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The intensity and duration of hot weather and the number of extreme weather events, such as heatwaves, are increasing, leading to a growing need for space cooling energy demand. Together with the building stock’s low energy performance, this phenomenon may also increase households’ energy consumption. On the other hand, the low level of ownership of cooling equipment can cause low energy consumption, leading to a lack of indoor thermal comfort and several health-related problems, yet increasing ...
#1Sarmad Dashti Latif (Komar University of Science and Technology)
#2Suzlyana Marhain (TNB: Universiti Tenaga Nasional)
Last. Ahmed El-Shafie (UM: University of Malaya)H-Index: 39
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In planning and managing water resources, the implementation of optimization techniques in the operation of reservoirs has become an important focus. An optimal reservoir operating policy should take into consideration the uncertainty associated with uncontrolled reservoir inflows. The charged system search (CSS) algorithm model is developed in the present study to achieve optimum operating policy for the current reservoir. The aim of the model is to minimize the cost of system performance, whic...
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Several studies have attempted to uncover the impact of weather parameters on the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic during the initial stage of its outbreak. However, they reported contradicting findings due to limited data available at an earlier stage of the outbreak. Therefore, in this study, we investigate the impact of regional temperature on the pandemic in 34 different locations of the globe by defining two main objectives. The first objective is focused on pattern analysis of an earlier st...
The purpose of this research was to analyze open-air mural painting museums in Uruguay as a model of tourism resilience, sustainability, and social development, being one of the first Latin American examples to demonstrate the ability to adapt to change and overcome external shocks through the creation of creative community landscapes. To do so, documentary research, photographic documentation, and field research were carried out in order to explore the opportunities of mural tourism in small lo...
#2Fabien QuétierH-Index: 24
Last. Sandra LavorelH-Index: 109
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It is increasingly common for developers to be asked to manage the impacts of their projects on biodiversity by restoring other degraded habitats that are ecologically equivalent to those that are impacted. These measures, called biodiversity offsets, generally aim to achieve ‘no net loss’ (NNL) of biodiversity. Using spatially-explicit modeling, different options were compared in terms of their performance in offsetting the impacts on wetlands of the planned urban expansion around Grenoble (Fra...
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Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) is an important vegetable crop in Florida, a state located in the south-eastern region of the United States. The state is the second largest producer of tomatoes in the country and contributes to almost 90% of the domestic winter tomato supplies. However, tomato farmers in Florida have come under increasing pressure due to climate changes, foreign imports, and rising production costs. The purpose of this paper is to analyze whether Florida tomato growers will con...
An educational physical education (PE) hybridization program based on the personal and social responsibility model and gamification strategies was used in order to explore the effect on cognitive performance and academic achievement. A 9-month group-randomized controlled trial was conducted, with 150 participants (age: 14.63 ± 1.38) allocated into the control group (CG, n = 37) and experimental group (EG, n = 113). Inhibition, verbal fluency, planning, and academic achievement were assessed. Sig...
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Whether land finance has increased local financial risks has always been a hot topic in society and in the academic circle. This article firstly describes the overall characteristics of the development of local finance in China. By establishing a matrix containing 16 indicators for local financial risks, it has analyzed the characteristics and overall development trend of financial risks at the provincial level in China as a whole. Furthermore, it explores the casual effect of land finance on lo...
#1Liaqat AliH-Index: 15
Last. Kuaanan TechatoH-Index: 15
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This study aims to evaluate the physicochemical properties of rubberwood sawdust (RWS) and sewage sludge (SS) for producing biofuel or liquid products via pyrolysis and co-pyrolysis. The chemical and thermal properties of both samples were observed to have superior bioenergy production capabilities. RWS and SS had significantly different physicochemical properties, such as particle-size distribution, bulk density, ultimate and proximate analysis, lignocellulose composition, thermal-degradation b...
Production of overall CO2 emissions has exhibited a significant reduction in almost every industry in the last decades. The steelmaking industry is still one of the most significant producers of CO2 emissions worldwide. The processes and facilities used at steel plants, such as the blast furnace and the electric arc furnace, generate a large amount of waste heat, which can be recovered and meaningfully used. Another way to reduce CO2 emissions is to reduce the number of low-quality steel product...
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