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Last. Matteo RubinatoH-Index: 10
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In 2021, heavy precipitation events in Germany have confirmed once again that pluvial flooding can cause catastrophic damage in large, medium, and small cities. However, despite several hazard-oriented strategies already in place, to date there is still a lack of integrated approaches to actually preventing negative consequences induced by heavy rainfall events. Furthermore, municipalities across the world are still learning from recent episodes and there is a general need to explore new techniq...
#1Angélique PoulainH-Index: 2
#2Vincent MarcH-Index: 15
Last. Marc LeblancH-Index: 18
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The Barthelasse alluvial aquifer is used to supply water to 180,000 inhabitants. The pumping field is located less than 200 m from the Rhone and is 100% fed by water from the Rhone, which makes it particularly vulnerable to any pollution from the Rhone. Between the Rhone and the pumping field is a Girardon unit, an arrangement that can be found regularly along the banks of the lower and middle reaches of the Rhone, and whose role is to stabilise the banks (alluvial deposits) and to facilitate ri...
In the Mediterranean area, several alluvial coastal plains, developed after the Holocene transgression, are affected by subsidence. The Volturno alluvial-coastal plain, along the eastern Tyrrhenian Sea (southern Italy) is characterized by subsidence rates determined through InSAR data analysis and ranging between 0 and <−20 mm/year in an area of about 750 kmq across the Volturno River. Inside this area, the pattern of subsidence shows sites with apparently anomalous localized subsidence. To unde...
#1Anfisa BerezinaH-Index: 1
#2Evgeniy YakushevH-Index: 16
Last. Andre StaalstrømH-Index: 5
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The fate of microplastics (MP) in seawater is heavily influenced by the biota: the density of MP particles can be changed due to biofouling, which affects sinking, or MP can be digested by zooplankton and transferred into fecal pellets with increased sinking rate. We hypothesize that seasonal production and degradation of organic matter, and corresponding changes in the plankton ecosystem affect the MP capacity for transportation and burying in sediments in different seasons. This is simulated w...
#2Shenglian GuoH-Index: 40
Last. Feng XiongH-Index: 6
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The hydrologic data series are nonstationary due to climate change and local anthropogenic activities. The existing nonstationary design flood estimation methods usually focus on the statistical nonstationarity of the flow data series in the catchment, which neglect the hydraulic approach, such as reservoir flood regulation. In this paper, a novel approach to comprehensively consider the driving factors of non-stationarities in design flood estimation is proposed, which involves three main steps...
#1Francesca BerteniH-Index: 1
Last. Giovanna GrossiH-Index: 15
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The evaluation of sediment yield by water erosion taking into consideration the possible impact of climate change is the object of this work, concerning the use of the Modified Universal Soil Loss Equation (MUSLE) in an Italian case study. This empirical model was implemented in a Geographical Information System, taking into account Alpine hydrology and geomorphological and climate parameters, which are crucial in the analysis of the intensity and variability of sediment yield production process...
Floods caused by extreme precipitation events, in the context of climate warming, are one of the most serious natural disasters in monsoon region societies. The great flood in the Yangtze River Basin in 1849, in Eastern China, was a typical extreme flood event. According to historical archives, local chronicles, diaries, and historical hydrological survey data, this study reconstructed the temporal and spatial patterns of extreme precipitation in 1849, and the flood process of the Yangtze River....
Antibiotics revolutionized modern medicine and have been an excellent tool to fight infections. However, their overuse and misuse in different human activities such as health care, food production and agriculture has resulted in a global antimicrobial resistance crisis. Some regions such as Latin America present a more complex scenario because of the lack of resources, systematic studies and legislation to control the use of antimicrobials, thus increasing the spread of antibiotic resistance. Th...
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#2Yujie ZhuH-Index: 2
Last. Nikolaus A. AdamsH-Index: 55
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In this paper, a Lagrangian-Eulerian (LE) two-way coupling model is developed to numerically study the cavitation bubble cloud. In this model, the gas-liquid mixture is treated directly as a continuous and compressible fluid and the governing equations are solved by methods in Eulerian descriptions. An isobaric closure exhibiting better consistency properties is applied to evaluate the pressure of gas-liquid mixture. The dispersed gas/vapor bubbles are tracked in a Lagrangian fashion, and their ...
Last. Haifeng GuH-Index: 19
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The dinoflagellate Alexandrium pacificum can produce paralytic shellfish toxins and is mainly distributed in the Pacific. Blooms of A. pacificum have been frequently reported in offshore areas of the East China Sea, but not along the coast. To investigate the bloom dynamics of A. pacificum and their potential origins in the Taiwan Strait, we performed intensive sampling of both water and sediments from 2017 to 2020. Ellipsoidal cysts were identified as A. pacificum and enumerated based on micros...
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