Derrame pleural y pericárdico como única manifestación de enfermedad relacionada con IgG4

Published on Sep 1, 2020in Archivos De Bronconeumologia4.957
· DOI :10.1016/J.ARBRES.2020.04.013
#1Soujanya Sodavarapu (San Joaquin General Hospital)H-Index: 1
#2Gurinder S Ghotra (San Joaquin General Hospital)H-Index: 1
Last. Amandeep Singh Gill (San Joaquin General Hospital)H-Index: 2
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Immunoglobulin G4-related disease (IgG4-RD) is a chronic multisystem immune-mediated disease. Histologically, it presents as infiltration with IgG4-secreting plasma cells affecting many organs such as the pancreas, lacrimal glands, salivary glands, kidneys, and arteries, resulting in chronic fibrosis and scarring within the tissue which over time forms into a mass. It is a slow-growing process that usually remains indolent until it causes a mass effect or tissue infiltration. Our patient was fou...
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#1Zachary S. Wallace (Harvard University)H-Index: 25
#2Ray Naden (McMaster University)H-Index: 6
Last. John H. Stone (Harvard University)H-Index: 76
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IgG4-related disease (IgG4-RD) can cause fibroinflammatory lesions in nearly any organ. Correlation among clinical, serological, radiological and pathological data is required for diagnosis. This work was undertaken to develop and validate an international set of classification criteria for IgG4-RD. An international multispecialty group of 86 physicians was assembled by the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) and the European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR). Investigators used consensus exe...
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#1Hugh Ip (Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust)H-Index: 4
#2Parthipan Sivakumar (Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust)H-Index: 6
Last. Liju Ahmed (Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust)H-Index: 7
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CTD-related pleural effusions are rare and challenging to diagnose. Our lung inflammation service (with expertise in rheumatology, interstitial lung disease and respiratory failure) works closely with the pleural team. This study aims to review the multidisciplinary approach to CTD-related pleural effusions at a tertiary centre. All patients with CTD-related pleural effusions at St Thomas’ Hospital, London were included. Retrospective data were collected from Dec 2013 to 2016. The lung inflammat...
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#1Yoriyuki MurataH-Index: 4
#2Keisuke AoeH-Index: 30
Last. Yusuke MimuraH-Index: 14
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Purpose of reviewThe causes of exudative pleural effusions are diverse and frequently remain unclear despite exhaustive examinations. Recently recognized IgG4-related disease (IgG4-RD) is a fibroinflammatory disorder that can affect nearly any organ including the lungs. This review will focus on the
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#1Luis Daniel Carrillo-Córdova (HGM: Hospital General de México)H-Index: 1
#2Carlos Alberto Carrillo-Córdova (HGM: Hospital General de México)H-Index: 1
Last. Raúl Carrillo-EsperH-Index: 9
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: La enfermedad relacionada con la inmunoglobulina G4 (ER-IgG4) es una enfermedad fibroinflamatoria de etiologia desconocida, la cual se caracteriza por presentar lesiones en forma de tumoraciones, concentraciones sericas aumentadas de IgG4 y celulas plasmaticas con una infiltracion importante de IgG4, junto con flebitis obliterante y fibrosis. Esta enfermedad suele tener afeccion multiorganica, incluyendo el pancreas, el tracto biliar, las glandulas salivares, los tejidos periorbitarios, los ri...
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#1Toshiyuki KitaH-Index: 15
#2Tomoyuki ArayaH-Index: 7
Last. Kazuo Kasahara (Kanazawa University)H-Index: 27
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Abstract A 65-year-old man was admitted for productive cough and dyspnea. Bilateral pleural effusions were observed on chest X-ray. Although the bilateral pleural effusions were exudative with an increased number of lymphocytes, bacterial culture and polymerase chain reaction analysis for Mycobacterium tuberculosis were negative. Immunological examinations showed high levels of immunoglobulin G4 (IgG4) in both serum and pleural effusion fluid. Pathologic evaluation of a left pleural biopsy speci...
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#1Marta E. Gajewska (Aarhus University Hospital)H-Index: 2
#2Beata Agnieszka Rychwicka-Kielek (AAU: Aalborg University)H-Index: 1
Last. Elisabeth Bendstrup (Aarhus University Hospital)H-Index: 24
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Immunoglobulin G4-related disease (IgG4-RD) is a chronic disease that presents with inflammation and fibrosis of involved tissue. It encompasses several disorders previously described using different terms, but all disorders are characterised by IgG4-positive plasma cells and lymphocytes infiltration of tissues. We report a rare case of a 58-year-old man with IgG4-related pleural disease without other systemic manifestations. The diagnosis was based on characteristic changes on PET-CT and typica...
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IgG4-related disease (IgG4-RD) is a rare entity consisting of inflammation and fibrosis that has been described in multiple organs. Concrete diagnostic criteria have been established recently and there is a lack of large series of patients. To describe the clinical presentation, histopathological characteristics, treatment and evolution of a series of IgG4-RD Spanish patients. A retrospective multicenter study was performed. Twelve hospitals across Spain included patients meeting the current 201...
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#1Mollie N. Carruthers (Harvard University)H-Index: 15
#2Mark Topazian (Mayo Clinic)H-Index: 53
Last. John H. Stone (Harvard University)H-Index: 76
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Objectives To evaluate the efficacy of rituximab (RTX) in IgG4-related disease (IgG4-RD) in an open-label pilot trial. Methods We treated 30 IgG4-RD patients with two doses of RTX (1000 mg each). The participants were either treated with RTX alone (n = 26; 87%) or required to discontinue baseline glucocorticoids (GC) within 2 months (n = 4; 13%). Disease activity was measured by the IgG4-RD Responder Index (IgG4-RD RI) and physician9s global assessment (PGA). Disease response was defined as the ...
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#1Vikram Deshpande (Harvard University)H-Index: 100
#2Yoh Zen (University of Cambridge)H-Index: 69
Last. John H. Stone (Harvard University)H-Index: 76
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IgG4-related disease is a newly recognized fibro-inflammatory condition characterized by several features: a tendency to form tumefactive lesions in multiple sites; a characteristic histopathological appearance; and—often but not always—elevated serum IgG4 concentrations. An international symposium on IgG4-related disease was held in Boston, MA, on 4–7 October 2011. The organizing committee comprising 35 IgG4-related disease experts from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Germany, Ital...
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BACKGROUND Immunoglobulin G4-related disease (IgG4-RD) is a recently recognized fibro-inflammatory pathology that has been reported to affect principally the retroperitoneum, hepatobiliary system, salivary glands, orbital structures or lymph nodes. However, IgG4-RD with laryngeal involvement is a very rare entity. Our aims were to describe a case of subglottic stenosis as first and only manifestation of IgG4-RD and review the literature. A patient with IgG4-RD affecting the larynx that presented...