Effects of Phosphatidylcholine/Cholesterol Liposome-Assisted Dyeing on Woolen Fabric Properties

Published on Jul 3, 2021in Journal of Natural Fibers2.622
· DOI :10.1080/15440478.2019.1675212
Gülşah Ekin Kartal3
Estimated H-index: 3
(Dokuz Eylül University),
Ayşe Merih Sarıışık3
Estimated H-index: 3
(Dokuz Eylül University)
+ 2 AuthorsBahar Öztürk2
Estimated H-index: 2
ABSTRACTIn this study, the effect of liposome, which was constituted from soya lecithin and cholesterol, was investigated in wool dyeing. Different types of liposomes were used for dyeing wool fabr...
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Abstract Dyeing wool fiber consumes considerable energy and causes contamination, and low-temperature dyeing of wool fiber is a long-standing and often-mentioned topic. The modification of wool fibers and the introduction of novel dyeing processes are common approaches to resolve these issues. In this paper, we attempt to solve these problems from the aspect of dyes. Select tadpole-shaped and surfactant-type acid dyes (D1-D4), which contain a long-chain alkane tail, an anionic chromophore head (...
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PART 1 Basic Research Topics Soft Matter Physics of Lipid Membrane-Based Assemblies Daniel Harries and Uri Raviv Nonlamellar Lipid Aggregates Charlotte E. Conn and John M. Seddon Extractant Molecules as Hosts in Surfactant Monolayers or Bilayers Olivier Diat, Pierre Bauduin, Thomas Zemb, Jean-Francois Dufreche, and Daniel Meyer Molecular Dynamics of Lipid Bilayers: Standards, Successes, and Works in Progress Edward Lyman and Sandeep Patel New Insights into the Peptide-Membrane Partitioning Equil...
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Liposomes, sphere-shaped vesicles consisting of one or more phospholipid bilayers, were first described in the mid-60s. Today, they are a very useful reproduction, reagent, and tool in various scientific disciplines, including mathematics and theoretical physics, biophysics, chemistry, colloid science, biochemistry, and biology. Since then, liposomes have made their way to the market. Among several talented new drug delivery systems, liposomes characterize an advanced technology to deliver activ...
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The aim of this study was verification of the effect on the dyeing process of using microencapsulated forms of textile dyes and a textile auxiliary agent. Anionic dyes and ammonium sulphate were microencapsulated into the liposomic systems. Prepared liposomes were used for the dyeing of polyamide knitted goods. The ability of these microencapsulated forms to improve the uniformity of polyamide knitted goods dyeing was confirmed. This finding could be applied to the dyeing of polyamide substrates...
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This review discusses the properties of liposomes and their role in the textile process, including textile preparation and dyeing. Liposomes have a surface activity effect due to a hydrophilic head group and hydrophobic hydrocarbon tail. Its preparations do not tend to foam, which advantageously distinguishes them from other textile auxiliaries. According to the carrier role of liposomes, they can be used in several textile processes such as textile finishing and dyeing with several types of dye...
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Studies on the use of large unilamellar liposomes of defined size (400 nm) as carriers of a 1:2 metalcomplex dye for untreated wool fibres are described. Liposomes made from egg phosphatidylcholine (PC) containing CI Acid Yellow 129 (weakly polar) were investigated. The total lipid concentration of liposomes varied from 0.56 to 6.81% o.w.f (corresponding to 0.25–3.0 mmol/l) and the dye concentration from 0.1 to 1.0% o.w.f. The physical stability of these systems was assessed by measuring the mea...
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Lipozomlar, tabakali fosfolipitlerin bilesimiyle meydana gelen cok kucuk (nanometre boyutunda) kabarciklardir. Hazirlanmalari icin temel olarak dogal veya benzeri lipitler kullanilmaktadir. Bu molekuller hidrofil ve lipofil bolge icermeleriyle karakterize edilmektedir. Boyutlarina gore kucuk (Small) ve buyuk (Large), tabaka sayilarina gore de tek tabakali (Monolayer), iki tabakali (Bilayer) ve cok tabakali (Multiplelayer) olarak siniflandirilmaktadir. Farkli tip lipozomlarin eldesi icin degisik ...
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Abstract Phospholipids mixture from commercial soybean lecithin (SBL) was prepared as acetone insoluble fraction (AIF) which was acetylated at 70%. Phospholipids composition was elucidated with TLC-Densitometry. The acetylated AIF was used for preparing liposomes for encapsulating reactive dye for wool and wool blends dyeing. Ultrasonic irradiation was used in preparing liposomes. Particle size measurements of the liposomes encapsulating the dye at different concentrations were measured. Maximum...
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Pain is a phenomenon present in the majority of the population, affecting, among others, the elderly, overweight people, and especially recently operated patients, analgesia being necessary. In the specific case of relief of postoperative pain, different kinds of anesthetics are being used, among them bupivacaine, a widely used drug which promotes long-lasting analgesic effects. However, cardiotoxicity and neurotoxicity are related to its repetitive use. To overcome these shortcomings, Novabupi®...
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