Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions
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#1Sergio BertiH-Index: 37
Last. Jens Erik Nielsen-Kudsk (Aarhus University Hospital)H-Index: 26
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Transcatheter left atrial appendage occlusion (LAAO) is an increasingly used alternative to oral anticoagulation in selected patients with atrial fibrillation. Intraprocedural imaging is a crucial for a successful intervention, with transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) as the current gold standard. Since some important limitations may affect TEE use, intracardiac echocardiography (ICE) is increasingly used as an alternative to TEE for guiding LAAO. The lack of a standardized imaging protocol h...
BACKGROUND Drug coated balloon (DCB) angioplasty significantly reduces reintervention rates in patients with symptomatic femoropopliteal peripheral artery disease (PAD). However, stand-alone DCB use in long, severely calcified lesions is frequently associated with vessel recoil and/or high-grade dissections necessitating provisional stent implantation. OBJECTIVES Assess the safety and effectiveness of a vessel preparation strategy with directional atherectomy (DA) prior to DCB angioplasty in pat...
#1Lloyd W. Klein (UCSF: University of California, San Francisco)H-Index: 3
#2Jacqueline E. Tamis-Holland (Mount Sinai St. Luke's and Mount Sinai Roosevelt)H-Index: 25
Last. Frederick G.P. Welt (UofU: University of Utah)H-Index: 25
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The purpose of this position statement is to suggest ways in which future appropriate use criteria (AUC) for coronary revascularization might be restructured to: (1) incorporate improvement in quality of life and angina relief as primary goals of therapy, (2) integrate the findings of recent trials into quality appraisal, (3) employ the combined information of the coronary angiogram and invasive physiologic measurements together with the results of stress test imaging to assess risk, and (4) rec...
#1Julien AdjedjH-Index: 12
#2Fabien PicardH-Index: 7
Last. Bijan Ghaleh (University of Paris)H-Index: 33
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OBJECTIVE To assess the accuracy of coronary thermodilution measurements made with the RayFlow® infusion catheter. BACKGROUND Measurements of absolute coronary blood flow (ABF) and absolute microvascular resistance (Rμ ) by continuous coronary thermodilution can be obtained in humans but their accuracy using a novel dedicated infusion catheter has not yet been validated. We compared ABF values obtained at different infusion rates to coronary blood flow (CBF) values obtained using flow probes, in...
#1Ines Hribernik (LGI: Leeds General Infirmary)
#2John Thomson (LGI: Leeds General Infirmary)H-Index: 18
Last. James R. Bentham (LGI: Leeds General Infirmary)H-Index: 6
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We present five cases of sinus-SuperFlex-DS stent stenosis during early follow up that resulted in inadequate ductal patency and required urgent re-stenting with a balloon-expandable stent. This causes concern that these stents lack sufficient radial force against ductal constriction and if used need to be kept under close scrutiny.
#1Oliver Maier (HHU: University of Düsseldorf)H-Index: 4
#2Kerstin Piayda (HHU: University of Düsseldorf)H-Index: 7
Last. Verena Veulemans (HHU: University of Düsseldorf)H-Index: 13
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OBJECTIVES This meta-analysis sought to assess predictors of permanent pacemaker implantation (PPI) after transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) with focus on preprocedural multi-slice computed tomography (MSCT) derived data. BACKGROUND Transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) has expanded to a well-established treatment for severe symptomatic aortic stenosis at high and intermediate surgical risk. PPI after TAVR remains one of the most frequent procedure-related complications and ap...
#1Simon Schoechlin (University of Freiburg)H-Index: 4
#2Undine Schulz (University of Freiburg)
Last. Christian M. Valina (University of Freiburg)H-Index: 22
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BACKGROUND Constant elevations of the serum concentration of cardiac troponin T (TnT) indicate a myocardial injury that may affect the long-term outcome of transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR). OBJECTIVES We sought to investigate the impact of pre-TAVR TnT on outcomes after TAVR during long-term follow-up. METHODS In a retrospective, observational study we compared long term outcomes after TAVR between tertiles of preinterventional high-sensitivity TnT. Systematic follow-up was performe...
AIM To evaluate healing response at strut-level and cross-section level after implanting an ultra-thin strut, everolimus-eluting stent with biodegradable polymer (Tetrilimus) using optical coherence tomography (OCT) at 3 and 6 months. METHODS This was prospective, multi-centre, single-arm, and investigator-initiated study performed at seven Indian sites between January, 2017 and September, 2018. OCT evaluations were performed in 57 patients who underwent Tetrilimus stent implantation. Follow-up ...
BACKGROUND Highly thrombotic coronary lesions continue to be a serious and clinically significant problem that is not effectively and completely addressed by current technology. OBJECTIVES We aimed to investigate whether a micro-net mesh (MNM) technology covering stent could preserve the index of microcirculatory resistance (IMR) after percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) in patients with high thrombus burden. METHODS AND RESULTS Fifty-two patients with non-ST elevation myocardial infarction...
#1Kyong Hee Lee (Tokai University)
#2Sho Torii (Tokai University)H-Index: 19
Last. Yuji Ikari (Tokai University)H-Index: 33
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OBJECTIVES The objectives of this study is to confirm reduction of door-to-balloon (D2B) time with single-catheter percutaneous coronary intervention (SC-PCI) method. BACKGROUND Reduction of total ischemic time is important in the emergency treatment of ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI). There have been no established methods in primary percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) to shorten ischemic time via radial access. Ikari left curve was reported as a universal guiding catheter for l...
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