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Plastic deformation in crystalline materials occurs through dislocation slip and strengthening is achieved with obstacles that hinder the motion of dislocations. At relatively low temperatures, dis...
Model order reduction of geometrically nonlinear dynamic structures is often achieved via a static condensation procedure, whereby high-frequency modes are assumed to be quasi-statically coupled to...
#1John D. FoleyH-Index: 6
#2Spencer Breiner (NIST: National Institute of Standards and Technology)H-Index: 6
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As the complexity and heterogeneity of a system grows, the challenge of specifying, documenting and synthesizing correct, machine-readable designs increases dramatically. Separation of the system i...
#2M. Maas (University of Bremen)
#4K. Rezwan (University of Bremen)
Last. Marc Avila (University of Bremen)H-Index: 22
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Nanofluids are suspensions of nanoparticles in a base heat-transfer liquid. They have been widely investigated to boost heat transfer since they were proposed in the 1990s. We present a statistical...
Using an atomic force microscope, a nanoscale wear characterization method has been applied to a commercial steel substrate AISI 52100, a common bearing material. Two wear mechanisms were observed ...
Mbius strips are prototypical examples of ribbon-like structures. Inspecting their shapes and features provides useful insights into the rich mechanics of elastic ribbons. Despite their ubiquity an...
We consider a fractionally integrated Bessel process defined by Ysδ,H=∫0∞(uH−(1/2)−(u−s) +H−(1/2))dXuδ, where Xδ is the Bessel process of dimension >2. We discuss the relation of this process to th...
The peridynamic theory reformulates the equations of continuum mechanics in terms of integro-differential equations instead of partial differential equations. In this paper, we consider the constru...
Glassy carbon has properties making it attractive as a containment material for radioactive waste. In this study, the diffusivity of the radiological important fission product, strontium, is measur...
In this paper, we investigate the exact solutions and conservation laws of (21)-dimensional time fractional NavierStokes equations (TFNSE). Specifically, Lie symmetries and corresponding one-dimens...
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