A case of diffuse pulmonary lymphangiomatosis with a venous anomaly presenting with acute respiratory failure and hemoptysis.

Published on Oct 7, 2020in Respiratory medicine case reports
· DOI :10.1016/J.RMCR.2020.101243
Naoko Nagano3
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(UTokyo: University of Tokyo),
Shinyu Izumi19
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+ 7 AuthorsMasayuki Hojo11
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Abstract Diffuse pulmonary lymphangiomatosis (DPL) is a rare lymphatic disease that can cause diverse respiratory symptoms. A 22-year-old man, whose chest CT had shown an abnormality for years, presented with acute respiratory failure due to the abrupt onset of hemoptysis. The diagnosis of DPL was confirmed by surgical lung biopsy and lymphangiography. Histopathological investigation showed dilated vascular and lymphatic vessels. DPL can cause acute and life-threatening symptoms during its chronic clinical course. A coexisting anomaly in the venous system may be present in DPL patients with hemoptysis.
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Abstract Diffuse pulmonary lymphangiomatosis (DPL) is a rare disease characterized by uncontrolled proliferation of anastomosing lymphatic channels in the lungs, pleura and mediastinum. Several palliative treatment options have been suggested for this condition, such as surgical interventions, radiotherapy and systemic medications. However, the existing treatment modalities yield inconsistent results, and their use is often limited by toxic side effects. The aim of this case report is to demonst...
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Abstract Background Lymphatic malformations are common congenital vascular lesions. Neither surgical resection nor other surgical treatments have been found to be effective for invasive cases. Recent research has suggested that sirolimus is effective in treating complex lymphatic malformations (LMs). We aimed to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of oral sirolimus for children living with LMs in our hospital. Methods Fifty-six cases of complex LMs treated with sirolimus were collected from Sh...
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Background Lymphatic anomalies (LAs) include several disorders in which abnormal lymphatic tissue invades the neck, chest, and various organs. Progressive cases may result in lethal outcomes and have proven difficult to treat. Sirolimus is showing promising results in the management of vascular anomalies. We examined the efficacy and safety of sirolimus treatment in patients with progressive LAs.
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Author(s): Baluk, P; Yao, L-C; Flores, JC; Choi, D; Hong, Y-K; McDonald, DM | Abstract: Lymphatic malformations are serious but poorly understood conditions that present therapeutic challenges. The goal of this study was to compare strategies for inducing regression of abnormal lymphatics and explore underlying mechanisms. CCSP-rtTA/tetO-VEGF-C mice, in which doxycycline regulates VEGF-C expression in the airway epithelium, were used as a model of pulmonary lymphangiectasia. After doxycycline wa...
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Aim of the Study mTOR inhibitors are showing promising results in the management of vascular anomalies. Although current controlled trials remain to be completed, many individual experiences are being published. We present our series of children with complex vascular anomalies treated with sirolimus. Patients and Methods A retrospective review of 41 patients treated with sirolimus between January 2011 and December 2015 was performed: 15% (n = 6) had vascular tumors (4 kaposiform hemangioendothel...
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Background Complex lymphatic anomalies are intractable lymphatic disorders, including generalized lymphatic anomaly (GLA), Gorham–Stout disease (GSD), and kaposiform lymphangiomatosis (KLA). The etiology of these diseases remains unknown and diagnosis is confused by their similar clinical findings. This study aimed to clarify the differences in clinical features and prognosis among GLA, KLA, and GSD, in Japanese patients. Procedure Clinical features, radiological and pathological findings, treat...
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Lymphangiomatosis (eg, generalized lymphatic anomaly) is an abnormal proliferation of lymphatic endothelial cells. It is often a childhood disease, but it may present in adulthood by infiltrating organs and cause obstruction, bleeding, or disruption of lymphatic flow. Pulmonary involvement may be mild or cause diffuse interstitial lung disease, airway obstruction, hemoptysis, chylothorax, chylopericardium, and culminate in respiratory failure. Treatment has been limited to surgical resection or ...
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Vascular anomalies represent a spectrum of disorders from a simple "birthmark" to life- threatening entities. Incorrect nomenclature and misdiagnoses are commonly experienced by patients with these anomalies. Accurate diagnosis is crucial for appropriate evaluation and management, often requiring multidisciplinary specialists. Classification schemes provide a consistent terminology and serve as a guide for pathologists, clinicians, and researchers. One of the goals of the International Society f...
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#1Joshua M. Schulman (Harvard University)H-Index: 2
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We present a young girl with a diffuse, macrocystic lymphatic malformation with associated venous dilation involving the left lower pulmonary lobe and mediastinum. Recurrent hemoptysis necessitated left lower lobectomy. This is the first reported case of a macrocystic lymphatic lesion with venous anomalies located within the parenchyma of the lung.
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A linfangiomatose, doenca rara e de origem controversa, ocorre em individuos de todas as faixas etarias, predominando entre os mais jovens, sem predilecao por sexo. Comumente cursa com envolvimento toracico, porem orgaos como ossos, baco e figado podem ser acometidos. Histologicamente, o envolvimento pulmonar cursa com proliferacao, anastomoses complexas e dilatacao secundaria do sistema linfatico. Clinicamente, a apresentacao e variavel. Os achados radiograficos podem ser sugestivos e o diagnos...
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