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There are many kinds of self similar fractal sets,of which there are many kinds of self similar fractal sets on measure is very difficult to achieve,even if can find it is hard to find the relatively high degree of approximation value,this article attempts to explore the method for solving the generalized Sierpinski gasket the Hausdorff upper measure,this method is used to estimate the Hausdorff upper measure more accurate approximation. Finally,the generalized Sierpinski gasket try to further p...
This paper induced the design points of the single pile foundation of offshore anemometer tower and proposed its design method combining with the environmental characteristics of offshore anemometer towers.A design example was analyzed,which provides a reference for similar engineering.
Generally,the heating method of electric blanket in the market is full- wave heating,and the heating temperature is controlled with different gears. It need shift the switch manually,which results in the temperature too high after a long time using which may reduce the sleep quality. To overcome this disadvantage,a half- wave heating electric blanket switch was designed based on 555 timer. The key elements in this switch are the multivibrator based on 555 timer and half wave ballast. The test re...
By Using the different options of the coefficient of the matrix eigenvalue inclusion region theorem and different types of estimation of elements of inverse matrix A-1of nonsingular M matrix A,some new lower bounds of the q( A  A-1),q( B  A-1),were obtained. These Estimators make the lower bound of choice more abundant of q( A  A-1),q( B  A-1).
Traditional injection mold involves low efficiency of development and high cost due to the limitations of mold testing and mold modification.This paper analyzed mold filling flow with Moldflow to predict the existing problems of injection molding.Numerical simulation technology was used to perform feasible mold testing analysis many times and modify the mold based on the practice of production and manufacturing.Finally,a reasonable pouring and cooling system was obtained,which provides important...
#1Liu Ku (IMUT: Inner Mongolia University of Technology)
The improvement of Motorsports performance was studied.Establishing and improving handling stability test method is effective to reduce accidents.The vehicle handling and stability was tested on the basis of existing test methods.The test results were obtained using post-processing software.The results can support further research.
#1Liu Yue-yin (SDUST: Shandong University of Science and Technology)
According to China's stock market and the American stock index,the macroeconomic barometer,the paper analyzed the correlation of the stock market of China and the United States after the crisis. This paper built a VAR model on logarithmic return rate( 2012 /6 /26 ~ 2014 /9 /30) of Shanghai Stock Composite Index and USA Dow Jones industrial average index. Further,empirical analysis was made using Granger causality test,impulse response and variance decomposition. The result showed that in the pos...
Long- span bridge is sensitive to wind loads. The buffeting response in static and fluctuating wind load is more complex. Buffeting response analysis has become a critical design problems. In this study,the buffeting response was studied through frequency and time domain methods. The contents and results as follows:1) There is a good agreement between the two kinds of methods,but for the maximum value has some deciation.2) Considering the fundamental mode in each direction is sufficient for disp...
The mechanical property of heterogeneous material contains uncertainties across scales. Construction of numerical model has theoretical values and practical engineering significance for its ability to investigate and predict the mechanical properties of the material. The multi- scale stochastic finite element method( Ms SFEM) was proposed on this macro environment. Based on the homogenization theory and two- scale model,the article is aimed to achieve a complete simulation of linear elliptic pro...
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