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#1Maarten Renkema (UT: University of Twente)H-Index: 3
#2Jan de Leede (UT: University of Twente)H-Index: 9
Last. Llewellyn E Van Zyl (UT: University of Twente)
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AIMS The purpose of this paper was to investigate the relationship between high-involvement human resource management, autonomy, affective organizational commitment and innovative behaviours of nursing staff who care for elderly clients. BACKGROUND Nursing teams are increasingly required to demonstrate innovative behaviours that enhance care quality. Nursing leaders need to create environments where nursing staff have sufficient autonomy and feel a sense of commitment to support these behaviours...
#1Philip DarbyshireH-Index: 27
#2David R. Thompson ('QUB': Queen's University Belfast)H-Index: 100
In our combined 90+ years in nursing we have published over 700 papers. Nothing, however, evoked responses like "Academic nursing's killer elite'' (Thompson & Darbyshire, 2013). To say that we 'touched a nerve' is an understatement, but we understated the malignant narcissist, corporate psychopath, dimensions of the 'killer elite' and extend that discussion now. We received then and continue to receive, harrowing 'testimonies' (Hartin et al., 2020) from nurses describing, not linguistically sani...
#1Johanna E R Rutten (PHRI: Public Health Research Institute)
#2Ramona Backhaus (PHRI: Public Health Research Institute)H-Index: 7
Last. Hilde Verbeek (PHRI: Public Health Research Institute)H-Index: 25
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AIM This study aims to explore the relationship between work environment, job characteristics and person-centered care for people with dementia in nursing homes. BACKGROUND Person-centered care approaches have become a dominant indicator for good quality of care in nursing homes. Little is known about the relationship between work environment, job characteristics and person-centered care in nursing homes. METHOD(S) Cross-sectional data from the LAD-study were used. Direct care staff (n = 552) of...
#1Elizabeth D Cai (Cleveland Clinic)
#2Ashley D Hall (Cleveland Clinic)
Last. Sandra L. Siedlecki (Cleveland Clinic)H-Index: 10
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AIM Identify factors that facilitate participation in shared governance and attendance at unit meetings. BACKGROUND Shared governance and unit meetings are crucial for education and communication. Current literature explores barriers to participation and attendance; however, removal of barriers may be insufficient to bring about behavior change in nurses. METHOD Secondary analysis of data from 511 clinical nurses, who worked at one of nine facilities within one large healthcare system in the Mid...
#1Soyun Hong (Yonsei University)H-Index: 4
#2Heejung Kim (Yonsei University)H-Index: 35
Last. Chang Gi Park (UIUC: University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign)
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AIM This study aimed to investigate effects of workplace bullying on different post-traumatic stress symptoms and coping among hospital nurses. BACKGROUND Workplace bullying is a traumatic event that negatively affects the quality of patient care and nurses' mental health. METHOD This cross-sectional, correlational study used an online survey among hospital nurses. Ordinary least square and quantile regression analyses were conducted using Stata version 16. RESULTS The study included 233 registe...
#1Jie Jing (Peking Union Medical College)
#2Eksiri Niyomsilp (Shinawatra University)
Last. Fang Gao (Peking Union Medical College)
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AIM To assess the effects of workplace fun on nurse innovative behavior and to confirm the intermediary function of affective commitment. BACKGROUND Employee innovative behavior has a crucial function in survival and development of an organization. On the basis of the theory of social exchange, there has been inadequate study of the influence of workplace fun on nurse innovative behavior mediated by affective commitment. METHODS A cross-sectional, descriptive correlational research design was co...
AIM This study aims to ascertain nurse managers' perception of nurses' governance and explore their perception of facilitating and hindering factors of shared governance. BACKGROUND Shared governance has been introduced in nursing as a plan to improve nursing service quality. There is limited understanding about how governance is implemented. METHODS A mixed-methods design was used to elicit Korean nurse managers' views. RESULTS Quantitative data revealed the level of nurses' governance perceive...
AIM This study aimed to explore the effect of organizational innovation climate on nurse innovation behavior and the mediating role of psychological empowerment. BACKGROUND Encouraging nurses to generate more innovative behaviors has become an important development direction for improving the quality of nursing services. METHOD We employed a self-report questionnaire to collect data in Jinan City, China. A total of 2018 valid surveys were obtained. Hierarchical multiple regression model analysis...
#1Yongai ZhangH-Index: 1
Last. EunKyoung Yun (Kyung Hee University)
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AIM To identify the factors affecting nurses' turnover intention. BACKGROUND The shortage of nurses has been a great challenge worldwide, and nurses' turnover may exacerbate the situation. METHODS A cross-sectional study was conducted among nurses in six secondary hospitals in China. A model was constructed, and structured questionnaires were adopted to measure model variables. Structural equation modelling was used to verify the model. RESULTS Totally, 594 valid questionnaires were collected. T...
AIMS The aim of this study was to clarify what kind of leadership behaviors of ward nursing managers are related to the teamwork competency of nursing staff. BACKGROUND There are two types of leadership behaviors: administrative and emotional intelligence leadership. While emotional intelligence leadership is important for teamwork, it is not clear how it relates to individual teamwork competency. METHODS This was a cross-sectional study. A questionnaire survey was distributed among 13 hospitals...
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