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#1Giorgio Maria Masci (Sapienza University of Rome)H-Index: 1
#2Franco Iafrate (Sapienza University of Rome)H-Index: 22
Last. Marco Francone (Sapienza University of Rome)H-Index: 31
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PURPOSE To evaluate CT and laboratory changes in COVID-19 patients treated with tocilizumab, compared to a control group, throughout a combined semiquantitative and texture analysis of images. MATERIALS AND METHODS From March 11 to April 20, 2020, 57 SARS-CoV-2 positive patients were retrospectively compared: group T (n = 30) receiving tocilizumab and group non-T (n = 27) undergoing only antivirals/antimalarials. Chest-CT and laboratory findings were analyzed before and after treatment. CT evalu...
#1Marcello Zappia (UNIMOL: University of Molise)H-Index: 21
Last. Pier Paolo MarianiH-Index: 22
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BACKGROUND The posteromedial meniscal region is gaining interest among orthopedic surgeons, as lesions of this area has been reported to be significantly associated with anterior cruciate ligament tears. The current imaging literature is unclear. PURPOSE To evaluate the diagnostic performance of MR in the detection of meniscal ramp lesions having arthroscopy as reference standard. MATERIALS AND METHODS We retrospectively included 56 patients (mean age of 25 ± 7 years; 14 females) from January to...
#1Beatrice DettiH-Index: 21
#2Silvia ScocciantiH-Index: 18
Last. Lorenzo LiviH-Index: 28
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BACKGROUND High-grade gliomas are among the most aggressive central nervous system primary tumors, with a high risk of recurrence and a poor prognosis. Re-operation, re-irradiation, chemotherapy are options in this setting. No-best therapy has been established. Bevacizumab was approved on the basis of two Phase 2 trials that evaluated its efficacy in patients with recurrent glioblastoma. MATERIALS AND METHODS We have retrospectively review data of patients with high-grade glioma treated at our i...
#2Marco FrondaH-Index: 3
Last. Paolo FonioH-Index: 23
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PURPOSE To identify the risk factors associated with patency loss after bailout stenting with third-generation hybrid heparin-bonded nitinol stent of the femoropopliteal segment. METHODS Prospective, multicenter, single-arm registry including 156 patients (50 females, mean age 72 ± 11 years) subjected, from February 2017 to December 2018, to provisional stenting with Gore Tigris vascular stent of the distal superficial femoral artery, with or without involvement of the popliteal artery, in 9 dif...
#1Luca RussoH-Index: 1
#2Benedetta GuiH-Index: 15
Last. Riccardo ManfrediH-Index: 48
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INTRODUCTION MRI is very accurate in selecting young women with cervical cancer for fertility-sparing surgery (FSS), in particular radical hysterectomy (RH). In order to improve obstetrical outcomes, neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NACT) followed by cold knife conization (CKC) has been proposed as alternative technique. OBJECTIVE To investigate the role of MRI in evaluation of response to treatment after neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NACT), followed by CKC, in patients with cervical cancer FIGO stage IB2-...
#1Nicolò Cardobi (University of Verona)H-Index: 10
#2Giulio BenettiH-Index: 9
Last. Stefania Montemezzi (University of Verona)H-Index: 13
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PURPOSE: To classify COVID-19, COVID-19-like and non-COVID-19 interstitial pneumonia using lung CT radiomic features. MATERIAL AND METHODS: CT data of 115 patients with respiratory symptoms suspected for COVID-19 disease were retrospectively analyzed. Based on the results of nasopharyngeal swab, patients were divided into two main groups, COVID-19 positive (C +) and COVID-19 negative (C-), respectively. C- patients, however, presented with interstitial lung involvement. A subgroup of C-, COVID-1...
#1Roberta FuscoH-Index: 27
#2Vincenza GranataH-Index: 21
Last. Antonella PetrilloH-Index: 26
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PURPOSE Standardized index of shape (SIS) tool validation to examine dynamic contrast enhanced-magnetic resonance imaging (DCE-MRI) in preoperative chemo-radiation therapy (pCRT) assessment of locally advanced rectal cancer (LARC) in order to guide the surgeon versus more or less conservative treatment. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 194 patients (January 2008-November 2020), with III-IV locally advanced rectal cancer and subjected to pCRT were included. Three expert radiologists performed DCE...
#1Vito Chianca (UniPi: University of Pisa)
#2Domenico Albano (University of Palermo)H-Index: 24
Last. Luca Maria Sconfienza (University of Milan)H-Index: 35
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In the last two decades, relevant progress has been made in the diagnosis of musculoskeletal tumors due to the development of new imaging tools, such as diffusion-weighted imaging, diffusion kurtosis imaging, magnetic resonance spectroscopy, and diffusion tensor imaging. Another important role has been played by the development of artificial intelligence software based on complex algorithms, which employ computing power in the detection of specific tumor types. The aim of this article is to repo...
#1Flavia Cobianchi Bellisari (University of L'Aquila)H-Index: 1
#2Luigi De Marino (Marche Polytechnic University)H-Index: 2
Last. Antonio Barile (University of L'Aquila)H-Index: 30
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This study evaluated the ability of T2 mapping magnetic resonance imaging at 3 T, in addition to morphological sequences, to assess efficacy of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, characterizing qualitatively and quantitatively the grade of knee cartilage repair in patients with patellofemoral chondropathy. We retrospectively studied 34 patients (22 men, 12 women, mean age 41.8 years, including 22 men) with patellofemoral knee chondropathy, who underwent intra-articular PRP injections and com...
#1Reza Assadsangabi (UC Davis: University of California, Davis)
#2Rosa Babaei (UPenn: University of Pennsylvania)
Last. Seyed Ali Nabavizadeh (UPenn: University of Pennsylvania)H-Index: 11
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Involvement of lymph nodes in patients with head and neck cancers impacts treatment and prognosis. Head and neck lymph nodes are comprised of superficial and deep groups which are interconnected. The deep lymph nodes, predominantly centered along internal jugular veins, are very well-known to radiologists and clinicians. However, superficial lymph nodes that drain lymph from the scalp, face, and neck are much less recognized. Here, we describe the anatomic and imaging features of these superfici...
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