Speech encryption using finite precision chaotic maps based stream ciphers

Published on Apr 15, 2019
· DOI :10.1145/3321289.3321322
Zahraa M. Dawood , Mouner Aboud , Fadhil S. Hasan5
Estimated H-index: 5
(Al-Mustansiriya University)
Efficient and simple design of speech encryption-based stream cipher is produced and suggested in this paper with name finite precision chaotic map-based stream cipher (FPCM-SC) system. Two pseudo random bits generator (PRBG) are built by hybrid chaotic maps using finite precision format and named finite precision chaotic XOR based PRBG (FPCXOR-BRPB) and finite precision chaotic hopping based PRBG(FPCH-PRBG). The statistical security analysis and speech residual unintelligibility measures are presented for the two proposed systems. The results show that key space for FPCXOR-PRBG is 214*32 and for FPCH-PRBG is 216*32 that are large enough to resist against all kind of brute force attack. Also, residual unintelligibility measures show that the speech signal is unintelligible signal and can't be listen by an attacker.
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This paper proposes a speech encryption scheme based on a generalized modified chaotic tent map and bit permutation and presents its hardware realization. The generalization scales the output range and increases the key space. The modification controls the bounds on the output range through a parameter such that chaotic output exists for almost all values of the parameter. The security and efficiency of the speech encryption scheme are validated through the randomness of the encrypted signal, th...
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The fields of applied sciences and engineering require Pseudorandom Number Generators which exhibit useful statistical properties. In this paper, a novel algorithm for generating pseudorandom numbers has been proposed. This new algorithm is based on Duffing map. The aim of this paper is to generate pseudorandom bit streams based on chaotic map. The main objective is to find its potential to be used in applied sciences and engineering applications. To use this algorithm effectively in practical a...
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This paper throws light on chaotic shift keying-based speech encryption and decryption method. In this method, the input speech signals are sampled and its values are segmented into four levels, namely L 0, L 1, L 2, and L 3. Each level of sampled values is permuted using four chaotic generators such as logistic map, tent map, quadratic map, and Bernoulli’s map. A chaotic shift keying mechanism assigns logistic map for L 0, tent map for L 1, quadratic map for L 2, and Bernoulli’s map for L 3 for...
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A hardware implementation of a quadratic map through FPGA platform is proposed in this paper. Firstly, a chaotic quadratic map is modeled by using Matlab/Simulink programming and then implemented into the FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) to be used for key generation for cryptographic applications. When the quadratic map is in chaotic mode, its output is unpredictable and aperiodic. Besides this, the map has a uniform output distribution and sufficient randomness. These characteristics make ...
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Rapid growth of digital data and their security concerns increases the significance of enhancing advanced encryption techniques. Encryption is the backbone of secure communication in networks and the physical process of scrambling and permuting data in order to make them impossible to understand for unauthorized users. This paper proposes a novel audio signal encryption method, based on a mixture of three chaos functions. Due to the reversibility of the chaos functions, the decryption process is...
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Chaotic systems appear in many applications such as pseudo-random number generation, text encryption, and secure image transfer. Numerical solutions of these systems using digital software or hardware inevitably deviate from the expected analytical solutions. Chaotic orbits produced using finite precision systems do not exhibit the infinite period expected under the assumptions of infinite simulation time and precision. In this paper, digital implementation of the generalized logistic map with s...
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This paper presents a comparison between different audio speech encryption and decryption techniques for audio speech signals based on 2-D chaotic map algorithms with time and transform domains in a search for best of them and study advantages and disadvantages for each of them. Chaotic algorithms will be used because they have advantages of its casual Conduct and sensitivity to values of parameters and primary conditions that enable chaotic algorithms to fulfill the cryptographic systems. We co...
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With the significant development in communication systems especially in the public channels through which our information travels, there are more increasing in the channels problems. Among these problems, the information security is the important object that should be enhanced. In this paper a security model based on chaotic system has been designed to be used to encrypt voice signal. An exclusive OR operation used between the digital input signal and chaotic map which is also convert to binary ...
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this paper, we present a new voice encryption for voice communication system. It is based on permutation and substitution of voice samples using transform domains and secret keys in time. To increase the security we design the system such that it is multilevel in the sense that two chaotic maps are used. This provides the encrypted signal with a high degree of confidence. The Arnold cat map is applied to a permutation of the samples, The Henon map is employed in key generation to generate mask k...
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