User adaptation to interactive advertising formats: The effect of previous exposure, habit and time urgency on ad skipping behaviors

Published on Nov 1, 2017in Telematics and Informatics
· DOI :10.1016/J.TELE.2017.04.006
Daniel Belanche16
Estimated H-index: 16
(University of Zaragoza),
Carlos Flavián51
Estimated H-index: 51
(University of Zaragoza),
Alfredo Pérez-Rueda6
Estimated H-index: 6
(University of Zaragoza)
Abstract Due to commercial information loss of efficacy, social media advertising introduced skippable formats as an interactive function to attract customers. This empowerment of users could also favor the development of their skills and strategies to deal with online advertising, which may result in a lower advertising effectiveness. A study with 286 YouTube users was carried out to investigate this adaptation process to an advertising format by focusing on pre-roll skippable video ads. In contrast to advertisers’ approach (e.g. improving the persuasiveness of the ad), our research deepens on the ad skipping phenomenon from a human and context based perspective. In favor of an ad avoidance training effect, the findings show that participants previously exposed to a skippable ad are faster in taking the decision to watch or skip a subsequent ad. Participants’ skipping habits and time urgency are also revealed as main determinants of different ad skipping behaviors. This innovative research provides empirical support for the adaptation process leading people’s interrelation with interactive advertising formats. Practical and theoretical consequences are discussed for advancing on this underexplored topic.
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Interactive online media are an increasingly preferred format for users and advertisers, and skippable online video advertisements are common on social media networks such as YouTube. The specific features and influences of this interactive marketing tool demand further consideration. Focusing on effective tactics, this article investigates the influence of introducing high-arousal and low-arousal stimuli on skippable ad effectiveness (i.e., ad acceptance, ad attitude, brand attitude, and ad int...
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Abstract Consumers increasingly use social media for a variety of consumption-related tasks such as complaining about a brand or sharing purchase experiences. Social media growth represents an opportunity for business based on information sharing, but also complicates the work of marketing managers who need to be ready to deal with current issues in this field. This article highlights eight areas within social media marketing that create difficult challenges for marketing practitioners. Based on...
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Digital video is growing rapidly, offering new opportunities and formats for television advertising. One of these new formats is “limited-interruption” advertising, in which each midroll advertising break during a video features just one commercial. Advertisers can pay a premium to repeat the same advertisement in each limited-interruption break. This study provides empirical guidance to advertisers by quantifying the positive and negative effects of repeated limited interruption.
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Key personal inputs to decision making reside in expectations about whether a purchase or nonpurchase will make one feel better. Integrating several theoretical approaches, this research proposes a holistic framework formed by four kinds of anticipated emotions (AEs) resulting from the crossing of positive- or negative-valenced emotions with action or inaction. Specifically, this research proposes that consumers under a purchase scenario tend to consider positive and negative AEs of both purchas...
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Nowadays, we have been faced with an increasing number of people who are spending tremendous amounts of time all around the world on YouTube. To date, the factors that persuade customers to accept YouTube advertising as an advertising medium are not yet fully understood. The present paper identified four dimensions towards YouTube advertising (i.e., entertainment, Informativeness, Customization and irritation) which may be affected on advertising value as well as brand awareness, and accordingly...
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Web 2.0 has created new ways of communicating and searching for information and products via social media, which include social networking sites (SNS) such as Facebook, Blogger, Twitter, and video sharing sites such as YouTube. Statistics show that SNS and blogs account for 23% of the time Americans spend on the Internet (Nielsen, 2011). Females between the ages of 18-34 outweigh males as the most active social networkers, making up the majority of visitors on SNS and blogs (Nielsen, 2011). Curr...
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#1João Lucas Hana Frade (USP: University of São Paulo)
#2Jorge Henrique Caldeira de Oliveira (USP: University of São Paulo)H-Index: 10
Last. Janaina de Moura Engracia Giraldi (USP: University of São Paulo)H-Index: 9
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Abstract Streaming video (SV), such as YouTube, is a new media widely used nowadays. Nevertheless, there is a lack of knowledge about advertising in SV. In view of this, through a search in the rich depository of the Scopus database, this article presents the first integrative literature review about advertising in SV. Searching every article and conference paper related to the topic published until May 04, 2020, 59 studies were found and classified into two main topics: marketing studies (35), ...
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Abstract In online gaming, pop-up ads are effective advertising strategies with a high conversion rate. Businesses are actively using pop-up ads in online games for advertising. However, research into the advertising value of pop-up ads and its effect on gamers’ inspiration states remains scarce. This study aims to deepen our understanding of the value of in-game pop-up ads by applying the Ducoffe advertising value model. Specifically, we investigated the factors that determine the advertising v...
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Audiences are hostile to advertising on the Internet, so ad-supported video streaming services have experimented with new interactive formats to make viewers more receptive to advertising. This lab...
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This study aims to analyse the effectiveness of a static promotional banner located on a hotel reservation website in terms of capturing the visitor’s visual attention by exploring how this impact depends on the user’s degree of internet experience.,An experiment was conducted using the eye-tracking methodology, in addition to a self-administered questionnaire. Through eye-tracking technology, eye movements were recorded whilst participants explored a generic hotel website. The factors used in t...
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Skippable ads are known to provide better advertising experiences by giving viewers a sense of control with the ability to skip an ad after watching it for a few seconds. Despite the growing intere...
Abstract Skippable video advertisements (ads), which allow uninterested users to skip the ad after a few seconds, have witnessed rapid growth in the past few years. While their advantages for viewers and advertisers are obvious, they pose an ad revenue optimization problem for their publishers, i.e., the Video Sharing Platforms (VSPs). The VSPs need to critically balance the higher but uncertain revenue from skippable ads with the lower but guaranteed revenue from non-skippable ads. This problem...
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Hikaye anlaticiligi etkisi, pazarlama iletisimi disiplininde uzun suredir calisilmis ve farkli reklam konulari ile iliskilendirilmistir. Bu baglamda, ilgili calisma dijital video reklamciligi kapsaminda oykuleyici reklamlar, beklenmediklik algisi ve reklami gecme davranisi arasindaki baglantilari incelemeyi amaclamaktadir. Ayrica, bahsi gecen pre-roll reklam faktorleriyle iliskili oldugu tahmin edilen gelismeleri kacirma korkusu (FoMO), arastirma surecine bir baska bagimsiz degisken olarak dahil...