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#1Anja Stevic (University of Vienna)H-Index: 4
#2Jörg Matthes (University of Vienna)H-Index: 50
Abstract null null Children are increasingly using their own smartphones for communicative and non-communicative purposes. In fact, studies showed that different ways of using the smartphone might influence loneliness, and as a consequence, loneliness might also enhance further engagement with the smartphone. In this context, parents play an important role because they can regulate children’s smartphone use. The present study tested the moderating role of active and restrictive parental mediatio...
#1Hua Pang (TJU: Tianjin University)H-Index: 2
Abstract null null Social media has been increasingly utilized as an effective avenue for individuals to obtain needed social support and health-related information, especially during the on-going global COVID-19 pandemic. However, surprisingly few empirical studies have concentrated on the detrimental impact of social media adoption on young adults’ psychosocial well-being and mental health. Drawing upon previous stressor-strain-outcome theoretical paradigm (SSO), the present research investiga...
#1Yun-Peng Yuan (UCSI University)
#2Garry Wei-Han Tan (UCSI University)H-Index: 2
Last. Wei-Lee Lim (UCSI University)
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Abstract null null The mass spreading of COVID-19 has changed the paradigm of the education industry. In China and many other nations, universities have introduced compulsory remote education programs such as mobile learning (m-learning) to prevent public health hazards caused by the pandemic. However, so far, there is still a lack of understanding of student’s learning experience responses in compulsory m-learning programs. As such, there is a necessity to explore the factors and mechanisms whi...
#1V. Aslihan Nasir (Boğaziçi University)H-Index: 5
#2Ali Can Keserel (Boğaziçi University)
Last. Mehmet Nalbant (Boğaziçi University)
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Abstract null null Digitalization, personalization and globalization shape how companies contact and communicate with their consumers who have different needs and wants. In these highly competitive heterogeneous markets, it becomes crucial to reach consumers in an easy, low-cost and more targeted manner. Social media advertising is one of the effective ways of attracting potential customers, retaining attention of current customers and influencing them through persuasive content. Despite its ple...
#1Mark ButtonH-Index: 22
#2Dean BlackbournH-Index: 4
Last. Victoria WangH-Index: 20
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#1Jisu Kim (SKKU: Sungkyunkwan University)H-Index: 1
#2Jihwan Aum (SKKU: Sungkyunkwan University)
Last. Daejin Choi (Incheon National University)H-Index: 7
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Abstract null null As the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) pandemic has run rampant worldwide, the dissemination of misinformation has sown confusion on a global scale. Thus, understanding the propagation of fake news and implementing countermeasures has become exceedingly important to the well-being of society. To assist this cause, we produce a valuable dataset called FibVID (Fake news information-broadcasting dataset of COVID-19), which addresses COVID-19 and non-COVID news from three key angles. First,...
#1Eva-Maria Schomakers (RWTH Aachen University)H-Index: 7
#2Hannah Biermann (RWTH Aachen University)H-Index: 3
Last. Martina Ziefle (RWTH Aachen University)H-Index: 37
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Abstract null null Smart home automation provides residents with relief and convenience in everyday life and allows for self-determined aging in place. Yet, market penetration is offset by user concerns related to privacy and trust issues: With increasing system complexity, users may perceive a loss of control and fear technical unreliability. While barriers to acceptance in terms of privacy and trust are well understood when considered separately, they are hardly investigated in conjunction so ...
#1Jihyun Kim (UCF: University of Central Florida)H-Index: 14
#2Kelly Merrill (OSU: Ohio State University)H-Index: 3
Last. Chad Collins (UCF: University of Central Florida)
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Abstract null null Advents of new technology have transformed how we currently view and use artificial intelligence (AI). Originally, AI was first developed to assist humans to complete tasks, but AI now takes on more social roles, such as functioning as a companion. However, little is known about how individuals view these different types of AI. Thus, the present study conducted an online experiment to explore people’s perceptions about social AI vs. functional AI. Primary results suggest that ...
#1Andres Seidel (TUD: Dresden University of Technology)H-Index: 3
#2Nadine May (TUD: Dresden University of Technology)H-Index: 1
Last. Frank Ellinger (TUD: Dresden University of Technology)H-Index: 31
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Abstract null null Videoconferencing and teleworking have become indispensable for many public and private organizations since the appearance of COVID-19. However, the extent to which the pandemic may have a lasting effect on people’s daily life and work remains to be seen. Poor visual and acoustic quality of online meetings could reactivate old communication patterns in the long term. New technologies such as 6G and 3D holography, offering enhanced video quality and online experience, could fur...
Abstract null null The ways in which environmental priorities are framed are varied and influenced by political forces. One technological advance--the proliferation of government open data portals (ODPs)--has the potential to improve governance through facilitating access to data. Yet it is also known that the data hosted on ODPs may simply reflect the goals and interests of multiple levels of political power. In this article, I use traditional statistical correlation and regression techniques a...
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