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Neoplasms of the upper respiratory tract and ear are tumors of visual localization; however, patients often go to specialized medical institutions in the presence of a widespread tumor process. This paper presents a brief overview of the most common benign and malignant tumors with localization in the oropharynx, nasopharynx, larynx and ear. The clinical picture, diagnosis and various treatment options are presented. Attention is paid to early diagnosis and the need for timely consultation with ...
THE AIM OF THE STUDY Was to summarize data on the role and place of herbal remedies, in particular, the extract from the roots of Pelargonium sidoides (EPs 7630) in the treatment of acute sinusitis. MATERIAL AND METHODS Materials of scientific publications included in the Cochrane Library, information bases of the RSCI, MEDLINE, PubMed were used as a data source. The choice of material was carried out according to the keywords: epidemiology of acute sinusitis, modern treatment of acute sinusitis...
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The authors of the article reviewed acoustic research methods in otorhinolaryngology. All acoustic diagnostic methods are divided into active and passive. Active acoustic methods are based on the emission of acoustic vibrations, in some cases with the subsequent reception and processing of reflected vibrations. Passive acoustic research methods are based on the recording and analysis of sounds arising during the physiological functioning of the studied organs and systems. In otorhinolaryngology,...
The procedures for the provision of medical care in otorhinolaryngology and audiology-otorhinolaryngology contain a large number of requirements. The actualization of the orders has not been carried out for a long time, which is due to the lack of methodological formalized approaches for the formation of hypotheses regarding expedient changes. The article proposes an analysis of the results of state control, which will allow the formation of specific proposals for assessment by experts in the fr...
The purpose of work is to analyze the causes of tracheostomy in children hospitalized in a large multidisciplinary pediatric hospital. MATERIAL AND METHODS Retrospective analysis of case of children treated in a multidisciplinary urgent hospital - GBUZ «Morozovskaya CCCH of MDH», which in the period from 01.01.16 to 31.12.18 was made operation «tracheostomy» was conducted. RESULTS Tracheostomy was performed in 138 (0.064%) among 216 469 hospitalized children. Age at the time of tracheostomy rang...
Evaluation of the effectiveness of various schemes of local immunotherapy in immunocompromised patients with allergic rhinitis was carried out. MATERIALS AND METHODS A comparative analysis of the treatment of 72 patients with allergic rhinitis, divided into groups: I (main, n=21), which included immunocompromised patients who received sublingual allergen-specific immunotherapy with antipollin and inhaled immunotherapy with cycloferon (every other day, a course of 10 procedures, the total dose of...
The lesion of middle ear as a variant of clinical manifestation of secondary tuberculosis, according to international scientific literature, is a rare condition. However, in terms of real clinical practice, the proportion of this pathology should not be underestimated due to the wide spread of tuberculosis infection among the population of developing countries, including the Russian Federation. One of the risk factors for the systemic spread of mycobacterial flora is a concomitant HIV infection,...
PEACH is an important tool for evaluation of children's hearing development, used in age 2-7 years. It is also appropriate for amplification outcomes measurements. PEACH scale includes 13 questions. Parents fill the questionnaire after week observation of child's hearing behavior in different situations. The goal of the study was validation of Russian version of PEACH scale. Translation and cross-cultural adaptation were performed following international guidelines. 50 children with normal heari...
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The article deals with optimization of treatment policy for singers with chronic catarrhal laryngitis. The survey sample is 51 singers with chronic catarrhal laryngitis of the age from 29 to 54 and the length of time worked from 8 to 22 years. The following methods are used: anamnesis, microbiological investigation, voice evaluation according to Visual Analog Scale (VAS), microlaryngoscopy, videolaryngostroboscopy, voice acoustic analysis (MDVP Kay Pentax system), statistical processing of resul...
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