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#1Jian Zhou (PKU: Peking University)H-Index: 140
#2Kailiang Yu (Princeton University)
Last. Zhiheng Wang (PKU: Peking University)
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In natural forests at a demographic equilibrium state, the size frequency distribution (SFD) of trees is linked with their size-dependent growth and mortality rates. While the mean growth rate (MGR) of each size class is generally used for determining the SFD, the variance in the growth rate (VGR) has always been ignored. Here, based on the analyses with Kolmogorov forward equation, we show that in general, the VGR can flatten the slope of the SFD and, in particular, can address the contradictio...
#1Ali Foroutannia (University of Neyshabur)H-Index: 2
#2Fahimeh Nazarimehr (AUT: Amirkabir University of Technology)H-Index: 11
Last. Sajad Jafari (AUT: Amirkabir University of Technology)H-Index: 44
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Abstract null null Studying the dynamical behaviors of neuronal models may help in better understanding of real nervous system. In addition, it can help researchers to understand some specific phenomena in neuronal system. The thalamocortical network is made of neurons in the thalamus and cortex. In it, the memory function is consolidated in sleep by creating up and down state oscillations (1 Hz) and fast (13–17 Hz) – slow (8–12 Hz) spindles. Recently, a nonlinear biological model for up-down os...
#1Christopher Rose (Brown University)H-Index: 28
#2Andrew J. Medford (Georgia Institute of Technology)H-Index: 33
Last. Andrew A. Peterson (Brown University)H-Index: 39
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Abstract null null The fundamental models of epidemiology describe the progression of an infectious disease through a population using compartmentalized differential equations, but typically do not incorporate population-level heterogeneity in infection susceptibility. Here we combine a generalized analytical framework of contagion with computational models of epidemic dynamics to show that variation strongly influences the rate of infection, while the infection process simultaneously sculpts th...
#1Pijush Panday (ISI: Indian Statistical Institute)H-Index: 3
#2Nikhil Pal (Visva-Bharati University)
Last. Joydev Chattopadhyay (ISI: Indian Statistical Institute)H-Index: 31
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Abstract null null In the predator-prey system, predators can affect the prey population (1) by direct killing and (2) by inducing predation fear, which ultimately force preys to adopt some anti-predator strategies. However, the anti-predator strategy is not the same for all individual preys of different life stages. Also, anti-predator behavior has both cost and benefit, but most of the mathematical models observed the dynamics by incorporating its cost only. In the present study, we formulate ...
#1Sviatoslav R. Rybnikov (University of Haifa)H-Index: 4
#2Daniel B. Weissman (Emory University)H-Index: 11
Last. Abraham B. Korol (University of Haifa)H-Index: 27
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Abstract null null Meiotic recombination and the factors affecting its rate and fate in nature have inspired many studies in theoretical evolutionary biology. Classical theoretical models have inferred that recombination can be favored under a rather restricted parameter range. Thus, the ubiquity of recombination in nature remains an open question. However, these models assumed constant recombination with an equal rate across all individuals within the population, whereas empirical evidence sugg...
#1Boya Yang (UF: University of Florida)
#2Xi Tang (Chongqing University)
Last. Libin Rong (UF: University of Florida)H-Index: 2
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Abstract null null Current clinician practice for thyroid hormone regulation of patients is based upon guesswork and experience rather than quantified analysis, which exposes patients under longer risk and discomfort. To quantitatively analyze the thyroid regulation for patients of different thyroid states, we develop a two-dimensional mathematical model that can be applied to analyze the dynamic behaviors of thyroid hormones with or without drug intervention. The unified model can be employed t...
#1Bo Zhang (OSU: Oklahoma State University–Stillwater)H-Index: 9
#2Lu Zhai (OSU: Oklahoma State University–Stillwater)H-Index: 9
Last. J. David Van Dyken (UM: University of Miami)H-Index: 13
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Abstract null null Invasive species, disease vectors, and pathogens are significant threats to biodiversity, ecosystem function and services, and human health. Understanding the optimal management strategy, which maximizes the effectiveness is crucial. Despite an abundance of theoretical work has conducted on projecting the optimal allocation strategy, almost no empirical work has been performed to validate the theory. We first used a consumer-resource model to simulate a series of allocation fr...
#1Jason Bassett (MPG: Max Planck Society)
#2Jörn Gethmann (Friedrich Loeffler Institute)H-Index: 16
Last. Philipp Hövel (UCC: University College Cork)H-Index: 37
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Abstract null null Bovine Viral Diarrhea (BVD) is a cattle disease that causes substantial financial losses, in particular to the dairy industry. Hence, several countries including Germany introduced compulsory disease control programs. For the case of Germany in particular, all animals had to be tested and persistently infected animals (PI animals) were removed from the population. The program was successful in reducing the number of PI animals, but was overtly expensive. Alternative approaches...
#1Lei Yang (Hangzhou Dianzi University)
#1Lei Yang (Hangzhou Dianzi University)
Last. Marc Turcotte (Hangzhou Dianzi University)
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In this work, we study the behavior of a time-delayed mutually repressive auto-activating three-gene system. Delays are introduced to account for the location difference between DNA transcription that leads to production of messenger RNA and its translation that result in protein synthesis. We study the dynamics of the system using numerical simulations, computational bifurcation analysis and mathematical analysis. We find Hopf bifurcations leading to stable and unstable rotation in the system, ...
#1Claire Miller (University of Melbourne)H-Index: 2
#1Claire Miller (University of Melbourne)H-Index: 1
Last. James M. Osborne (University of Melbourne)H-Index: 24
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The maintenance of a stem cell niche in epithelial tissues is critical for healthy function. In this paper we investigate how current modelling methods can result in erroneous loss of stem cells from the stem cell niche. Using an established model of the inter-follicular epidermis we find we are unable to maintain a stem cell population without including additional unbiological mechanisms to stop loss of stem cells from the niche. We suggest a methodology to maintain the niche in which a rotatio...
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