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There is a conceptual problem in the adequate application of internal audit and internal control in the real business of the marketing environment. Although both of these managerial tools are theoretically defined, they are practically interchangeable in business. This limits their application. It is therefore necessary to focus on both concepts and make the theory and practice more precise or remove any overlaps. The aim of this paper is therefore a theoretical and practical comparison of inter...
Soil moisture plays an important role in the land surface model. In this paper, a method of using VV polarization Sentinel-1 SAR and Landsat optical data to retrieve soil moisture data was proposed by combining the water cloud model (WCM) and the deep belief network (DBN). Since the simple combination of training data in the neural network cannot effectively improve the accuracy of the soil moisture inversion results, a WCM physical model was used to eliminate the effect of vegetation cover on t...
For more than a decade, the European Union has been implementing an ambitious energy policy focused on reducing CO2 emissions, increasing the use of renewable energy and improving energy efficiency. This paper investigates the factors that hinder the application of renewable energy technologies (RETs) in existing university buildings in Spain and Portugal. Following a qualitative methodology, 33 technicians working in the infrastructure management offices of 24 universities have been interviewed...
In recent years, European policy makers have ramped up their efforts to create a regulatory framework for improving sustainability in the financial system. We contribute to the on-going debate on Environmental, Social and Governance in the banking sector by providing an organic overview of the European policies put in place. The legislative framework is currently being enriched by policy makers and regulators that are carefully pursuing the objective of a more sustainable economic system, where ...
The continuous urbanisation in most Low-to-Middle-Income-Country (LMIC) cities is accompanied by rapid socio-economic changes in urban and peri-urban areas. Urban transformation processes, such as gentrification as well as the increase in poor urban neighbourhoods (e.g., slums) produce new urban patterns. The intersection of very rapid socio-economic and demographic dynamics are often insufficiently understood, and relevant data for understanding them are commonly unavailable, dated, or too coar...
Governments, civil society organisations and companies have expressed an interest in contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, but incorporating these goals into their strategies and activities is not an easy task. This study aims to provide information on the role of circular economy as a tool to boost progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals to assist these different stakeholders in their quest to attain the goals. Using heuristic methodology, a review of ...
As many universities in non-Anglophone countries have committed to internationalising their academic programmes, more content courses in Arts and Sciences are being taught in English. When content courses are taught in English in a country where English is not the first language, this is called English Medium Instruction (EMI). Using specific country cases, previous studies have confirmed that an EMI course can pose many challenges to the learning of course content by students. To date, there ha...
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Although the tourism industry has increasingly used social media, there has been little empirical research in terms of the attributes of tourist satisfaction and dissatisfaction with user-generated contents. The purpose of this study is to explore the attributes of tourist satisfaction and dissatisfaction through user-generated contents. We collected data from online review platforms. Our data include historical online reviews, names of reviewers, ratings, location, helpful votes, date of visits...
Taking Xigu District of Lanzhou City as an example, this paper systematically analyzes the spatio-temporal distribution characteristics of patients with chronic non-communicable diseases (NCD) and compares the differences between heating period and non-heating period. Furthermore, the impact paths of natural environmental factors and built-up environmental factors on NCD are probed with the help of the geographic detector. The results are as follows: In time, the incidence of NCD in Xigu distric...
The monitoring of the impact of cities on sustainable development initiatives has led several nations to adopt the use of the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) instrument to enhance environmental management efforts. The use of indicators within this process is essential since they enable authorities to monitor and mitigate any adverse effects that may arise as a consequence of urbanization. Over a decade after the implementation of this instrument in Chile, a review of the indicators used...
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