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Transmission expansion planning (TEP), the determination of new transmission lines to be added to an existing power network, is a key element in power system planning. Using classical optimization to define the most suitable reinforcements is the most desirable alternative. However, the extent of the under-study problems is growing, because of the uncertainties introduced by renewable generation or electric vehicles (EVs) and the larger sizes under consideration given the trends for higher renew...
In an effort to reduce the emissivity of transport and energy, numerous studies are being carried out on the impact of the combustion of alternative fuels on the emission and operating parameters of propulsion and energy units. One of the observed trends is the use of emulsion fuels. The addition of an emulsifier to an emulsion fuel reduces the interfacial tension between two liquids, which allows obtaining an emulsion fuel with the expected stability. The research conducted on self-ignition eng...
This paper evaluates the influence of frequency-dependent soil conductivity and permittivity in the transient responses of single- and double-circuit transmission lines including the ground wires subjected to lightning strikes. We use Nakagawa’s approach to compute the ground-return impedance and admittance matrices where the frequency-dependent soil is modeled using Alipio and Visacro’s model. We compare some elements of these matrices with those calculated by Carson’s approach which assumes th...
The energy supply in Austria is significantly based on fossil natural gas. Due to the necessary decarbonization of the heat and energy sector, a switch to a green substitute is necessary to limit CO2 emissions. Especially innovative concepts such as power-to-gas establish the connection between the storage of volatile renewable energy and its conversion into green gases. In this paper, different methanation strategies are applied on syngas from biomass gasification. The investigated syngas compo...
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With the recent proliferation of mobile and wearable devices, wireless power transfer (WPT) has gained attention as an up-and-coming technology to charge these devices. In particular, WPT via magnetic resonance coupling has attracted considerable interest for day-to-day applications since it is harmless to the human body and has relatively long transmission distance. However, it was difficult to be installed into environment (e.g., utensils and furniture) and flexible objects in the living space...
Numerous room-and-pillar mining goaf are apparent in western China due to increasing small coal mining activities, which causes the collapse of the overlying coal pillars and the occurrence of strong ground pressure on the longwall face and surface subsidence. In this study, Yuanbao Bay Coal Mine, Shuozhou, Shanxi, was selected to study the collapse of the overlying coal pillars on the longwall face and reveal the mechanism of the pillar collapse and the disaster-causing mechanism caused by stro...
Energy Internet is a complex nonlinear system. There are many stakeholders in the load trading market, which is usually regarded as a multi-player gaming. Although gaming theory has been introduced to solve Multivariate Load trading problems, different conditions should be considered to accurately optimize the multivariate load trading problem. For example, the selling side needs to reduce the reserve capacity and improve profits, but the consumer side needs to reduce costs and minimize the impa...
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Surge tanks (STs) are important facilities for ensuring the safety of hydropower stations. Reducing the ST size under the premise of ensuring stable mass oscillations within the ST is the main issue. First, according to the basic equations of the mass oscillation for a hydropower station with an ST, a novel expression of the critical stability section of an ST is deduced considering the velocity head and throttle loss. Then, the sensitivity of each influencing factor of the proposed stability cr...
Electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure is present all over the United States, but charging prices vary greatly, both in amount and in the methods by which they are assessed. For this paper, we interpret and analyze charging price information from PlugShare, a crowd-sourced EV charging data platform. Because prices in these data exist in a semi-structured textual format, an ad hoc text mining approach is used to extract quantitative price information. Descriptive analytics of the processed...
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