Two bio-inspired algorithms for solving optimal reactive power problem

Published on Sep 1, 2020in International Journal of Advances in Applied Sciences
· DOI :10.11591/IJAAS.V9.I3.PP180-185
In this work two ground-breaking algorithms called; Sperm Motility (SM) algorithm & Wolf Optimization (WO) algorithm is used for solving reactive power problem. In sperm motility approach spontaneous movement of the sperm is imitated & species chemo attractant, sperms are enthralled in the direction of the ovum. In wolf optimization algorithm the deeds of wolf is imitated in the formulation & it has a flag vector also length is equivalent to the whole sum of numbers in the dataset the optimization. Both the projected algorithms have been tested in standard IEEE 57,118, 300 bus test systems. Simulated outcomes reveal about the reduction of real power loss & with variables are in the standard limits.  Almost both algorithms solved the problem efficiently, yet wolf optimization has slight edge over the sperm motility algorithm in reducing the real power loss.
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