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#1Johannes Grillari (BOKU: University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna)H-Index: 42
#2Riikka E. Mäkitie (Imperial College London)H-Index: 1
Last. Matthias HacklH-Index: 25
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Abstract microRNAs have evolved as important regulators of multiple biological pathways essential for bone homeostasis, and microRNA research has furthered our understanding of the mechanisms underlying bone health and disease. This knowledge, together with the finding that active or passive release of microRNAs from cells into the extracellular space enables minimal-invasive detection in biofluids (circulating miRNAs), motivated researchers to explore microRNAs as biomarkers in several patholog...
#1Vivi F.H. Jensen (Lund University)H-Index: 1
#2Anne-Marie Mølck (Novo Nordisk)H-Index: 9
Last. Kristina Åkesson (Lund University)H-Index: 45
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Abstract The implications of obesity and weight loss for human bone health are not well understood. Although the bone changes associated with weight loss are similar in humans and rodents, that is not the case for obesity. In humans, obesity is generally associated with increased bone mass, an outcome which is exacerbated by advanced age and menopause. In rodents, by contrast, bone mass decreases in proportion to severity and duration of obesity, and is influenced by sex, age and mechanical load...
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#1Michael P. Whyte (WashU: Washington University in St. Louis)H-Index: 68
#2James Aronson (Arkansas Children's Hospital)H-Index: 31
Last. Steven Mumm (WashU: Washington University in St. Louis)H-Index: 34
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Abstract In 2003, we briefly reported the remarkable osteopathy of a 12-year-old boy who at age two months began fracturing his limbs with subsequent hyperplastic callus formation and expansion and fusion of appendicular bones. By age ten years he had coalesced his lumbosacral spine, pelvis, femurs, and leg and foot bones as a single structure. Computed tomography of expanded bone revealed a thin cortical shell, diminished irregular trabeculae, and cystic areas. Histopathology featured foci of w...
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#1Sangyong Lee (Konkuk University)
#2Hyuk Soon Kim (Graduate School USA)
Last. Jueng Soo You (Konkuk University)H-Index: 18
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Osteoclasts (OCs) have been well-known involved in the exacerbation of bone-related diseases. However, the role of metabolites on osteoclastogenesis has not been well characterized. Herein, we found osteoclastogenesis was negatively regulated by α-ketoglutarate (αKG) in vitro and in vivo (C57BL/6 mouse). Kinetic transcriptome analysis revealed the upregulation of solute carrier family 7 member 11 (Slc7a11), a subunit of the cysteine/glutamate antiporter, as well as the downregulation of typical ...
#1Fouad M. Moussa (NEOMED: Northeast Ohio Medical University)H-Index: 8
#2Bryson P. Cook (NEOMED: Northeast Ohio Medical University)
Last. Fayez F. SafadiH-Index: 29
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Abstract Background mir-RNAs play a role in regulating bone homeostasis. In this study we assessed the functional role of mir-RNA 150 in bone homeostasis. We also assess the effects of miR-150 deficiency on osteoblast and osteoclast differentiation and function using in vivo and in vitro approaches. Methods Wild type (WT) (C57BL/6J) and miR-150 KO mice were compared for a variety of parameters. Micro-CT imaging was conducted to quantify trabecular bone mass inferior to the distal growth plate of...
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#1Chiara SpadazziH-Index: 9
#2Laura MercataliH-Index: 20
Last. Toni IbrahimH-Index: 25
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Bone is one of the most preferred sites of metastatic spread from different cancer types, including breast cancer. However, different breast cancer subtypes exhibit distinct metastatic behavior in terms of kinetics and anatomic sites of relapse. Despite advances in the diagnosis, the identification of patients at high-risk of bone recurrence is still an unmet clinical need. We conducted a retrospective analysis, by gene expression and immunohistochemical assays, on 90 surgically resected breast ...
#1Kevin F. Hoffseth (LSU: Louisiana State University)
#2Jennifer Simkin (LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans)
Last. Mimi C. Sammarco (Tulane University)H-Index: 7
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Abstract Bone regeneration is a critical area of research impacting treatment of diseases such as osteoporosis, age-related decline, and orthopaedic implants. A crucial question in bone regeneration is that of bone architectural quality, or how “good” is the regenerated bone tissue structurally? Current methods address typical long bone architecture, however there exists a need for improved ability to quantify structurally relevant parameters of bone in non-standard bone shapes. Here we present ...
#1Dian A. Teguh (Harvard University)
#2Jordan L. Nustad (BIDMC: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center)H-Index: 1
Last. Mary L. Bouxsein (Harvard University)H-Index: 85
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Abstract Disuse osteoporosis can result from prolonged bed rest, paralysis, casts, braces, fractures and other conditions. Abaloparatide (ABL) is a PTHrP analog that increases bone density and strength by stimulating osteogenesis with limited effects on bone resorption. We examined skeletal responses to abaloparatide in young adult male rats with normal weight-bearing and with hindlimb unloading via a pelvic harness. Rats were allocated to four groups (10–12 per group): normal weight-bearing plu...
#1Jason Talevski (University of Melbourne)H-Index: 5
#2Kerrie M. Sanders (Deakin University)H-Index: 38
Last. Sharon L. Brennan-OlsenH-Index: 9
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Abstract Purpose We aimed to identify combinations of health service use specific to each major osteoporotic fracture (MOF) site – hip, distal forearm, vertebrae and humerus – associated with recovery of health-related quality of life (HRQoL) 12-months post-MOF. Methods Patients were 4126 adults aged ≥50 years with a MOF (1657 hip, 1354 distal forearm, 681 vertebral, 434 humerus) from the International Costs and Utilities Related to Osteoporotic fractures Study (Australia, Austria, Estonia, Fran...
#1Ko Chiba (Nagasaki University)H-Index: 9
#2Shuta Yamada (Nagasaki University)H-Index: 2
Last. Makoto Osaki (Nagasaki University)H-Index: 24
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Abstract Purpose To investigate the effects of sequential therapy with monthly intravenous ibandronate on bone mineral density (BMD) and microstructure in patients with primary osteoporosis who received teriparatide treatment. Methods Sixty-six patients with primary osteoporosis who had undergone teriparatide treatment for more than 12 months (mean 18.6 months) received sequential therapy with 1 mg/month intravenous ibandronate for 12 months. The patients were evaluated using dual-energy X-ray a...
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