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The outbreak of COVID-19 has made us recognize the importance of immunology In combination with the research of immunology in the field of COVID-19, we intend to integrate immunodiagnosis, immunoprophylaxis and immunotherapy into the online teaching of Medical Immunology and discuss latest progress of COVID-19 Its purpose is to enhance the practicability and pertinence of teaching contents, and improve students' application ability and transformation ability, so that they can apply their knowled...
In this article, key points and difficulties of Medical Immunology E-learning course were clearly defined Closely connection with students professional background and epidemic situation, ability of active learning and self-study for Chinese medicine is cultivated, confidence and recognition of future career for students is also enhanced by methods of enriching course teaching content, optimizing teaching language, flexible and diverse teaching methods-
目的:通过对人肠道病毒D68型(EV-D68)衣壳蛋白VP1理化性质、结构功能和B细胞表位分析,获取候选疫苗肽段用于后期疫苗研制.方法:应用Bioedit软件、Netphos和ExPASy等在线工具分析EV-D68 VP1蛋白氨基酸序列.结果:EV-D68 VP1蛋白是等电点为8.73、相对分子量34.0 kD的亲水性蛋白质,具有35个可能的磷酸化位点,无信号肽和跨膜区,二级结构中不规则卷区有最高比例,α-螺旋和β-折叠散落在蛋白中;预测VP1蛋白具有多个可能的B细胞表位.结论:本研究分析了EV-D68 VP1的基本理化性质,结构功能和可能的B细胞表位,筛选了B细胞表位肽段,为EV-D68的进一步研究和疫苗的制备奠定基础.
The choice of optimum teaching design and practice of Medical Immunology for different students or disciplines is important During execution of online teaching, we designed appropriate teaching design for students majored in Public administration and teached them the immunological knowledge about 2019 Novel Coronavirus, meanwhile, we expanded courses for ideological and political education
Medical Immunology, as a frontier science and a bridge between basic and clinical medicine, is one of the important compulsory courses for overseas students majoring clinical medicine The complexity and abstractness of this subject mount a great challenge to both sides, teaching and learning The COVID-19 pandemic broken out at the beginning of 2020 brings us not only challenges but also opportunities It is a matter of great urgency to launch an educational reform to meet the requirements of high...
In response to the ministry of education proposed measure "suspended class, ongoing learning" under the COVID- 19 epidemic Taking the course of Medical Immunology as an example, this article discusses the implementation of "full online" teaching mode facing the particularity during coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, cultivation of scientific and humanistic spirit and the inspiration of students' curiosity by introducing hot issues in epidemic life This paper provides case and reference for the dist...
Nutritional immunology is a public elective course for entire undergraduate in our school, whose aim is spread of immunology and nutrition knowledge to improve health quality and scientific literacy of students Due to cause of novel coronavirus pneumonia in the first half of this year, online teaching had to be used to finish teaching task of nutritional immunology public course Preliminary summary and thinking of online teaching was made from teaching design and preparation, specific implementa...
Objective: Under the COVID-19 epidemic, the Ministry of Education put forward the guidance of "suspended class, ongoing teaching and learning", and universities actively adopted the online teaching mode This study focuses on the online teaching mode of " Experimental Immunology" theory course It includes four aspects based on the overall goal of students ' core literacy cultivation:building the online teaching mode, strengthening the teaching norms to ensure the quality of teaching, cultivating ...
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