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#1Anja Mueller (CMU: Central Michigan University)H-Index: 9
Imprinting polymerization is an exciting technique since it leads to specific binding sites, which are the basis of a variety of applications, such as sensors, detectors, and catalysts. The specific binding sites are created using templates and then fixing the structure of the binding site with crosslinking. The literature review of imprinting polymerizations shows that the crosslinking density governs the physical properties of the resulting molecularly imprinted polymer (MIP). It is also a fac...
#1Andrej PorčnikH-Index: 4
#2Metka NovakH-Index: 9
Last. Ana RotterH-Index: 20
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Glioblastoma (GB), is the most common and aggressive malignant primary brain tumour in adults. Intra- and inter-tumour heterogeneity, infiltrative GB cell invasion and presence of therapy-resistant GB stem cells (GSCs) represent major obstacles to favourable prognosis and poor therapy response. Identifying the biomarkers of the most aggressive tumour cells and their more efficient targeting strategies are; therefore, crucial. Recently, transcription factor TRIM28 has been identified as a GB biom...
#1José Ramos-Vivas (UEM: European University of Madrid)H-Index: 1
Last. Maurizio BattinoH-Index: 77
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Presently, biopreservation through protective bacterial cultures and their antimicrobial products or using antibacterial compounds derived from plants are proposed as feasible strategies to maintain the long shelf-life of products. Another emerging category of food biopreservatives are bacteriophages or their antibacterial enzymes called “phage lysins” or “enzybiotics”, which can be used directly as antibacterial agents due to their ability to act on the membranes of bacteria and destroy them. B...
#1Mohammed A. Alhayali (University of Mosul)H-Index: 1
#1Mohammed Al-HayaliH-Index: 2
Last. Tracey D. BradshawH-Index: 44
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Thymoquinone (TQ) is the main biologically active constituent of Nigella sativa. Many studies have confirmed its anticancer actions. Herein, we investigated the different anticancer activities of, and considered resistance mechanisms to, TQ. MTT and clonogenic data showed TQ’s ability to suppress breast MDA-MB-468 and T-47D proliferation at lower concentrations compared to other cancer and non-transformed cell lines tested (GI50 values ≤ 1.5 µM). Flow-cytometric analyses revealed that TQ consist...
In isoprenaline (ISO)-induced myocardial infarcted rats, garlic oil (GO) and its main ingredient, diallyl disulfide (DADS), were examined for cardioprotective effects when used with carvedilol (CAR). GO, DADS and CAR were given to rats in their respective groups, either alone or together, with the addition of isoprenaline (3 mg/kg/day, subcutaneously) during the last 10 days of treatment. At the end of 14 days of treatment, blood samples were collected, the hearts were excised under anesthesia a...
#1Anatoly P. SobolevH-Index: 24
#2Arianna Di LorenzoH-Index: 14
Last. Luisa ManninaH-Index: 54
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Untargeted (NMR) and targeted (RP-HPLC-PDA-ESI-MSn, RP-HPLC-FD) analytical methodologies were used to determine the bioactive components of 19 tea samples, characterized by different production processes (common tea and GABA tea), degrees of fermentation (green and oolong teas), and harvesting season (autumn and spring). The combination of NMR data and a multivariate statistical approach led to a statistical model able to discriminate between GABA and non-GABA teas and green and oolong teas. Tar...
#1Maiko KitajimaH-Index: 6
Last. Tomohiro OsanaiH-Index: 27
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Lindera umbellata (Lu) essential oil primarily contains linalool and has relaxation properties. We investigated the psychological and antibacterial effects of footbath with Lu essential oil. The participants included 20 women without medical history and received two intervention plans: footbath without any essential oil and footbath using Lu essential oil. Next, questionnaires regarding impressions and mood states were provided for them to answer. In addition, their autonomic nervous system acti...
#1Hoon ChoiH-Index: 12
#2Young Shin KoH-Index: 10
Last. Bae Kwon JeongH-Index: 9
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In this study, we aimed to evaluate the anticancer effect of benzimidazole derivatives on triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) and investigate its underlying mechanism of action. Several types of cancer and normal breast cells including MDA-MB-231, radiotherapy-resistant (RT-R) MDA-MB-231, and allograft mice were treated with six benzimidazole derivatives including mebendazole (MBZ). Cells were analyzed for viability, colony formation, scratch wound healing, Matrigel invasion, cell cycle, tubuli...
#1Z. K. MakhnevaH-Index: 9
#2M. A. BolshakovH-Index: 7
Last. Andrey A. MoskalenkoH-Index: 10
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The effect of singlet oxygen on light-harvesting (LH) complexes has been studied for a number of sulfur (S+) and nonsulfur (S−) photosynthetic bacteria. The visible/near-IR absorption spectra of the standard LH2 complexes (B800-850) of Allochromatium (Alc.) vinosum (S+), Rhodobacter (Rba.) sphaeroides (S−), Rhodoblastus (Rbl.) acidophilus (S−), and Rhodopseudomonas (Rps.) palustris (S−), two types LH2/LH3 (B800-850 and B800-830) of Thiorhodospira (T.) sibirica (S+), and an unusual LH2 complex (B...
#1Giovani L. ZabotH-Index: 20
#2Juliane ViganóH-Index: 9
Last. Eric Keven SilvaH-Index: 26
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The coupling of innovative technologies has emerged as a smart alternative for the process intensification of bioactive compound extraction from plant matrices. In this regard, the development of hybridized techniques based on the low-frequency and high-power ultrasound and high-pressure technologies, such as supercritical fluid extraction, pressurized liquids extraction, and gas-expanded liquids extraction, can enhance the recovery yields of phytochemicals due to their different action mechanis...
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