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#1Adnan L Sarhan (An-Najah National University)
Last. Mujahed Shraim (College of Health Sciences, Bahrain)H-Index: 6
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BACKGROUND Health related quality of life (HRQOL) is an important indicator of medical treatment and is a strong predictor of disability and mortality. The literature has shown mixed evidence about whether kidney transplantation improves HRQOL compared with other renal replacement modalities. The aim of this study was to compare the HRQOL in kidney transplant recipients (KTRs) and hemodialysis (HD) patients. METHODS A cross-sectional study of 100 KTRs and 272 HD patients from two central kidney ...
#1Huayu Yang (Capital Medical University)H-Index: 2
#2Haiping Chen (Capital Medical University)H-Index: 3
Last. Qing Ma (Capital Medical University)H-Index: 5
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BACKGROUND Matrix metalloproteinases-9 (MMP-9) can regulate extracellular matrix deposition in diabetic glomerular injury. However, it remains unknown whether MMP-9 is involved in the renal tubular injury. Meanwhile, neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin (NGAL), defined as a biomarker of proximal tubular injury, may influence MMP-9 by forming the MMP-9/NGAL complex. The aim of this study was to investigate MMP-9 expression in proximal renal tubules and the relationship of MMP-9 and NGAL in ...
#1Kosuke Honda (Jikei University School of Medicine)H-Index: 1
#2Satoru Kuriyama (Jikei University School of Medicine)H-Index: 18
Last. Takashi Yokoo (Jikei University School of Medicine)H-Index: 26
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BACKGROUND Insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) acts on glucose and protein metabolism and human growth and also influences blood pressure and renal function. This study investigated whether the single-nucleotide polymorphism of IGF-1, rs35767, plays a role in metabolic syndrome indicators, including blood pressure, glucose metabolism, uric acid levels, and renal function. METHODS In this retrospective longitudinal cohort study, blood samples from 1506 Japanese individuals were collected and use...
#1Hristos Karakizlis (University of Marburg)
#2Stefanie Thiele (University of Marburg)
Last. Joachim Hoyer (University of Marburg)H-Index: 34
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BACKGROUND Cognitive impairment in chronic kidney disease, especially in end stage renal disease, is a public health problem. Nevertheless, the cause of chronic kidney disease still remains unclear. A prevalence of cognitive impairment in patients with end stage renal disease of up to 87% has been found. METHODS The study at hand deals with the research on the - potential - effect of timing on cognitive performance when testing cognitive impairment in hemodialysis patients during the dialysis cy...
#1S E de Boer (UMCG: University Medical Center Groningen)
#2Jan Stephan Sanders (UMCG: University Medical Center Groningen)H-Index: 23
Last. Stefan P. Berger (UMCG: University Medical Center Groningen)H-Index: 33
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BACKGROUND In 2019, more than 30 % of all newly transplanted kidney transplant recipients in The Netherlands were above 65 years of age. Elderly patients are less prone to rejection, and death censored graft loss is less frequent compared to younger recipients. Elderly recipients do have increased rates of malignancy and infection-related mortality. Poor kidney transplant function in elderly recipients may be related to both pre-existing (i.e. donor-derived) kidney damage and increased susceptib...
#1Jiqing Zhang (Capital Medical University)
#2Sanjay Kumar (Mayo Clinic)H-Index: 11
Last. John C. Lieske (Mayo Clinic)H-Index: 63
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BACKGROUNDS Previous studies have demonstrated that excretion of urinary extracellular vesicles (EVs) from different nephron segments differs between kidney stone formers and non-stone formers (NSFs), and could reflect pathogenic mechanisms of urinary stone disease. In this study we quantified selected populations of specific urinary EVs carrying protein markers of immune cells and calcium/phosphorus physiology in calcium oxalate stone formers (CSFs) compared to non-stone formers (NSFs). METHODS...
#1Yasunori Iwata (Kanazawa University)H-Index: 27
#2Norihiko Sakai (Kanazawa University)H-Index: 29
Last. Takashi Wada (Kanazawa University)H-Index: 60
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INTRODUCTION The number of patients with end stage kidney disease (ESKD) are increasing world-side. While interstitial fibrosis (IF) is a common step for the progression to ESKD, therapeutic options for IF is still limited in clinical settings. We have reported that bone marrow-derived fibrotic cell, fibrocyte, is involved in the pathogenesis of kidney fibrosis. Also recent studies revealed that erythropoietin has protective effect on kidney diseases. However, it is unknown whether erythropoieti...
#1Jameela A. Kari (KAU: King Abdulaziz University)H-Index: 26
#2Mohamed A. Shalaby (KAU: King Abdulaziz University)H-Index: 6
Last. Khalid A. Alhasan (KSU: King Saud University)H-Index: 8
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BACKGROUND Acute kidney injury (AKI) is a complication of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). The reported incidence of AKI, however, varies among studies. We aimed to evaluate the incidence of AKI and its association with mortality and morbidity in children infected with severe acute respiratory distress syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) who required hospital admission. METHODS This was a multicenter retrospective cohort study from three tertiary centers, which included children with confirm...
#1Izabela Zakrocka (Medical University of Lublin)H-Index: 4
#2Iwona Baranowicz-Gąszczyk (Medical University of Lublin)H-Index: 4
Last. Wojciech Załuska (Medical University of Lublin)H-Index: 18
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BACKGROUND Iron overload is inevitably related to chronic kidney disease (CKD) treatment. Haemochromatosis leads to multiorgan damage and is associated with increased mortality. Primary haemochromatosis is the most common autosomal recessive disease in white populations. In most cases, the classic form of hereditary haemochromatosis is caused by mutations, mainly C282Y and H63D, in the haemochromatosis gene (HFE). Secondary haemochromatosis can be triggered by iron administration and blood trans...
#1Helen MacLaughlin (QUT: Queensland University of Technology)H-Index: 15
#2Mindy Pike (VUMC: Vanderbilt University Medical Center)H-Index: 4
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BACKGROUND Acute kidney injury (AKI) and obesity are independent risk factors for chronic kidney disease (CKD). This study aimed to determine if obesity modifies risk for CKD outcomes after AKI. METHODS This prospective multisite cohort study followed adult survivors after hospitalization, with or without AKI. The primary outcome was a combined CKD event of incident CKD, progression of CKD and kidney failure, examined using time-to-event Cox proportional hazards models, adjusted for diabetes sta...
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