How network externality leads to the success of mobile instant messaging business

Published on Mar 2, 2017in International Journal of Mobile Communications
· DOI :10.1504/IJMC.2017.10001840
Hae Ryong Kim1
Estimated H-index: 1
(Konkuk University),
Minsu Park1
Estimated H-index: 1
(Konkuk University)
+ 1 AuthorsJaeHwan Kwon5
Estimated H-index: 5
(Baylor University)
The current research investigates the relationship among the factors influencing the success of mobile instant messaging (MIM) businesses: namely, network externalities, network quality, network intimacy, user satisfaction, and usage intention. The patterns of the data collected in China and South Korea confirmed that the impact of network externalities on MIM user satisfaction is mediated by network quality and network intimacy. That is, although network externalities alone can directly influence customers' usage intentions, greater network externalities can be a more valuable strategic asset for mobile service companies when accompanied by a higher level of network quality and greater intimacy with their customers. These findings suggest that MIM businesses should pay attention to increasing the size of their networks to building and promoting both user-to-user intimacy and perceived quality in these networks.
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We examined the factors that affect users' continuance intention to use mobile instant messaging.We expanded the ECM to cover the context of post-consumption stage for MIM services.We redefined perceived usability in the context of mobile instant messaging. Stiff competition in the mobile instant messaging (MIM) market underscores the importance of continuance use of MIM to ensure sustainable growth of service providers. This paper investigates the impact of perceived usability, perceived securi...
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A mobile instant messaging and social network MIM-SN app such as WeChat is an instant communication application with integrated social networking features for new-generation smartphones. This study attempts to extend the unified theory of acceptance and use of technology UTAUT2 model with privacy concerns to explain consumer behaviour in the adoption of MIM-SN apps in China. Through an online survey, 251 valid questionnaires were collected. A partial least squares PLS analysis was applied to imp...
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Retaining users and facilitating their continuance usage are essential for mobile service providers to increase both revenues and profits. This research integrates the perspectives of network externality and switching costs to propose a model for investigating the continuance usage of mobile instant messaging services. Network externality arises from both direct and indirect sources and is conceptualised as referent network size and perceived complementarity, respectively. The results show that ...
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This study empirically investigates how the flow experiences when using SNS have impacted SNS interaction and interpersonal relationships. Using a survey of Facebook users, this study examines how the SNS flow as an intrinsic motivation have an impact on the self-disclosure on SNS and the post hoc interpersonal relations changes after using SNS. In addition, this study examines the moderating effect, how these relationships are affected by times which people spent in using mobile media for SNS. ...
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Abstract Mobile instant messaging (MIM) applications have an exceptionally large number of users worldwide. Businesses and organizations are attracted to their capabilities, making them the apps of choice for the formation of virtual groups and communities. While this development is plausible, there are possibly some overlooked disadvantages. One of them is technostress, a phenomenon caused by employees who are unable to cope with the use of communication and information technologies for work ma...
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Mobile instant messaging (MIM) apps could provide rich and instant information in employees’ communication. However, how media richness impacts MIM user loyalty is unknown. The purpose of this paper is to adopt media richness and social presence theories as theoretical foundations to address this insufficiency.,Collecting 247 responses from an online survey, the authors use structural equation modelling for data analysis and hypothesis testing.,The authors found that immediate feedback and perso...
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