Fracture Analysis Of FRP Composites Subjected To Static and Dynamic Loading

Analytical solution exists for relatively simple cases. Due to complicated boundary conditions associated with the governing equations analytical approaches are used. Over the last decade or so finite element method has been firmly established as a standard procedure for the solution of practical fracture problems. The usefulness of stress intensity factors (SIF’s) in the analysis of the problems of residual strength, fracture and fatigue crack growth rate has resulted in effort being expanded on the determination of SIF. A number of techniques have been suggested for the validation of SIF from the finite element results but adequate representation of crack tip singularity remains a common problem to most of these method. The objective of the present work is to investigate the Stress Intensity Factor (SIF) for benchmark problems for static and dynamic loading in composite plates having center, edge. Further the analysis is extended to CT specimen, plate with 3-point bend, v-notch and double edge notch. In the static analysis SIF’s is to be found for an isotropic material using singular and j-integral approach. For the orthotropic material SIF is to be found out for the above specimens with Carbon UD/Epoxy, R Glass roving UD/epoxy, S2 glass fabric/epoxy material properties. The Transient Dynamic analysis on the above specimens is to be carried out.
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