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#1Qing-Xia Xu (PKU: Peking University)H-Index: 2
#2Qian Lv (PKU: Peking University)
Last. Xiu-Wei Yang (PKU: Peking University)H-Index: 24
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BACKGROUND Dried fruits of Psoralea corylifolia L. (Psoraleae Fructus) is one of the most popular traditional Chinese medicine with treatment for nephritis, spermatorrhea, pollakiuria, asthma, and various inflammatory diseases. Bakuchiol is main meroterpenoid with bioactive diversity from Psoraleae Fructus. This study was designed to seek structural diverse bakuchiol derivants with anti-inflammatory activities from this plant. METHODS Various column chromatography methods were used for isolation...
#1Lianhua He (HKUST: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
#2Huijie Luan (HKUST: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
Last. Qingwen Wang (HKUST: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
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BACKGROUND Rheumatoid arthritis is a progressive and systemic autoimmune disease seriously compromises human health. Fibroblast like synoviocytes are the major effectors of proliferation and inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis synovial tissue. Shikonin has anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory activities. But, its role on synovitis of rheumatoid arthritis is unknown. METHODS The DBA/1 male mice were randomly divided into the following three groups (n = 6): (1) the normal control group of mice,...
#1Xian Zhang (ZJU: Zhejiang University)H-Index: 3
Last. Fan Qu (ZJU: Zhejiang University)H-Index: 22
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BACKGROUND Chinese herbal medicine (CHM) has significant effects that improve the reproductive functions of patients with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). However, the intergenerational effects of CHM on offspring and the underlying mechanism of CHM remain unclear. This study aimed to explore the effects and the underlying mechanism of CHM, specifically the Bu-Shen-Tian-Jing formula (BSTJF), on model rats with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and the neurobehavioral alterations of female offspr...
#1Fangfang Zhou (XJU: Xinjiang University)H-Index: 2
#2Adila Aipire (XJU: Xinjiang University)H-Index: 7
Last. Jinyao Li (XJU: Xinjiang University)H-Index: 10
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Background null Marchantia polymorpha L. is a kind of Chinese herbal medicine and has various biological activities including antioxidant and antifungal. However, it is not clear about the antitumor effect and mechanism of M. polymorpha. We prepared M. polymorpha ethanol extract (MPEE) and investigated its antitumor effect on hepatocellular carcinoma cells both in vitro and in vivo. null Methods null The viability of hepatocellular carcinoma cells was detected by MTT assay. The distribution of c...
#1Lin Han (Peking Union Medical College)H-Index: 4
#2Hao-Yu Yang (Beijing University of Chinese Medicine)
Last. Linhua Zhao (Peking Union Medical College)H-Index: 10
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Background null The Gouqi-wentang formula (GQWTF) is a herbal formula used by Academician Xiao-lin Tong for the clinical treatment of T2DM. GQWTF is beneficial to qi, nourishes Yin, clears heat, and promotes fluid production, but the effective components and their mechanism of action remain unclear. null Methods null The main components of GQWTF were detected by LC-MS, and the multi-target mechanisms of GQWTF in T2DM were elucidated using network pharmacology analysis, including target predictio...
#1Chen Zhang (CDUTCM: Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine)H-Index: 8
#2Zhejie Chen (UM: University of Macau)H-Index: 5
Last. Jinming Zhang (CDUTCM: Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine)H-Index: 24
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Background null The oral colon-targeting drug delivery vehicle is vital for the efficient application of curcumin (Cur) in ulcerative colitis (UC) treatment because of its lipophilicity and instability in the gastrointestinal tract. null Methods null The core-shell microparticle (MP) system composed of eco-friendly materials, zein and shellac, was fabricated using a coaxial electrospray technique. In this manner, Cur was loaded in the zein core, with shellac shell coating on it. The colon-target...
#1Zhizhen Song (Zhengzhou University)H-Index: 3
#2Zeyun Li (Zhengzhou University)H-Index: 4
Last. Xin Tian (Zhengzhou University)H-Index: 13
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BACKGROUND Epimedin C, one of the main active ingredients of Epimedium, has been reported to have potential hepatotoxicity. However, the mechanism of Epimedin C-induced liver injury has not been studied. mRNA methylation, mainly including N6-methyladenosine and N5-methylcytidine, is implicated in the regulation of many biological processes and diseases. The study of quantifying mRNA methylation alterations in Epimedin C-induced liver injury mice may contribute to clarify the mechanism of its hep...
#1Xuejiao Liao (CDUTCM: Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine)H-Index: 1
#2Shuai Guo (CDUTCM: Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine)H-Index: 1
Last. Juan Lei (BNU: Beijing Normal University)
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Background null Bungarus multicinctus, from which a classical Chinese medicine is produced, is known as the most venomous land snake in the world, but the chromatin organization and transcription factor activity during venom replenishment progress have not been explored yet. This study aimed to determine the roles of chromatin structure in toxin activity via bioinformatics and experimental validation. null Methods null Chromosome conformation capture (Hi-C) analysis was used to examine interacti...
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