Investigation of the therapeutic effect of Yinchen Wuling Powder on CCl4-induced hepatic fibrosis in rats by 1H NMR and MS-based metabolomics analysis.

Published on Jun 5, 2021in Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis3.209
· DOI :10.1016/J.JPBA.2021.114073
Yumeng Zhang4
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(SPU: Shenyang Pharmaceutical University),
Min Zhao8
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(SPU: Shenyang Pharmaceutical University)
+ 3 AuthorsMiao Wang9
Estimated H-index: 9
(SPU: Shenyang Pharmaceutical University)
Hepatic fibrosis (HF) is a typical consequence of various chronic liver diseases, and there is still no ideal drug for its treatment. Yinchen Wuling Powder (YCWLP), a famous traditional Chinese medicine prescription, is effective for the treatment of icteric hepatitis, hepatic fibrosis, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and other liver diseases in clinical practices, however, the underlying mechanisms of YCWLP on HF is still unclear. In this study, 1H NMR and MS-based metabolomics analysis along with body weight change, serum liver function indexes, serum liver fibrosis index and histopathological observations of liver were applied to evaluate the therapeutic effect of YCWLP on hepatic fibrosis and the mechanism associated with this. The results of the pharmacodynamics study show that YCWLP has a significant therapeutic effect on hepatic fibrosis. As for the metabolomics research, 7 metabolites in the plasma samples, 28 in the urine samples and 6 in the liver samples were significantly altered due to the protective effect of YCWLP on CCl4-induced hepatic fibrosis. These endogenous metabolites are involved in amino acid metabolism, carbohydrate metabolism, glycerophospholipid metabolism and gut bacteria metabolism. These findings suggest that YCWLP could treat hepatic fibrosis by promoting urea circulation and reducing blood ammonia accumulation, improving carbohydrate metabolism and reducing oxidative stress, improving glycerophospholipid metabolism and protecting cell membrane, and regulating intestinal flora metabolism.
#1Yue-Hua Jiang (SDUTCM: Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine)H-Index: 10
#2Peng Zhang (SDUTCM: Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine)H-Index: 1
Last. Chuan-Hua Yang (SDUTCM: Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine)H-Index: 8
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Abstract Ethnopharmacological relevance Banxia Baizhu Tianma decoction (BBTD) is a classical representative prescription for expelling phlegm, extinguishing wind, strengthening the spleen and dissipating excessive fluid in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). According to both TCM theory and about 300 years of clinical practice, BBTD is especially suitable for hypertensive patients of abdominal obesity and lacking physical activity. Aim of the study The present study tried to interpret the pharma...
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Abstract Cisplatin (CDDP)-induced acute kidney injury (AKI) limits the therapeutic use of CDDP, which urgently needs to be addressed. Our previous study demonstrated that astragaloside IV (AS IV), an active compound of the traditional Chinese herb Astragalus membranaceus, alleviated CDDP-induced AKI. To explore the mechanism, we performed a metabolomics study to explore the altered metabolic pathways and screen for sensitive biomarkers. Twenty-four rats were randomly divided into three groups, w...
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Abstract Objective To assess the effects of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) on the survival of patients with liver cirrhosis (LC) in Southwest China. Design Single-center, ambispective cohort study conducted from 2012 to 2019. Setting Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Dianjiang Chongqing, Southwest China. Main outcome measure The primary outcome was the effect of TCM on the survival of patients with LC, as assessed with survival analysis and Cox regression model. Results Among the 691 ...
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Ba-Wei-Long-Zuan granule (BWLZ) is a traditional herbal preparation. It has been widely used for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (RA). However, its active ingredients and mechanisms of action are still unclear. The present study aims to reveal the active compounds and anti-arthritic mechanisms of BWLZ against collagen-induced arthritis (CIA) by using 1H NMR-based metabolomics, molecular docking and network pharmacology methods. After 30 days of administration, BWLZ could effectively improv...
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Abstract The study aimed to investigate the ameliorative effect of salidroside (SAL) on the crosstalk among liver metabonomics, gut barrier function and bile acids in furan-induced mice. Forty male mice were randomly divided into the following five groups: CON, FUR 8 (8 mg/kg/day furan), SAL 10 (8 mg/kg/day furan+10 mg/kg/day SAL), SAL 20 (8 mg/kg/day furan+20 mg/kg/day SAL), and SAL 40 (8 mg/kg/day+40 mg/kg/day SAL). Mice were administered with furan for 30 days and SAL was administered for 15 ...
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Abstract Ethnopharmacological relevance Xiaoyaosan (XYS), a famous and classic traditional Chinese prescription, has been used for long time in treating depressive disorders. XYS consists of Radix Bupleuri (Bupleurum chinense DC.), Radix Angelicae Sinensis (Angelica sinensis (Oliv.) Diels), Radix PaeoniaeAlba (Paeonia lactiflora Pall.), Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocepha lae (Atractylodes macrocephala Koidz.), Poria (Poria cocos (Schw.)Wolf), Radix Glycyrrhizae (Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch.), Herba...
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Lomatogonium rotatum (L.) Fries ex Nym (LR) is used as a traditional Mongolian medicine to treat liver and bile diseases. This study aimed to investigate the hepatoprotective effect of LR on mice with CCl4-induced acute liver injury through conventional assays and metabolomics analysis. This study consisted of male mice (n = 23) in four groups (i.e., control, model, positive control, and LR). The extract of whole plant of LR was used to treat mice in the LR group. Biochemical and histological as...
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This study examined the hepatoprotective and anti-inflammatory effects of anthocyanins from Vaccinim myrtillus (bilberry) fruit extract on the acute liver failure caused by carbon tetrachloride-CCl4 (3 mL/kg, i.p.). The preventive treatment of the bilberry extract (200 mg anthocyanins/kg, orally, 7 days) prior to the exposure to the CCl4 resulted in an evident decrease in markers of liver damage (glutamate dehydrogenase, sorbitol dehydrogenase, malate dehydrogenase), and reduced pro-oxidative (c...
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Metabolomics uses advanced analytical chemistry techniques to enable the high-throughput characterization of metabolites from cells, organs, tissues, or biofluids. The rapid growth in metabolomics ...
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#1Yumeng Zhang (SPU: Shenyang Pharmaceutical University)
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Hepatic fibrosis (HF) is a typical consequence in the development of multiple chronic liver diseases, which is intimately related to the composition and metabolic status of gut microbiota. A myriad of evidence has indicated that traditional Chinese medicine can treat HF by regulating gut microbiota. Yinchen Wuling powder (YCWLP) is a famous traditional Chinese medicine prescription, which has been used to relieve liver diseases for thousands of years. YCWLP has demonstrated protective function o...