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#1Sita Ram Sharma (Chitkara University)H-Index: 3
Last. Dinesh Kumar SharmaH-Index: 5
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Abstract null null The null free vibrations null null of transversely isotropic nonlocal electro-magneto thermoelastic hollow cylinder with voids are addressed in the preview of generalized thermoelasticity. The governing equations and the constitutive relations are transformed into coupled ordinary differential equations by applying time harmonic variations. The boundary conditions of the outer and the inner surfaces of the hollow cylinder are considered to be traction free, no change in voids ...
#1Mengkai Lu (DUT: Dalian University of Technology)H-Index: 7
#2Yonggang Zheng (DUT: Dalian University of Technology)H-Index: 21
Last. Hongwu Zhang (DUT: Dalian University of Technology)H-Index: 25
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Abstract null null null null null Strain localization null analysis based on null null finite element method null (FEM) usually requires an intensive computation to capture an accurate shear band and the limit stress, especially in the heterogeneous problems, and thus costs much computational resource and time. This paper proposes an adaptive multiscale FEM (AMsFEM) to improve the computational efficiency of strain localization analysis in heterogeneous solids. In the multiscale analysis, null h...
#1Yingli Li (CSU: Central South University)
#2Hanqing Zhang (CSU: Central South University)
Abstract null null In this paper, the quasi-one-dimensional tetra-chiral metamaterial is proposed for low-frequency broadband vibration attenuation, inspired by the 3D chiral compression-torsion coupling metamaterials. Different from the traditional metamaterials utilizing translational local resonators to induce reaction force to prevent vibration transmission, this paper can realize rotation and translation on a resonator by introducing chiral structure, which is more beneficial for vibration ...
#1Samir A. Emam (AUS: American University of Sharjah)H-Index: 18
#2Walter Lacarbonara (Sapienza University of Rome)H-Index: 33
Abstract null null This paper provides a review of models and solutions for the buckling and postbuckling of beams available from the 50s of the last century to date. Beams with axially unrestrained (movable) ends and restrained (immovable) ends are covered. In each class, the formulation of the nonlinear buckling problem for the buckling loads and the postbuckling states is discussed and the underlying assumptions are highlighted. For relatively large-amplitude buckling of beams with movable en...
#1Wei Cao (CSU: Central South University)
#2Andrew T LaCroixH-Index: 1
Last. Y. Richard Kim (NCSU: North Carolina State University)H-Index: 39
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Abstract null null null null null Asphalt concrete null materials are known to exhibit pressure dependence in response to mechanical loading. However, for conventional dense-graded null null asphalt mixtures null , only weak pressure sensitivity was noted in the relaxation spectrum, time-temperature shift factors, and low-temperature moduli. Given these facts, a triaxial linear viscoelastic characterization framework was developed, which consisted of a convenient experimental protocol for the co...
#1Yixin Feng (MOE: Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China)H-Index: 1
#2Huadong Yong (MOE: Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China)H-Index: 16
Last. Youhe Zhou (MOE: Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China)H-Index: 31
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Abstract null null The thermal residual stresses and strains are crucial in the industrial manufacturing process of the metal alloys and other composites. In representative volume element (RVE) of these complex composite structures, how to accurately and efficiently simulate the responses considering thermal residual stresses and strains is also vital, which could be served as a foundation to multiscale analysis. Recently an effective reduced-order method named self-consistent clustering analysi...
#1Ji Su Kim (Korea University)H-Index: 2
#2Je Hoon Jang (Korea University)
Last. Ki Seok Kim (POSCO: Pohang Iron and Steel)H-Index: 4
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Abstract null null In this paper, effects of the notch type and null specimen thickness null null null on null fracture behaviour null of DWTT for API X80 at transition temperatures are quantified via null null FE analysis . Two notch types (press and chevron notch) and two specimen thicknesses (19 mm and 25 mm) are considered for the DWTT specimen. Fracture behaviours of the DWTTs are investigated using a ductile-brittle fracture simulation model. The ductile-brittle fracture simulation model i...
Last. Hong Wang
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Abstract null null This study investigates the dynamic force transmissibility (DFT) of angular contact ball bearings (ACBB) supported flywheel rotor systems (FRS) considering the clearance fit. By introducing the influences of combined load and contact angle variation in the Jones formula, the internal load distribution and nonlinear stiffness of ACBBs are accurately solved. The rigid inner/outer ring contact model is adopted to characterize the clearance fit between the ACBB outer ring and moun...
#1Mohammad Hamidpour (Shiraz University)H-Index: 3
#2Mohammad Rahim Nami (Shiraz University)H-Index: 14
Last. Martin Lévesque (Polytechnique Montréal)H-Index: 26
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Abstract null null In the present work, fracture mechanics of linear viscoelastic materials is investigated numerically and experimentally. Herein, an effective and accurate meshfree method is developed to analyze fracture mechanics in viscoelastic problems. To this end, an incremental approach with higher-order finite difference (FD) schemes for analysis of viscoelastic materials in the time domain, along with an improved meshfree method based on the global weak formulation, i.e. the radial poi...
#1Afshin Anssari-Benam (University of Portsmouth)H-Index: 11
#2Cornelius O. Horgan (UVA: University of Virginia)H-Index: 43
Abstract null null In this paper we demonstrate the application of a newly proposed generalised neo-Hookean strain energy function within the family of limiting chain extensibility models to the problem of torsion in incompressible isotropic rubber-like tubes and solid circular cylinders. We consider a general deformation involving extension and torsion in tubes, and subsequently specialise to the simple torsion of solid cylinders. Expressions for the twisting moment null null null null M null n...
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