not only offer...
A mat is a type of shallow foundation that is appropriate for structures supported on soil having relatively low bearing capacity or excessive settlement. Structural analysis of a mat foundation can be accomplished by either assuming the mat to be perfectly rigid or by considering the soil-structure interaction. This study researches the relationship between the mat-soil rigidity and structural response in terms of the soil bearing pressure, bending moment, and shear within the mat. To accomplis...
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In order to study the mechanical properties of low-carbon steel under the coupling effect of the overall environment and the loads, the tensile mechanical test was carried out. The results indicated that, as the sea water concentration and tensile deterioration increased, both the mass-loss rate and surface roughness of the low-carbon steel gradually increased, and the yield strength, tensile strength, elongation, and section shrinkage decreased gradually. The mechanical parameters of the low-ca...
Glass fibre reinforced cement (GFRC) is a composite material with great ductility but it undergoes severe strength and ductility degradation with ageing. Calcium sulfoaluminate (CSA) cement is low carbon cement, and more importantly, it exhibits great potential to produce more ductile and durable GFRC. This study focuses on mechanical performance, e.g., compressive strength, stress-strain curve, and freeze-thaw resistance of CSA/GFRC as well as its microstructural characteristics under low tempe...
A comprehensive understanding of the randomness, arbitrariness, and complexity of the visitors’ behavior and interaction in a museum is important because it is associated with the design. There is still uncertainty about how to characterize the visitors’ behavior and interaction. The fractal dimension was used in this study to indicate the geometrical form of the aged’s, the families’, and the students’ walking trajectories. The study results represented that all three sorts of the walking traje...
In view of the fact that the anti sliding effect analysis of the current anchor cable and anti slide pile structure is not yet complete, research on the synergy mechanism of adjacent pile-anchor composite structures under traffic load is carried out. Firstly, a free vibration analysis for the slope dynamic model is carried out by using a three-dimensional finite element numerical simulation method. By improving the slope boundary conditions of time-domain analysis, the time-domain equation of th...
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