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The firefly algorithm is nature-inspired, and it belongs to swarm intelligence category optimization. Firefly algorithm is the latest algorithm developed under the nature-inspired algorithm (NIA), which is fruitful for business and engineering optimization. So, for business optimization, healthcare industries are affected through big data where big data affects in different ways such as patients understanding and care, improved personalized care, analysis trends, predict health outcomes, etc. Bi...
In this digital world integrating smart city concepts, there is a tremendous scope and need for e-governance applications. Now people analyze the opinion of others before purchasing any product, hotel booking, stepping onto restaurants etc. and the respective user share their experience as a feedback towards the service. But there is no e-governance platform to obtain public opinion grievances towards covid19, government new laws, policies etc. With the growing availability and emergence of opin...
#1R. Pugalenthi (St. Joseph's College of Engineering)H-Index: 2
#1R. Pugalenthi (St. Joseph's College of Engineering)
Last. R. Rasika Krishnan (St. Joseph's College of Engineering)
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Artificial Intelligence, also referred to as AI, is one of the most rapidly evolving branches of Computer Science. The two branches of AI which empowers it to understand and interact with humans are Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). Together, these three forms the bases of Artificial Learning Companion-which can be described as a system which can be used to aid the Learning process of the humans. While ML allows the computer program to learn on its own with minimal hum...
#1Deepti Chaudhary (University Institute of Engineering and Technology, Kurukshetra University)H-Index: 1
#2Niraj Pratap Singh (National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra)H-Index: 6
Last. Sachin SinghH-Index: 5
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Music emotion classification (MEC) is the multidisciplinary research area that is related to perceive the emotions from the songs and label the songs with particular emotion classes. MEC systems (MECS) extract the features from the songs and then the songs are categorized on the basis of emotions by comparing their features. In this paper an MECS has been proposed that makes use of Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) by converting the music to their visual representation known as spectrograms. By...
#1Sandeep Kumar (National Institute of Technology Delhi)H-Index: 6
#2Sneha Singh (National Institute of Technology Delhi)
Last. Chanki PandeyH-Index: 1
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In this paper, the performance comparison of three pitch detection algorithms (PDAs) has been presented by implementing them in a LPC based speech analysis-synthesis system. The PDAs considered for comparison is based on three paradigms. The paradigms are weighted autocorrelation function (WACF), Empirical Mode Decomposition based autocorrelation function (EMD-ACF) and Empirical Mode Decomposition based average magnitude difference function (EMD-AMDF). Speech quality measurement is an important ...
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#1V. M. Praseetha (St. Joseph's College of Engineering)
#2P. P. Joby (St. Joseph's College of Engineering)
Humans are considered as emotional beings and so the uttered speech reflect the human emotions. Human computer interaction can be done more effectively by automatically identifying the emotions from speech. Automatic speech emotion recognition is applied in many areas like computer gaming, call centre, speech therapy controlling robots etc. Emotion recognition can be considered as feature space to label space mapping. From the uttered speech, the different features are calculated. Then, to autom...
#1Aakshi Mittal (National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra)H-Index: 1
#2Mohit Dua (National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra)H-Index: 10
Automatic speaker verification (ASV) systems are enhanced enough, that industry is attracted to use them practically in security systems. However, vulnerability of these systems to various direct and indirect access attacks weakens the power of ASV authentication mechanism. The increasing research in spoofing and anti-spoofing technologies is contributing to the enhancement of these systems. The objective of this paper is to review and analyze these important advancements proposed by different r...
Voice recognition technology is an automated science technology that transforms the input voice information into corresponding patterns or text information after being processed by a machine. The rapid development of artificial intelligence has made speech recognition technology in this field received widespread attention and attention, and speech recognition technology is widely used in all aspects of social life and production. The continuous application of speech recognition technology in com...
#1S. Ramesh (Vignan University)
#2S. Gomathi (Kongu Engineering College)
Last. Saravanan T (SRM University)
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Over the past decade, automatic speech emotion detection has been a great challenge in the human–computer interaction area. Generally, individuals express their feelings explicitly or implicitly through words, facial expressions, gestures, or writing. Different datasets such as speech, text, and visuals are used to explore emotions. Here, seven emotions such as neutrality, happiness, sadness, fear, surprise, disgust, and anger are detected using speech signals. To perform speech emotion recognit...
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