What is a theory-practice gap? An exploration of the concept.

Published on Jan 1, 2019in Nurse Education in Practice1.614
· DOI :10.1016/J.NEPR.2018.10.005
Kathleen Greenway3
Estimated H-index: 3
(Oxford Brookes University),
Graham Butt14
Estimated H-index: 14
(Oxford Brookes University),
Helen Walthall9
Estimated H-index: 9
(Oxford Brookes University)
Abstract In nursing literature, the phrase ‘theory-practice gap’ is widely used without common definition or description of its underlying concept. This review paper presents a concept analysis using Rodgers (2000) evolutionary process to define and clarify the concept of the theory-practice gap as part of a doctoral study. In so doing it provides a deeper understanding of the concept to enable its consistent application within nurse education. A theoretical definition is developed, the data search that was undertaken is described and a discussion of the attributes, antecedents and consequences is provided. We conclude by offering, a model case, which is employed to illustrate the concept.
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To advance evidence on newly graduated nurses' use of knowledge sources.Clinical decisions need to be evidence-based and understanding the knowledge sources that newly graduated nurses use will inform both education and practice. Qualitative studies on newly graduated nurses' use of knowledge sources are increasing though generated from scattered healthcare contexts. Therefore, a metasynthesis of qualitative research on what knowledge sources new graduates use in decision-making was conducted.Me...
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Summary Objectives This critical analysis of the literature examines the factors and theoretical perspectives contributing to the theory–practice gap for newly qualified nurses within the United Kingdom. This article aspires to inform, guide and promote effective nursing education both academically and practically. Design A systematic search strategy was conducted to identify relevant literature covering the period of 2000–2014, to include only contemporary theoretical perspectives coinciding wi...
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IntroductionMastery of auscultatory blood pressure is challenging for preregistration nursing students. This phenomenon has been attributed to the psychomotor skills required, knowledge about blood pressure measurement, and the teaching modality type. Most studies focus on developing blood pressure
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Much confidence has been placed in the nursing profession's potential to positively impact the U.S. health care system. However, concerns about patient safety and quality beckon health care providers to reassess traditional practices. Professional nursing programs aim to prepare novice nurses with strong clinical skills to effectively and safely care for patients. Faculty shortages and fewer clinical sites for students present challenges to faculty. Limited exposure in the clinical practice sett...
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hatlevik i.k.r. (2011) The theory-practice relationship: reflective skills and theoretical knowledge as key factors in bridging the gap between theory and practice in initial nursing education. Journal of Advanced Nursing 68(4), 868–877. Abstract Aim. This paper is a report of a correlational study of the relations of nursing students’ acquired reflective skills, practical skills and theoretical knowledge on their perception of coherence between theory and practice. Background. Reflection is con...
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Summary In the United Kingdom (UK) simulation learning has been recognised in the form of a regulatory agreement that may replace hours from clinical practice. This integration has become an embedded feature of the pre-registration nursing programme at a University in the North of England, along with strategic investment in staff and simulation suites developed to underpin this curriculum change albeit in the absence of sparse empirical evidence, hence the rationale for the study which was desig...
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Abstract Matching textbook descriptions of clinical situations with the reality of practice is an ongoing problem faced by members of the nursing profession and is commonly referred to as the "theory-practice gap". This ubiquitous gap is inevitably encountered by all nurses at various times; yet it is widely agreed that it is student nurses – given their novice, rule governed status – who find themselves in the midst of the theory-practice void. This paper will discuss the nature of the theory-p...
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walsh l. & brophy k. (2010) Staff nurses’ sites of choice for administering intramuscular injections to adult patients in the acute care setting. Journal of Advanced Nursing67(5), 1034–1040. Abstract Aim. The aim of this descriptive, correlational study was to determine intramuscular injection sites presently being used by acute care nurses in one Canadian province and factors that contribute to site selection. Background. Intramuscular injections are routinely administered by nurses in acute ca...
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This paper aims to increase our understanding about how student nurses' experiences of supernumerary status are embedded in the hidden curriculum in clinical practice and contribute to the theory-practice gap in nursing.
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Scand J Caring Sci; 2010; 24; 21–31 Rodgers’ evolutionary concept analysis – a valid method for developing knowledge in nursing science In nursing science, concept development is a necessary prerequisite for meaningful basic research. Rodgers’ evolutionary concept analysis is a method for developing knowledge in nursing science. The purpose of this article is to present Rodgers’ evolutionary concept analysis as a valid scientific method. A brief description of the evolutionary process, from data...
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AIM To explore the perceptions of nursing students on the phenomenon of anticipated nursing care. DESIGN A descriptive-qualitative study was performed in 2019 according to the Consolidated Criteria for Reporting Qualitative Research principles. METHODS Data were collected using 16 face-to-face, audio-recorded interviews across four Italian Bachelor of Nursing degrees. Then, content analysis was performed, identifying, analysing and describing the anticipated nursing care phenomenon as perceived ...
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BACKGROUND Evidence demonstrates there is a need for innovation and further investigation on how to best prepare nursing students for practice. A consistent framework is necessary to guide students, theory faculty, and clinical instructors. METHOD A tool was created to transform the student learning experience. This tool, the Clinical Compass, provides opportunity to better integrate didactic knowledge within the clinical experience. The tool was evaluated by creating a questionnaire for both st...
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Introduction A theory-practice gap in pre-doctoral dental education is a common source of stress for dental students. An interactive, small-group, case-based activity was designed to bridge the gap between pre-clinical and clinical experiences. The aim of our study was to assess the effectiveness of the case-based activity by evaluating students' comfort level in operative procedures. Materials and methods Over 5 years, a total of 172 second-year students from the classes of 2017 through 2021 pa...
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Healthy urban development, in the form of buildings and infrastructure, is necessary to reduce disease and injury internationally. The urban development process is complex, characterised by a plura...
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Abstract When entering practice, newly qualified professional nurses may feel incompetent or be perceived as such. Newly qualified professional nurses may benefit from nurse residency programmes, guided by trained facilitators. Such programmes help to build competence, give nurses opportunities to learn and feel supported, prevent attrition, and develop nurses who are able to render quality care. Residency programmes that are developed using a person-centered approach have proven to be successfu...
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Abstract Attrition occurs when students leave a programme before completion. This is an important topic area; there is a current global shortage of nurses, and it is widely reported that nursing is in crisis. Nurse education in the United Kingdom has changed substantially in the past fifty years, gradually moving from work-based apprentice style training to an ‘all graduate entry’ profession. There is a plethora of literature reporting attrition both in the UK and worldwide. It is clear that reg...
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This paper examines the changes affecting the health information management (HIM) professional skill set and industry demand to determine differences affecting practitioners. As the industry continues to experience technological innovation, the responsibilities of the HIM professional are in flux, affecting the required skill set of the changing environment. This research used the American Health Information Management Association salary survey and current job postings to determine whether the w...
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Contrary to Missed Nursing Care, some anecdotal data and sparse evidence has documented the tendency of nurses to anticipate some nursing interventions. However, no study has been conducted to date with the purpose of understanding this phenomenon and its underlying mechanisms and consequences. The aim of this study was to describe the phenomenon of delivering anticipated nursing care, its antecedents and consequences as perceived by nurses. A descriptive qualitative study. The Consolidated Crit...
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