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#1David AlaminosH-Index: 5
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Sovereign debt and currencies play an increasingly influential role in the development of any country, given the need to obtain financing and establish international relations. A recurring theme in the literature on financial crises has been the prediction of sovereign debt and currency crises due to their extreme importance in international economic activity. Nevertheless, the limitations of the existing models are related to accuracy and the literature calls for more investigation on the subje...
#1Saeed AlthubitiH-Index: 2
Last. Omar BazighifanH-Index: 20
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The objective of this study is to establish new sufficient criteria for oscillation of solutions of even-order delay Emden-Fowler differential equations with neutral term riyi+miygin−1γ′+∑i=1jqiiyγμii=0. We use Riccati transformation and the comparison with first-order differential inequalities to obtain theses criteria. Moreover, the presented oscillation conditions essentially simplify and extend known criteria in the literature. To show the importance of our results, we provide some examples....
Symanzik’s approach to the description of quantum field systems in an inhomogeneous space-time is used to construct a model for the interaction of neutrino fields with matter. In this way, the problem of the influence of strong inhomogeneities of the medium on the processes of oscillations is considered. As a simple example, a model of neutrino scattering on a material plane is investigated. Within this model, in the collisions of particles with planes, a special filtration mechanism can be form...
#1Fabrizio VecchioH-Index: 52
#2Francesca MiragliaH-Index: 17
Last. Paolo Maria RossiniH-Index: 107
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Brain complexity can be revealed even through a comparison between two trivial conditions, such as eyes open and eyes closed (EO and EC respectively) during resting. Electroencephalogram (EEG) has been widely used to investigate brain networks, and several non-linear approaches have been applied to investigate EO and EC signals modulation, both symmetric and not. Entropy is one of the approaches used to evaluate the system disorder. This study explores the differences in the EO and EC awake brai...
The biological system relies heavily on the interaction between prey and predator. Infections may spread from prey to predators or vice versa. This study proposes a virus-controlled prey-predator system with a Crowley–Martin functional response in the prey and an SI-type in the prey. A prey-predator model in which the predator uses both susceptible and sick prey is used to investigate the influence of harvesting parameters on the formation of dynamical fluctuations and stability at the interior ...
The pairwise comparison (PC) matrix is often used to manifest human judgments, and it has been successfully applied in the analytic hierarchy process (AHP). As a PC matrix is formed by making paired reciprocal comparisons, symmetry is a striking characteristic of a PC matrix. It is this simple but powerful means of resolving multicriteria decision-making problems that is the basis of AHP; however, in practical applications, human judgments may be inconsistent. Although Saaty’s rule for the consi...
In this paper, we investigate the semi-Hyers–Ulam–Rassias stability of a Volterra integro-differential equation of order I with a convolution type kernel. To this purpose the Laplace transform is used. The results obtained show that the stability holds for problems formulated with various functions: exponential and polynomial functions. An important aspect that appears in the form of the studied equation is the symmetry of the convolution product.
#1Hari M. SrivastavaH-Index: 88
#2Firdous A. ShahH-Index: 13
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This study aims to achieve an efficient time-frequency representation of higher-dimensional signals by introducing the notion of a non-separable linear canonical wavelet transform in L2(Rn). The preliminary analysis encompasses the derivation of fundamental properties of the novel integral transform including the orthogonality relation, inversion formula, and the range theorem. To extend the scope of the study, we formulate several uncertainty inequalities, including the Heisenberg’s, logarithmi...
#1A. A. AzamovH-Index: 4
#2Gafurjan IbragimovH-Index: 13
Last. Idham Arif AliasH-Index: 5
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We study a differential game of many pursuers and one evader. All the players move only along the one-skeleton graph of an orthoplex of dimension d+1. It is assumed that the maximal speeds of the pursuers are less than the speed of the evader. By definition, the pursuit is completed if the position of a pursuer coincides with the position of the evader. Evasion is said to be possible in the game if the movements of players are started from some initial positions and the position of the evader ne...
#1Lili ZhengH-Index: 3
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Parking and ride is a very effective method to improve the traffic condition of commuter channels, and it is necessary to develop effective parking guidance strategies. In this study, considering the travel time, walking distance, parking cruise time, parking fee, and personal attributes of drivers, a probability model of parking and ride selection in commuter scenarios was proposed, and a dynamic price adjustment method based on the equilibrium of parking occupancy in the region was constructed...
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