Compressive failure analysis for low length-width ratio composite laminates with embedded delamination

Published on Sep 1, 2018in Composites Communications4.915
· DOI :10.1016/J.COCO.2018.04.005
Libin Zhao21
Estimated H-index: 21
(Beihang University),
Yaling Liu1
Estimated H-index: 1
(Beihang University)
+ 2 AuthorsJie Zhao1
Estimated H-index: 1
Abstract For low length-width ratio composite laminates with embedded delamination under compressive loading, different failure modes occur and interact tightly, which catastrophically decrease the load carrying capacity of the laminates. In order to systematically investigate the compressive behaviour of these laminates, a thorough progressive failure model taking into account the interaction among intralaminar failure, interlaminar failure and buckling failure was established. In this model, the intralaminar failure was evaluated with the progressive damage method (PDM), and the interlaminar delamination growth was simulated with the virtual crack closure technique (VCCT). Compression tests of low length-width ratio composite laminates with different embedded circular delaminations were conducted. Good agreements between numerical predictions and experimental results, including failure loads, load-central deflection curves and shapes of delamination growth, were obtained. It follows that under compressive loading, low length-width ratio laminates with small embedded delamination fail due to the buckling and intralaminar failure, while more severe laminate failure is induced by the buckling, intralaminar failure and additional delamination growth for low length-width ratio laminates with large embedded delamination.
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This study introduces a comprehensive set of designed and tested glass/epoxy composites, AE monitoring and signal processing techniques; (i) to investigate the effect of multiple delaminations on buckling and post-buckling behaviors of laminated composites and (ii) to evaluate Acoustic Emission (AE) technique ability to monitor the buckling delamination growth and to classify the occurred damage mechanisms. The pre-delaminations were made by inserting a Teflon film at the plies interfaces during...
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Abstract Failure patterns and damage mechanism of CCF300/QY8911 and T300/QY8911 composite laminates with open hole had been investigated experimentally and numerically. CCF300/QY8911 composite laminates with a weak interfacial strength produced massive delaminations and splitting bonds which relieved the stress concentration, thus having a higher strength. T300/QY8911 composite laminates with a higher interfacial strength presented to be brittle fracture with much less delaminations. The failure...
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Compression After Impact (CAI) strength is critical to the safety and weight of carbon fibre aircraft. In this paper, the standard aerospace industry practice of using separate analyses and tests for panel buckling and CAI strength is challenged. Composite panels with a range of stacking sequences were artificially delaminated and subject to compression testing in a fixture that allowed local sublaminate and global panel buckling modes to interact. Compared to panels without delamination, intera...
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Abstract Buckling is one of the main failure type of slender structures, therefore it is important to get know how delaminations affect the critical buckling loads. In this work orthotropic rectangular plates with trough-the-width delamination are modelled using special types of Mindlin plate finite elements. The simulations are verified through experiments. The verification shows that the presented progressive finite element model is able to model the effect of delamination growth on the critic...
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Abstract A layerwise theory within the framework of first-order shear deformation theory is introduced to investigate the postbuckling behavior and the delamination growth of geometrically imperfect composite plates. The Ritz method is adopted and the displacement fields are assumed in a form of polynomial series leading to a reduced computational cost. The proposed method is capable of predicting both the local buckling of the delaminated sublaminates and the global buckling of the plate. Two t...
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Abstract A Layerwise Higher Order Shear Deformation Theory is developed for plates containing rectangular embedded delaminations undergoing non negligible lateral deflections. The effects of different parameters of the composite laminate and delaminated area are investigated analytically under buckling load and the results are compared with the three dimensional finite element analysis. The results demonstrate the effects of different geometrical parameters of the delaminated area and thickness ...
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A new material degradation model only with fundamental material properties required is proposed for composite progressive damage analysis based on micromechanics. For different failure modes, the effects of fiber and/or matrix damage on the composite material properties are explored, from which the material degradation factors for these failure modes are deduced. The material degradation model is then implemented for progressive damage analyses, using user subroutines in the commercial code ABAQ...
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Abstract Buckling behaviour and delamination growth have been investigated in Carbon Fibre-Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) laminates with artificial and impact-induced delaminations when subject to four-point bending. The energy of the impact was such that the induced damage, observed using ultrasound, did not extend across the entire width of the laminates and was barely visible on the impacted face. Stereoscopic digital image correlation was used to measure the evolution of the deformation of the la...
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Abstract This paper presents an extensive analysis on effect of various parameters on the postbuckling behavior of laminated composites. The analysis is performed by developing an interface element with de-cohesive constitutive law. The debonding of adjacent plies has been simulated to illustrate the effects of delaminations growth on the post buckling behavior of the laminated composites. A parametric study is carried out to investigate the effect of size, location, distribution of delamination...
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Abstract Interaction between the delamination and postbuckling of composite laminates under compressive load is an important issue. The evolving profile of nonlinear fracture process zone due to delamination crack propagation is largely affected by the geometrically nonlinear behavior of composites. Until now there is no unified cohesive zone model (CZM, or called cohesive law) that can represent all true fracture process zones during the delamination of composites under various loads and enviro...
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Abstract In this paper, an extended first order shear deformation theory is proposed for Reissner-Mindlin laminated composite panels with internal delamination. The distinctive feature of the present theory is that a contact mechanism is involved in the governing equations based on FSDT by introducing a constitutive relation between the contact force and the transverse deflection and are expressed in terms of the displacements and the rotation functions. The proposed theory is applied to investi...
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Abstract This paper presents a unique theoretical analysis for the multiple failures of in-plane loaded composite laminates containing a through-width delamination. Under the action of the in-plane load, the delaminated laminates undergo first post buckling failure, then delamination propagation. The anti-penetrating contact effect occurred at the interfaces of the delamination is identified by analyzing the local transverse deformation and is incorporated into the multiple failure stages. Based...
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