Identification of genes differentially expressed between prostrate shoots and erect shoots in the lycophyte Selaginella nipponica using an RNA-seq approach.

Published on Jun 1, 2022in Aob Plants
· DOI :10.1093/aobpla/plac018
Jun Sun0 (JSU: Jishou University), Gui-Sheng Li0 (JSU: Jishou University)
Lycophytes are the earliest vascular plants and Selaginella is the most studied genus among them. Prostrate shoots are produced during early growth and erect shoots emerge later in S. nipponica, thus providing an opportunity for exploring the evolution of the mechanism underlying the transition between growth phases. Six libraries were sequenced for the prostrate and the erect shoots, and a total of 206 768 genes were identified. Some genes were differentially expressed in prostate and erect shoot, with relatively high expression in the prostate shoots being related to hormone responses and defence reactions, while higher expression in the erect shoots was related to spore formation and shoot development. Some SPL genes possessed a miR156 binding site and were highly expressed in the erect shoots, while AP2-like genes were more highly expressed in the prostrate shoots but simultaneously lacked any miR172 binding site. MiR156 was detected at a higher concentration in the prostrate shoots. Thus, the mechanism for the vegetative to reproductive transition of sporophytes probably originated in the common ancestor of vascular plants and must have experienced stepwise development during evolution.
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