Asian-Pacific Region Shift to the Centre of Gravity in the Twenty-First Century

: The US failed of the rebalance strategy with Asian features. China has invited Asian countries to join Beijing in framing a security governance model with Asian features. China’s formal invite to a neighbour to pursue a regional security doctrine that is led by Beijing. President Xi Jinping called to build consensus and step up dialogue to foster “a security governance model with Asian features.” The new model is the latest contribution China has made to regional governance. China-centric collective security architecture in the Asia-Pacific is still work-in-progress. As ‘Pivot to Asia’ failed”. It proved that a U.S.- led alliance system is not the right option to safeguard the peace and stability of Asia. If China’s economic, military, and geopolitical influence continues to rise at even a modest pace during this period, the world will witness the largest shift in the global distribution of power since the rise of the United States in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Moreover, if China surpasses the United States as the world’s largest economy in the next 10 to 15 years, it will mark the first time in centuries that the world’s economic leader will be non-English speaking, non-Western, and non-democratic. Simultaneously, China is rolling out its One Belt, One Road vision, investing in infrastructure in Central Asia in order to connect China with Europe, as the ancient Silk Road did. China can no longer rely on the old trade and commerce model to produce and export products to the West. China must ignite new markets in a virgin territory, namely, Central Asia. The Belt and Road strategic plan creates better traffic and flow of products in both directions and is good for international trade and commerce. This ambitious strategy carries huge political, financial and social risks. But China is embarking on this hazardous journey because it has to. It is a necessary gamble. The US and China are more focused on achieving maximum benefits in the Asia-Pacific region. The US wants to maintain a friendship with China. Similarly, China wants to maintain a friendship with the US. The two countries are making their policies and positions in view of the changing political scenario in the world. But, the one polar system would decline and emerge multi-polar system would emerge between US, China and Japan in the Asia- Pacific region which will shift to the Centre of Gravity in the Twenty- First Century.
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