[Discussion on lesson learned from first wave of COVID-19 pandemic in Japan : from physician’s point of view]

The novel coronavirus infection that began at the end of 2019  (coronavirus disease 2019: COVID-19) epidemic has become a pandemic and is now pandemic in the world At present, the most recent data available, the cumulative number of patients and deaths worldwide is over 20 9 million and 750,000, respectively The cumulative number of patients in Japan is 52,600, with more than 1,000 deaths After the so-called first wave in April-May of this year, the number of patients is now on the rise again across the country At the beginning of the epidemic, it was a completely unknown infectious disease, but physicians in the field are gradually gaining experience and knowledge Report of a Roundtable Discussion on the COVID-19 epidemic over the past 7 months and how physicians should approach this disease in the future
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