Monitoring Connectivity of Internet of Things Device on Zigbee Protocol

Published on Oct 1, 2018 in ICEE (International Conference on Electrical Engineering)
· DOI :10.1109/ICECOS.2018.8605225
Benni Purnama3
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Estimated H-index: 3
+ 3 AuthorsDarmawijoyo Hanapi1
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Internet of Things (IoT) networks operators may not be fully aware whether each IoT device in their network is functioning safe enough from cyber-attacks. This paper develops an IoT traffic dataset with the purpose of of network traffic analytics to characterize IoT devices, including their typical behaviour mode. We set up an IoT environment/testbed consists of several sensors/nodes and uses Zigbee communication protocol to collect and synthesize traffic traces. Normal dataset and anomaly/attack dataset are built using AES technique. We then perform the traffic analysis using key extraction technique. The analysis approach used in this work provides good results in differentiating anomaly from normal traffic.
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Abstract Named Data Networking (NDN) is a new architecture which allows communications using data’s natural names rather than hosts’ logical addresses. In recent years, several research projects have demonstrated the ability of NDN to support emerging IoT applications like home automation, smart cities and smart farming applications. This work aims to integrate NDN with ZigBee to give NDN a better support for IoT applications that are known to require wireless sensing/actuating abilities, mobili...
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Campuses and cities of the near future will be equipped with vast numbers of IoT devices. Operators of such environments may not even be fully aware of their IoT assets, let alone whether each IoT device is functioning properly safe from cyber-attacks. This paper proposes the use of network traffic analytics to characterize IoT devices, including their typical behaviour mode. We first collect and synthesize traffic traces from a smart-campus environment instrumented with a diversity of IoT devic...
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In this paper, three practical attacks against ZigBee security are carried out in our laboratory environment. The attack scenarios are based on utilizing several vulnerabilities found from the main security components of ZigBee technology. The first attack is based on discovering all ZigBee-enabled networks within range as well as the configurations of the corresponding ZigBee-enabled devices: This vital and fundamental basic information can be used for performing further and more severe attacks...
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Abstract The latest version of ZigBee offers improvements over many aspects like low power consumption, flexibility and inexpensive deployment. However problems persist, as the enhanced protocol still has many security weaknesses due to the fact that constrained wireless sensor network devises cannot uses standard security protocols such as public key cryptography mechanisms. In this paper, we highlight relevant security concerns related to ZigBee security features, then we propose a new approac...
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ZigBee uses the network security and application profile layers of the IEEE 802.15.4 and ZigBee Alliance standards for reliable, low-powered, wireless data communications. However, the ZigBee has problems of being less secure, and has a difficulty in distributing shared symmetric keys between each pair of nodes. In addition, the ZigBee protocol is inadequate for large sensor networks, which may consist of several very large scale clusters. In this paper, we first construct a secure ZigBee scheme...
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一个低力量、便宜的先进加密标准(AES ) 协处理器为 Zigbee system-on-a-chip (SoC ) 被建议设计。建议 AES 协处理器的费用和电源消费被优化 SubBytes/InvSubBytes 和 MixColumns/InvMixColumns 的体系结构更加减少,由资源分享的方法一起集成加密和解密过程,并且基于有限州的机器( FSM )和钟使用层次电源管理策略 gating ( CG )技术。把 m 基于 SMIC 0.18 互补金属氧化物半导体(互补金属氧化物半导体) 技术, AES 协处理器的规模仅仅是大约 10.5 kgate,相应电源消费是 69.1 W/MHz,和产量是 32 Mb/s,它为 Zigbee 合理、足够系统。与另外的图案相比,建议体系结构消费更少的电源和少数硬件资源,它对 Zigbee 系统和另外的便携式的设备导致。
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Last. Y. Fun Hu (University of Bradford)H-Index: 2
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Wireless sensor networks are an emerging technology for low-cost, unattended monitoring of a wide range of environments. Their importance has been enforced by the recent delivery of the IEEE 802.15.4 standard for the physical and MAC layers and the forthcoming ZigBee standard for the network and application layers. The fast progress of research on energy efficiency, networking, data management and security in wireless sensor networks, and the need to compare with the solutions adopted in the sta...
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The concept of Artificial Intelligence is come into existence recently. This concept is using in all the domains such as medical, industry, software, media out of this the concept of Machine Learning is widely started using in medical domain based on the prediction and analysis got succeed and it is continuing using in Medical domain these days due to many advantages things such as flexibility, can take quick decisions, portability, reliability, user friendly etc. In this paper we are focusing o...