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This study addresses the impact of financial structure on innovation. The mechanism of the impact of financial structure on innovation at different levels of economic development is elucidated from the perspective of optimal financial structure decision theory and development economics, and empirical evidence is provided using manufacturing data from 59 countries or regions for the period 1996–2015. The study finds that financial structure has no significant effect on innovation at lower levels ...
This study investigates the global output feedback stabilization problem for one type of the nonholonomic system with nonvanishing external disturbances. An extended state observer (ESO) is constructed in order to estimate the external disturbance and unmeasurable system states, in which the external disturbance term is seen as a general state. Thus, a new generalized error dynamic system is obtained. Accordingly, a disturbance rejection controller is designed by making use of the backstepping t...
Dark channel prior (DCP) has been widely used in single image defogging because of its simple implementation and satisfactory performance. This paper addresses the shortcomings of the DCP-based defogging algorithm and proposes an optimized method by using an adaptive fusion mechanism. This proposed method makes full use of the smoothing and “squeezing” characteristics of the Logistic Function to obtain more reasonable dark channels avoiding further refining the transmission map. In addition, a m...
This study presented the transverse vibration of an axially moving beam with an intermediate nonlinear viscoelastic foundation. Hamilton’s principle was used to derive the nonlinear equations of motion. The finite difference and state-space methods transform the partial differential equations into a system of coupled first-order regular differential equations. The numerical modeling procedures are utilized for evaluating the effects of parameters, such as axial translation velocity, flexure rigi...
The constructive English learning approach provides better technical support and learning concepts for English learners. This paper firstly introduces the theoretical basis of constructive English learning and the status of domestic and international research and analyzes the advantages over the traditional English learning approach. This paper also analyzes the RBF neural network model, especially the locally adjusted RBF algorithm, and considers the training model and construction method of th...
With the gradual increase of malicious mining, a large amount of computing resources are wasted, and precious power resources are consumed maliciously. Many detection methods to detect malicious mining behavior have been proposed by scholars, but most of which have pure defects and need to collect sensitive data (such as memory and register data) from the detected host. In order to solve these problems, a malicious mining detection system based on network timing signals is proposed. When capturi...
The traditional wireless sensor network coverage control optimization algorithm has the problems of long completion time, high energy consumption, and low coverage. A new algorithm based on combinational mathematics for wireless sensor network coverage control is proposed. The particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm is used to optimize the coverage control process of wireless sensor networks. Then, the combined mathematics method is used to detect the local convergence problem. Finally, the ...
#1Qingkui Cao (Hebei University of Engineering)
#2Xuefei Zhang (Hebei University of Engineering)
Last. Xiangyang Ren (Hebei University of Engineering)
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#1Rahib H. Abiyev (NEU: Near East University)H-Index: 20
#2Hamit Altıparmak (NEU: Near East University)H-Index: 3
Diabetes is a chronic disease that is characterized by insufficient production or utilization of insulin and a consequent high increase in blood sugar. Diagnosis of diabetes is a complex process and requires a high level of expertise. The disease is characterized by a set of signs and symptoms. Some of these symptoms are obtained through laboratory analysis. Creation of a knowledge base and automation of disease diagnosis are important and allow fast detection and treatment. Various techniques h...
#1Samer Al Ghour (JUST: Jordan University of Science and Technology)H-Index: 5
#2Salma El-Issa (JUST: Jordan University of Science and Technology)H-Index: 1
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