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There are several differences between the two types of alarm systems, conventionalsystems and addressable systems. It is important to carefully determine the introduc-tion of a fire alarm system according to the installation environment. Talking aboutthe main difference relates to how the connected device communicates with the maincontrol panel by sending a signal. Cost is another factor that can be a determinant ofyour chosen fire alarm system. In this paper, we proposed smart addressable fire ...
The series and shunt control scheme of UPFC impacts the performance and stability of the power system during power swing. UPFC is the most versatile and voltage source converter device as it can control the real and reactive power of the transmission system simultaneously or selectively. When any system is subjected to any disturbance or fault, there are many challenges in damping power oscillation using conventional methods. This paper presents the neural network-based controller that replaces ...
This paper considers the contribution of hot electrons to the resistive switching of sputter-deposited silicon oxide films based on experiments together with semi-2D Monte Carlo simulations. Using various device stack structures, this paper examines the impact of hot-electron injection on resistive switching, where conduction-band offset and Fermi-level difference are utilized. Support is found for the predictions that hot-electron injection reduces the switching voltage and this should reduce t...
#1Albert Paul Arunkumar (SRM Institute of Science and Technology)
#2R. Palanisamy (SRM Institute of Science and Technology)H-Index: 6
Last. Dr.J. Karthikeyan (SRM Institute of Science and Technology)
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Electric vehicles are becoming more demanding these days. In this project the possibility of using Ackerman steering with electric drive servomotor is explained. Scalability is the advantage of using this mechanism which can be adopted for four wheel vehicle system as well. The objective of this project is to do design a system using Ackerman steering which determines the maximum and minimum angle of the turning of the wheels. It also avoids the front tire slippage and activates pure rolling. Ac...
#1Ali Ibrahim (Sriwijaya University)H-Index: 8
#2Dwi Rosa Indah (Sriwijaya University)H-Index: 2
Last. Devi Indra Meytri (Sriwijaya University)
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Pulau Semambu village, Ogan Ilir regency, south Sumatra has been used as an agricultural and livestock education tour destination since November 2017 and there has been no customer data management since then. The use of social media as a promotional tool has not been done to its maximum potential. This can be seen from 189 people who liked its Facebook page or 11.05% out of the reached users, 192 followers or 11.23% and those who interacted as many as 114 people or 6.67% from the total users. Me...
#1Dr.J. Karthikeyan (SRM Institute of Science and Technology)
#2V. P. Arumbu (SRM Institute of Science and Technology)
Last. R. Palanisamy (SRM Institute of Science and Technology)H-Index: 6
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An Internet of things (IOT) is an exclusive method, were its impact on the enactments of human life is very terendy.This research on library control system operates on the basis of IOT and Optical character recognition algorithm (OCR) algorithm rules and its training. A Closed-circuit television (CCTV) watched mechanism is created to control the book issuing and returning phenomenon via Tag studying system in the library. In this proposed work text file is converted into an audio file. This audi...
#1Aseel M. Qasim (University of Mosul)
#2Zinah F. Salih (University of Mosul)
Last. Basim A. Hassan (University of Mosul)H-Index: 4
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The primarily objective of this paper which is indicated in the fieled of conjugate gradient algorithms for unconstrained optimization problems and algorithms is to show the advantage of the new proposed algorithm in compasison with the standered method which is denoted as. Hestenes Stiefel method, as we know the coefficient conjugate parameter is very crucial for this reason, we proposed a simple modification of the coefficient conjugate gradient which is used to derived the new formula for the...
#2Hyeon Joong Kim (INU: Incheon National University)
Last. Chong Gun Yu (INU: Incheon National University)
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In the conventional approach widely used for multi-input energy harvesting (MIEH), energy harvesting, energy combining, and power conversion are performed integrally in an inductor sharing block through time multiplexing operations, which is not suitable for hot-pluggable systems. In the MIEH system proposed in this paper, an energy harvesting block (EHB) and a power management block (PMB) are independent of each other to increase the modularity of the system. Therefore, the EHB can be optimized...
An important task in music information retrieval of Indian Art Music is the recognition of the larger musicological frameworks, called ragas, on which the performances are based. Ragas are characterized by prominent musical notes, motifs, general sequences of notes used and embellishments improvised by the performers. In this work we propose a convolutional neural network based model to work on the Mel-Spectrograms for classication of steady note regions and note transition regions in vocal melo...
#1Nur Sholehah Mat Said (UPM: Universiti Putra Malaysia)
#2Hizmawati Madzin (UPM: Universiti Putra Malaysia)H-Index: 5
Last. Ng Seng Beng (UPM: Universiti Putra Malaysia)
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In Malaysia, banana is a top fruit production which contribute to the economy growth in agriculture field. Hence, it is significant to have a quality production of banana and important to detect the plant diseases at the early stage. There are many types of banana leaf diseases such as Banana Mosaic, Black Sigatoka and Yellow Sigatoka. These three diseases are related to color changes at banana. This research paper is an experiment based and need to identify the best color feature extraction met...
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