Integer quantum Hall effect measurement analysis in Ga0.68In0.32N0.017As/GaAs quantum wells with various annealing time

Published on Nov 15, 2021in Physica B-condensed Matter1.902
· DOI :10.1016/J.PHYSB.2021.413305
S. Ardali8
Estimated H-index: 8
E. Tiras10
Estimated H-index: 10
Ayse Erol12
Estimated H-index: 12
(Istanbul University)
Abstract null null The integer quantum Hall Effect (QHE) and magnetoresistance measurements are carried out at temperature range 1.8 K and 40 K under a magnetic field up to 11 T to investigate the influence of the thermal annealing process and thermal annealing time on the transport parameters of as-grown and annealed n-type Ga0.68In0.32N0.017As0.983/GaAs quantum well (QW) structures. The electron effective mass, two-dimensional (2D) carrier density, quantum lifetime, and Fermi level are obtained by analyzing both oscillatory parts of magnetoresistance measurements (Shubnikov de Haas oscillations) and QHE oscillations. The compatibility of two different methods with each other is discussed, and the dependence of physical parameters obtained from both methods on annealing time was discussed. Our results reveal that the thermal annealing process and annealing duration time affect 2D carrier density, electron effective mass, quantum lifetime, transport lifetime, and Fermi level. The increase in annealing time showed that null null null null null μ null t null null / null null μ null q null null null null null ratios caused the shift from long-range scattering to short-range scattering in the low-temperature region.
Abstract Hot electrons relax by interacting with phonons, so information about the electron-phonon interaction mechanisms are obtained by examining the cooling processes of hot electrons. In this study, the effect of annealing time on the electron temperature and energy relaxation rates in as-grown and annealed n-type modulation-doped Ga0.68In0.32N0.017As0.983/GaAs quantum well (QW) samples were investigated by comparing the relative amplitudes of Shubnikov-de Haas oscillations as a function of ...
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Abstract Resonant cavity LEDs (RCLEDs) are a viable and low-cost alternative light source to lasers for optical communication systems in the 1.3 µm O-band. Most work in this area has been conducted on InP-based material, which is inherently costly, devices often require cooling and the refractive index contrast for constructing mirrors is low. Here, we demonstrate a high-performance GaAs-based RCLED using a dilute nitride GaInNAs active layer emitting in the 1.3 μm wavelength window. While previ...
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Abstract We report the characteristics of the temperature dependent operation of a GaInNAs-based resonant-cavity-enhanced photodetector (RCEPD), designed to be operated at the dispersion minimum optical communication window of 1.3 μm. A Transfer-Matrix Method (TMM) was used to design the structure of the device. The absorption layer of the photodetector is comprised of nine 7 nm-thick Ga 0.733 In 0.267 N 0.025 As 0.975 (Sb)/ GaN 0.035 As 0.965 quantum wells, and 15 and 10 pairs of GaAs/AlAs dist...
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AbstractThe electronic transport properties of Dirac fermions in chemical vapour-deposited single-layer epitaxial graphene on anSiO2/Si substrate have been investigated using the Shubnikov–de Haas (SdH) oscillations technique. The magnetoresistance measurements were performed in the temperature range between 1.8 and 43 K and at magnetic fields up to 11 T. The 2D carrier density and the Fermi energy have been determined from the period of the SdH oscillations. In addition, the in-plane effective ...
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Abstract We report on a novel dilute nitride-based resonant cavity enhanced photodetector (RCEPD) operating at 1.286 μm. The RCEPD was fabricated using 21 pairs top and 24 pairs bottom GaAs/AlGaAs distributed Bragg reflectors for mirrors and 7 nm thick nine GaAs/Ga0.65In0.35N0.02 As0.98 quantum wells as the absorption region. For a 15 μm diameter window, the photocurrent at 1.286 μm is 27 μA and 42 μA, at V = 0 and −1 V, respectively, whereas the dark current is as low as 1.7 nA at −1 V. At the ...
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We have performed magnetoresistance measurements on n- and p-type modulation doped GaInNAs/GaAs quantum well (QW) structures in both the weak (B < 0.08 T) and the high magnetic field (up to 18 T) at 75 mK and 6 K. We observe that the quantum oscillations in and quantum Hall effect (QHE) plateaus in are affected from the presence of the nitrogen in the III–V lattice. The enhancement of N-related scatterings and electron effective mass with increasing nitrogen causes lower electron mobility and hi...
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In this work, magnetoresistance of as-grown and annealed n- and p-type modulation-doped Ga0.68In0.32NyAs1−y/GaAs single quantum well structures with various nitrogen concentrations has been studied. At low temperatures and low magnetic fields, in n-type samples negative and in p-type samples positive, magnetoresistance has been observed. The observed negative magnetoresistance in n-type samples is an indication of enhanced backscattering of electrons due to the weak localization of the electrons...
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Temperature and nitrogen dependence of 2D carrier mobility in as-grown and annealed Ga1−xInxNyAs1−y/GaAs quantum well (QW) structures (x = 0.32; y = 0, 0.009, and 0.012) are investigated. An analytical model that accounts for the most prominent scattering mechanisms is used to explain the characteristic of temperature dependence of the carrier mobility. An expression for alloy scattering-limited mobility in N-related alloys is developed to explain the behavior of hole mobility for N-containing p...
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