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This paper focuses on the problems in the course of small-sum procurement for higher vocational colleges as a starting point and analyzes the causes, in order to offer the construction of micromanagement price comparison system and improve standardized management of supply and equipment procurement.
As an important measure of rural development, rural tourism plays an essential role in rural revitalization. Located in the birthplace of the founder of the Confucian School, Nishan Town has significant advantages in cultural tourism. In recent years, Nishan Town has developed rapidly and has been selected as one of the top 100 characteristic towns in the country in 2020. Although the development of Nishan Town has many advantages, it also faces severe challenges. Based on field investigations, ...
Objective: Surgical procedures assisted by robotic technology have been increasing in uptake, particularly in private hospitals. Unlike most of the studies on robotic technology which were sponsored by pecuniary interests of the dominant Monopoly supplier, this paper is an independent investigators’ initiated study of comparative health system costs in a Local Health District on Robotic Surgery (RS) versus Non-RS for patients undergoing prostatectomy amongst a cohort of public patients. The repo...
COVID-19 has been an unprecedented global crisis and health systems have put tremendous efforts to withstand the pandemic. It has brought new challenges by deeply impacting both the economies and the healthcare systems. This paper aims to provide an overview of the challenges and responses COVID-19 brought to the EU health systems and grasp investment opportunities which intend to improve their resilience, accessibility, effectiveness and sustainability. A review of policies and actions related ...
This contribution is motivated by two observations that do not seem to have been seen in conjunction up to now. On the one hand, when the “French exception” was inserted in the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) of the World Trade Organization (WTO), this was motivated by the fear that imports especially of cultural services would undermine a country’s identity. On the other hand, while services presently account for up to 70% of the GDP of major industrial countries, their imports of...
In this article, we draw on the perspective of “embeddedness” with the resource dependence theory and social network theory to explore the relationship between oversea social capital, enterprise network advantageous position (“prestige” and “power”) and innovation capability by employing 1533 listed companies’ interlocking directorate network statistics among 2009-2013. The results show: 1) top managerial oversea social capital has a significant positive effect on enterprises’ innovation capabil...
This study was set out to identify the linkage between firm heterogeneity and domestic performance. Chinese firm level data from OFDI firms in manufacturing industry are applied from year 2011 to year 2013, factors as assets level, employment scale, market sales, profit level, salary level, import and export, destinated countries OFDI, sectors of investment are investigated with fixed effect panel data model. Output is used to signify firm’s performance, and the sum of firm’s import and export a...
Based on the evaluation cognition and taking the commercialization degree of the historical blocks as the object, this paper makes an in-depth discussion on the protection and commercial development and utilization of the historical block, in order to enrich the research field of the protection of the historical and cultural block and provide reference suggestions for the protection practice of the block. Relevant literature and practical experience of protection and development in terms of prot...
While the notion of service science was introduced into the world, new services were continually developed to instead of old ones. This could stimulate economy growth again, and improve our life quality, if the new service could be adopted and engage and keep users into service systems. This involves an issue of behavior change. This study proposed an experiential strategy to change behaviors of users. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the experiential strategy, and to exploring how the an...
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