Amazon Skillfully Positioned to Disrupt In-Store Retail? The Case of Amazon Go….

Published on Jan 1, 2019
Discussions and attempts have been made for years, in the supermarket industry, so as to enable quicker checkout experience. Nevertheless, while the industry has been distracted with tools like Self-Service checkouts and specific Buy Online Collect In-store so as to make things quicker, ultimately an Online Retailer has come up with a resolution that none other thought about – NO Checkout.It is a known fact that, waiting in serpentine lines for checkout is one of the least favorite parts of the experience of grocery shopping for the customer. And notwithstanding the improvement in automated technology towards making the checkout experience quicker and simpler, it is still considered as the prime reason people dread going to a store.Amazon deems that it has given a solution to the problem by introducing Amazon Go which is the new checkout-free convenience store that gives a currently unmatched in store-based retail experience. The experience is intended for the people who are averse of standing in checkout lines. It has a simple premise – the Amazon Go mobile app is scanned by the customers when they enter the store, take the items required from the shelves and directly walk out of the door. All the hassles like checkouts, card transactions, bagging are set to be eliminated for the Amazon Go shoppers.The opening of Amazon Go stores is an indication of one more impending disruption that grocers are facing from the world’s largest online retailer. Serpentine lines can be a deterrent for shoppers hence an organization that works out a means of eradicating wait time will surely gain an advantage.
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