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To track moving targets undergoing unknown translational and rotational motions, a tracking controller is developed for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The main challenges are to control both the relative position and orientation between the target and the UAV to within desired values, and to guarantee that the generated control input to the UAV is feasible (i.e., below its motion capability). Moreover, the UAV is controlled to ensure that the target always remains within the field of view of t...
Smart sensors, coupled with artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled remote automated monitoring (RAMs), can free a nurse from the task of in-person patient monitoring during the transportation process of patients between different wards in hospital settings. Automation of hospital beds using advanced robotics and sensors has been a growing trend exacerbated by the COVID crisis. In this exploratory study, a polynomial regression (PR) machine learning (ML) RAM algorithm based on a Dreyfusian descript...
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Last. Javier CalventeH-Index: 25
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This work presents a novel dc-dc bidirectional buck–boost converter between a battery pack and the inverter to regulate the dc-bus in an electric vehicle (EV) powertrain. The converter is based on the versatile buck–boost converter, which has shown an excellent performance in different fuel cell systems operating in low-voltage and hard-switching applications. Therefore, extending this converter to higher voltage applications such as the EV is a challenging task reported in this work. A high-eff...
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Last. Kyle O'KeefeH-Index: 15
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The use of global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) precise point positioning (PPP) to estimate zenith tropospheric delay (ZTD) profiles in kinematic vehicular mode in mountainous areas is investigated. Car-mounted multi-constellation GNSS receivers are employed. The Natural Resources Canada Canadian Spatial Reference System PPP (CSRS-PPP) online service that currently processes dual-frequency global positioning system (GPS) and Global’naya Navigatsionnaya Sputnikovaya Sistema (GLONASS) measur...
#1Jascha KolbergH-Index: 7
Last. Christoph BuschH-Index: 50
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Within the last few decades, the need for subject authentication has grown steadily, and biometric recognition technology has been established as a reliable alternative to passwords and tokens, offering automatic decisions. However, as unsupervised processes, biometric systems are vulnerable to presentation attacks targeting the capture devices, where presentation attack instruments (PAI) instead of bona fide characteristics are presented. Due to the capture devices being exposed to the public, ...
#1Piotr BonieckiH-Index: 20
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Last. Dawid WojcieszakH-Index: 9
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Image analysis using neural modeling is one of the most dynamically developing methods employing artificial intelligence. The feature that caused such widespread use of this technique is mostly the ability of automatic generalization of scientific knowledge as well as the possibility of parallel analysis of the empirical data. A properly conducted learning process of artificial neural network (ANN) allows the classification of new, unknown data, which helps to increase the efficiency of the gene...
The topic of underwater (UW) image colour correction and restoration has gained significant scientific interest in the last couple of decades. There are a vast number of disciplines, from marine biology to archaeology, that can and need to utilise the true information of the UW environment. Based on that, a significant number of scientists have contributed to the topic of UW image colour correction and restoration. In this paper, we try to make an unbiased and extensive review of some of the mos...
#1Jarosław BarełaH-Index: 7
#2K. FirmantyH-Index: 6
Last. Mariusz KastekH-Index: 13
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Today’s long-range infrared cameras (LRIRC) are used in many systems for the protection of critical infrastructure or national borders. The basic technical parameters of such systems are noise equivalent temperature difference (NETD); minimum resolvable temperature difference (MRTD); and the range of detection, recognition and identification of selected objects (DRI). This paper presents a methodology of the theoretical determination of these parameters on the basis of technical data of LRIRCs. ...
The cascading launch and cooperative work of lander and rover are the pivotal methods to achieve lunar zero-distance exploration. The separated design results in a heavy system mass that requires more launching costs and a limited exploration area that is restricted to the vicinity of the immovable lander. To solve this problem, we have designed a six-legged movable repetitive lander, called “HexaMRL”, which congenitally integrates the function of both the lander and rover. However, achieving a ...
By collecting the magnetic field information of each spatial point, we can build a magnetic field fingerprint map. When the user is positioning, the magnetic field measured by the sensor is matched with the magnetic field fingerprint map to identify the user’s location. However, since the magnetic field is easily affected by external magnetic fields and magnetic storms, which can lead to “local temporal-spatial variation”, it is difficult to construct a stable and accurate magnetic field fingerp...
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