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There is a conceptual problem in the adequate application of internal audit and internal control in the real business of the marketing environment. Although both of these managerial tools are theoretically defined, they are practically interchangeable in business. This limits their application. It is therefore necessary to focus on both concepts and make the theory and practice more precise or remove any overlaps. The aim of this paper is therefore a theoretical and practical comparison of inter...
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The intensity and duration of hot weather and the number of extreme weather events, such as heatwaves, are increasing, leading to a growing need for space cooling energy demand. Together with the building stock’s low energy performance, this phenomenon may also increase households’ energy consumption. On the other hand, the low level of ownership of cooling equipment can cause low energy consumption, leading to a lack of indoor thermal comfort and several health-related problems, yet increasing ...
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Power generation from wind energy is almost entirely performed in rural locations or at sea, and very little attention has been given to the use of wind turbines in urban locations. Since the re-emergence of wind turbines, the majority of their applications are in large commercial wind farms in rural areas or out at sea, and there is an increasing focus on the use of wind turbines within an urban environment possibly using existing structures, such as bridges and viaducts. There are very few exi...
The provision of convenient, safe and seamless facilities for cyclists is one core success factor in promoting cycling as a mode of transport. Cycling infrastructures and planning philosophies differ greatly between countries, but there is no systematic overview or comparison of similarities and dissimilarities. The aim of this study is to provide an in-depth international overview of guidance material for cycling facilities in European countries and to develop recommendations for advancing prov...
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The Netherlands is a frontrunner in the EU regarding the circular economy. On a national scale, there are higher targets than the EU for different packaging materials as plastics, glass, paper/cartons, and aluminium. For glass, the government advocates a recycling rate of more than 90%. In 2017, the rate realised was 86%. To reach this 4% higher goal, the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate wants to improve the collection infrastructure by increasing the number of bottle banks, with 800...
Previous research indicates that Canadian healthcare workers, particularly long-term care (LTC) workers, are frequently composed of immigrant and racialized/visible minorities (VM) who are often precariously employed, underpaid, and face significant work-related stress, violence, injuries, illness, and health inequities. Few studies, however, have analyzed the contributions and impact of their labor in international contexts and on global communities. For instance, it is estimated that over CAD ...
Due to the phenomenal growth of e-commerce, online shopping has recently become a worldwide trend. This fosters many online shopping platforms to enter into Asian emerging markets, which evolves a need to understand online decision-making processes in this particular context. Addressing this gap, our study initialized an integrated framework based on Uses and Gratification theory and the Cognitive–Affect–Behavior paradigm to examine the impact of gratification elements on customer satisfaction a...
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Agricultural diversification efforts towards sustainable agriculture generates environmental and economic benefits. Climate change and agricultural production are characterized by a complex cause-effect relationship. In the present study, the primary dataset is collected through an interview-based survey from 410 farmers in 3 districts located in different agro-ecological zones of Punjab, Pakistan. Detailed analysis is conducted by employing the Gaussian treatment effects approach. Results of th...
Integrated policy strategies represent an increasingly popular approach in urban development and gender policies. This article analyses the integration between integral urban policies and gender mainstreaming in the European Union. A specific analytical proposal is elaborated and applied to urban policies promoted by the EU in Spain between 1994 and 2013. The Comparative Urban Policy Portfolio Analysis is used to study the inclusion of gender-sensitive policy measures in local project portfolios...
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The research community of environmental economics has had a growing interest for the exploration of artificial intelligence (AI)-based systems to provide enriched efficiencies and strengthened human knacks in daily live maneuvers, business stratagems, and society evolution. In this investigation, AI-based intelligent backpropagation networks of Bayesian regularization (IBNs-BR) were exploited for the numerical treatment of mathematical models representing environmental economic systems (EESs). T...
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