Vanadium-based nanomaterials for cancer diagnosis and treatment

Published on Dec 23, 2020in Biomedical Materials3.174
· DOI :10.1088/1748-605X/ABB523
Doudou Hu2
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Dongdong Li4
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+ 3 AuthorsYouqing Shen
In the past few decades, various vanadium compounds have displayed potential in cancer treatment. However, fast clearness in the body and possible toxicity of vanadium compounds has hindered their further development. Vanadium-based nanomaterials not only overcome these limitations, but take advantage of the internal properties of vanadium in photics and magnetics, which enable them as a multimodal platform for cancer diagnosis and treatment. In this paper, we first introduced the basic biological and pharmacological functions of vanadium compounds in treating cancer. Then, the synthesis routes of three vanadium-based nanomaterials were discussed, including vanadium oxides, 2D vanadium sulfides, carbides and nitrides: VmXn (X = S, C, N) and water-insoluble vanadium salts. Finally, we highlighted the applications of these vanadium-based nanomaterials as tumor therapeutic and diagnostic agents.
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Abstract In order to address the need for window coatings that can control room temperature while being self-cleaning, this work examined a dual-functional antimicrobial/thermochromic coating. The goal was addressed by chemically polymerizing the antimicrobial agent, quaternary ammonium compound (QAC) N,N-dimethyl-N-{2-[(2-methylprop-2-enoyl)oxy]ethyl}undecane-1-aminium bromide (dMEMUABr) while using vanadium dioxide (VO2) as the thermochromic agent. The antimicrobial agent dMEMUABr, having an a...
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The two-dimensional (2D) vanadium carbide (V2 C) MXene has shown great potential as a photothermal agent (PTA) for photothermal therapy (PTT). However, the use of V2 C in PTT is limited by the harsh synthesis condition and low photothermal conversion efficiency (PTCE). Herein, we report a completely different green delamination method using algae extraction to intercalate and delaminate V2 AlC to produce mass V2 C nanosheets (NSs) with a high yield (90 %). The resulting V2 C NSs demonstrated goo...
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In recent days, vanadium complexes and nanoparticles have received sustainable attention owing to their vast applications in different fields. In this present study, we report a facile approach for the synthesis of irregular dumbbell shaped vanadium pentoxide nanoparticles (V2O5 NPs: 30-60 nm) via polyol-induced microwave irradiation process along with calcination. The as-synthesized nanoparticles were characterized using various physico-chemical techniques (e.g. XRD, TEM, FT-IR, DLS and XPS). T...
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Metabolic demand of cancer is quite unique compared to normal tissues and this is an emerging hallmark of cancer, which brings a potential opportunity to discover drugs that target cancer cell metabolism. Herein, the development of a dendronized pyropheophorbide a (Ppa)-conjugated polymer (DPP) is reported, and a linear Ppa-conjugated polymer (LPP) is reported as a control. DPP is found to disturb cellular metabolism including increased energy depletion, dysfunctional H(+) regulation, and decrea...
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In two-dimensional (2D) amorphous nanosheets, the electron-phonon coupling triggered by localization of the electronic state as well as multiple-scattering feature make it exhibit excellent performance in optical science. VS2 nanosheets, especially single-layer nanosheets with controllable electronic structure and intrinsic optical properties, have rarely been reported owing to the limited preparation methods. Now, a controllable and feasible switching method is used to fabricate 2D amorphous VS...
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A stimuli-responsive polymeric prodrug-based nanotheranostic system with imaging agents (cyanine5.5 and gadolinium-chelates) and a therapeutic agent paclitaxel (PTX) is prepared via polymerization and conjugating chemistry. The branched polymeric PTX-Gd-based nanoparticles (BP-PTX-Gd NPs) demonstrate excellent biocompatibility, and high stability under physiological conditions, but they stimuli-responsively degrade and release PTX rapidly in a tumor microenvironment. The in vitro behavior of NPs...
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Phototherapy, including photothermal therapy (PTT) and photodynamic therapy (PDT), has attracted great attention because it can effectively inhibit the proliferation and propagation of cancer cells. Recently, heterojunction nanomaterials have shown tremendous application value in the field of biological medicine. In this work, the CeVO4/Au heterojunction nanocrystals (NCs) are designed for photothermal/photoacoustic bimodal imaging-guided phototherapy. The as-synthesized hydrophobic oleic acid (...
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Cancer is one of the main causes of mortality worldwide. Common therapy schemes are always based on chemotherapy, radiotherapy and/or surgery. Among chemotherapeutics, vanadium compounds have recently emerged as non-platinum antitumor agents. In this sense, Metvan ([VIVO(Me2phen)2(SO4)]) was identified as one of the most promising vanadium anticancer complexes. In this work, the Metvan compound was encapsulated into well designed and developed nanostructured lipid carriers (NLCs) with the aim of...
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Vanadium drugs have been known for more than a century, but clinical translation has been hampered by unfavorable pharmacokinetics and lack of reliable delivery systems. Because of considerable interest in hydroxyapatite (HAP; Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2) nanoparticle-based drug delivery vehicles, particularly for the treatment of bone disease, and the well-known chemical similarity between phosphate and vanadate, we report the first detailed studies of the reactivity under biologically relevant conditions,...
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With the development of multifunctional imaging, gadolinium (Gd)-bearing inorganic nanoparticles (NPs), which were doped with trivalent lanthanide (Ln3+), have been applied in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and optical imaging owing to their high payload of Gd3+ ions and specific optical characteristics. In this study, we chose GdVO4 codoped with Eu3+ and Bi3+ as the host material to generate a highly efficient contrast agent (CA) for MRI and long-term luminescence imaging. The new CA emits st...
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Abstract In this work, a tridentate ONO Schiff base ligand,1-[(((2-hydroxyphenyl)imino)methyl)]naphthalen-2-ol [H2L] and its di-oxido vanadium(V) complex ](VO2(L)](NHET3)+ have been synthesized and fully characterized using elemental analysis , molar conductivity and FT-IR, UV–Vis , and 1HNMR spectroscopies. Single crystal X-ray diffraction was also used to accomplish the crystal structure of di-oxido vanadium (V) complex. The catalytic activity of the complex was also evaluated for the synthesi...