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#1Tianhui Ma (DUT: Dalian University of Technology)H-Index: 12
Last. W.R. Li (DUT: Dalian University of Technology)
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Abstract null null Fracture spacing as a widespread phenomenon in nature shows similar patterns on various geometric surfaces. To explore the similarities and differences between various geometric surfaces in the process of fracture spacing formation, numerical simulations are conducted on bi-layered three-dimensional models of three various geometric surfaces, including slab surface, cylindrical surface, and spherical surface by the finite element method (FEM). The fractures develop under a qua...
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#1M.R.M. Aliha (IUST: Iran University of Science and Technology)H-Index: 50
#2S.S. Samareh-Mousavi (IUST: Iran University of Science and Technology)
Last. M.M. Mirsayar (FIT: Florida Institute of Technology)
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Abstract null null This paper investigates the effect of loading rate on the mixed-mode I/II fracture behavior of PolymethylMethacrylate (PMMA). Experimental studies are performed using a novel fracture test specimen which has recently been developed, called short bend beam (SBB), in different loading rates of 1 mm/min, 20 mm/min, and 200 mm/min. Fracture test data are presented for pure mode I, pure mode II, and mixed-mode I/II conditions, thanks to the geometrical configuration offered by the ...
#1Ya-ru Suo (Inner Mongolia Normal University)
#2Yan-bin Zhou (Inner Mongolia Normal University)
Last. Guan-ting Liu (Inner Mongolia Normal University)
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Abstract null null The T-stress near the tips of a cruciform crack with unequal arms in the two-dimensional (2D) decagonal quasicrystals (QCs) are analyzed. The associated boundary value problems can transform to a system of singular integral equations by using the integral transformation technique. According to the stress difference method, T-stresses of phonon field and phason field can be expressed as the sum of an integral involving crack opening displacements (CODs) and applied loading at i...
#1Ran Ma (Columbia University)H-Index: 6
#2WaiChing Sun (Columbia University)
Last. Catalin R. Picu (RPI: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)H-Index: 19
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Abstract null null Cyclotetramethylene-Tetranitramine (HMX) is a secondary explosive used in military and civilian applications. Its plastic deformation is of importance in the initiation of the decomposition reaction, but the details of plasticity are not yet fully understood. It has been recently shown that both the elastic constants and the critical resolved shear stress for plastic deformation are pressure sensitive. Since initiation takes place during shock loading, the pressure sensitivity...
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#1Weicheng Huang (SEU: Southeast University)
#2Chao Ma (Xi'an Jiaotong University)
Last. Longhui Qin (SEU: Southeast University)
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Abstract null null Based on the geometrically nonlinear Kirchhoff rod theory, the snap-through behaviors of an asymmetrically clamped ribbon under midpoint loadings are explored through a numerical approach. The pre-compressed elastic ribbon would experience supercritical pitchfork bifurcation and transform into multiple stable/unstable patterns when subjected to lateral end translations. With its midpoint pushed through a prescribed path and beyond a threshold, the pre-deformed ribbon will jump...
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