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Neuromyelitis Optica or Devic disease is changed to Neuromyelitis Optica spectrum disorder to include more diverse neurological and autoimmune manifestations. This is a severe relapsing autoimmune ...
#1Daniel I. Kim (University Health System)
#2Lawrence K. Loo (LLU: Loma Linda University)
Last. Megan Calzia (CU: University of Colorado Boulder)
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Background: Residents frequently experience burnout. Multiple interventions to decrease the risk of burnout have had inconsistent results. In non-medical settings, improving optimism promotes a pos...
#1Wesley Cain (UTHSC: University of Tennessee Health Science Center)
#2Sunny S. Cai (UTHSC: University of Tennessee Health Science Center)
Last. Melissa L. Scalise (UTHSC: University of Tennessee Health Science Center)H-Index: 1
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A patient with recent thoracic outlet decompression surgery presented with acute dyspnea and was found by point-of-care ultrasound to have diaphragm dysfunction. This case highlights an unexpected ...
#1Laura L. Loertscher (Providence St. Vincent Medical Center)H-Index: 6
#2Lian Wang (MDRC)
Last. Shelley Schoepflin Sanders (Providence St. Vincent Medical Center)H-Index: 2
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Background: Despite enthusiasm for inpatient ward redesign, coordinated models require high effort with uncertain return on investment.Objective: We aimed to reduce mortality and achieve a benchmar...
#1Binita Bhandari (University of Pittsburgh)H-Index: 1
#2Tejaswi Kanderi (University of Pittsburgh)H-Index: 2
Last. Saketram Komanduri (University of Pittsburgh)H-Index: 1
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Background: Vasospastic angina (VA), or Prinzmetal’s angina, is characterized by symptoms of coronary angina caused by coronary vasospasm, usually in the absence of atherosclerotic changes. It typi...
#1Abuzar A Asif (UIC: University of Illinois at Chicago)H-Index: 1
#2Saqib Walayat (UIC: University of Illinois at Chicago)H-Index: 6
Last. Srinivas R. Puli (UIC: University of Illinois at Chicago)H-Index: 20
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Background: Endoscopic ultrasound guided celiac plexus neurolysis (EUS- CPN) has been reported to be an effective way to help with pain in pancreatic cancer patient. The aim of our updated meta-ana...
#1Angela C. Mirabella (Quinnipiac University)
#2Nicole E. McAmis (Quinnipiac University)
Last. Gagan Singh (Hartford Hospital)
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Background: There is no ‘gold standard’ method of rounding for hospitalists. This study investigates hospitalist rounding preferences to improve efficiency based on resources categorized under work...
Kwashiorkor syndrome is a form of severe protein-energy malnutrition characterized by protein deficiency and bilateral extremity swelling. Worldwide, most affected regions include Southeast Asia, S...
#1Vinay Kumar Thallapally (Creighton University)
#2Sonia Gupta (Creighton University)
Last. Joseph J. Nahas (Creighton University)H-Index: 12
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Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and colchicine are the cornerstone treatment for recurrent pericarditis. Corticosteroids are frequently used in patients with recurrent episodes of pericarditi...
#1Samantha Nandyal (Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine)H-Index: 1
#2David Strawhun (Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine)
Last. Daniel Skinner (Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine)H-Index: 6
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Although it has become increasingly common for hospitals to engage in development projects aimed at improving the social determinants of health in surrounding communities, scholarly literature examining the establishment of trust between hospitals and communities is sparse. Because of an extensive and complex history of abuse suffered by marginalized populations at the hands of medical institutions, trust building is critical to the pursuit of equitable health outcomes in these communities. A sc...
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