Closed-Form Solution to First Passage Probability for Nonstationary Lognormal Processes

Published on Dec 1, 2016in Journal of Engineering Mechanics-asce2.003
· DOI :10.1061/(ASCE)EM.1943-7889.0001160
Chun-Qing Li22
Estimated H-index: 22
(RMIT: RMIT University),
Afshin Firouzi8
Estimated H-index: 8
(IAU: Islamic Azad University),
Wei Yang23
Estimated H-index: 23
(WUT: Wuhan University of Technology)
AbstractIn time-dependent reliability analysis, the calculation of the mean outcrossing or upcrossing rate of a stochastic process from a safe domain or barrier level based on the Rice formula continues to present serious challenge to researchers in the field. Furthermore, the derivation of closed-form analytical solutions to the first passage probability for nonstationary processes has not been very successful except for Gaussian process. The intention of this paper is to drive a closed-form solution for the calculation of mean upcrossing rate of a scalar nonstationary lognormal process from a barrier level. The applicability of this new solution is illustrated in a time-dependent reliability analysis of corrosion-induced concrete cracking. It is found that the results of first passage probability calculated from the derived closed-form solution are in very good agreement with those from Monte Carlo simulation and safety index methods. A merit of the derived solution is that it eliminates unrealistic neg...
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In time-dependent reliability analysis, an upcrossing is defined as the event when a limit-state function reaches its failure region from its safe region. Upcrossings are commonly assumed to be independent. The assumption may not be valid for some applications and may result in large errors. In this work, we develop a more accurate method that relaxes the assumption by using joint upcrossing rates. The method extends the existing joint upcrossing rate method to general limit-state functions with...
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The usual approach to time-variant reliability problems is based on the computation of the outcrossing rate through the limit state surface and its time integration. The so-called PHI2 method allows one to compute the outcrossing rate by solving a two-component parallel system reliability problem using the First Order Reliability Method (FORM). Following this approach, the present paper provides new analytical expressions of the outcrossing rate and their implementation. The corresponding improv...
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This paper describes a methodology for computation of reliability of members of fixed offshore platform structures, with respect to fatigue. Failure criteria were formulated using fracture mechanics principle. The problem is coined as a “first passage problem”. The method was illustrated through application to a typical plane frame structure. The fatigue reliability degradation curve established can be used for planning in-service inspection of offshore platforms. A very limited parametric study...
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Determining corrosion-induced concrete cracking is essential to predicting the serviceability of corrosion-affected reinforced concrete structures and to instigating maintenance and repairs for the structures. This paper attempts to present a reliability-based methodology for serviceability assessment of corrosion-affected concrete structures, using the performance criterion of concrete crack width. A stochastic model for crack width is developed and a time-dependent method is employed to quanti...
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A model for simulation of non-stationary, non-Gaussian processes based on non-linear translation of Gaussian random vectors is presented. This method is a generalization of traditional translation processes that includes the capability of simulating samples with spatially or temporally varying marginal probability density functions. A formal development of the properties of the resulting process includes joint probability density function, correlation distortion and lower and upper bounds that d...
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In this paper, an important feature of time variant reliability problems is identified. The concept of barrier failure dominance (BFD) is introduced to characterize those problems where an out-crossing or overload failure is more likely to be caused by a very small realization of the barrier (resistance) than by an exceptionally large realization of the load process. This result arises from a study of the ensemble out-crossing rate approximation, reported in a previous paper and which is reviewe...
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To study the fatigue crack growth problems and to emphasize the variability of the growth curves in addition to their average growth trend, three stochastic fatigue crack growth models are presented. These models include the Markov chain model, Yang's power law model and a polynomial model. Experimental work is carried out to produce the required fatigue crack growth data, which are then used for verification of the models. Two sets of statistically meaningful data, one under constant-amplitude ...
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AbstractReliability assessment of engineered structures is a powerful and useful concept to estimate the structural capacity of withstanding hazardous events during their service lives. Taking into...
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Abstract null null Calculation of probability of exceedance for nonstationary non-Gaussian responses remains a great challenge to researchers in the field of structural reliability. In this paper, an analytical solution is proposed for calculating the mean upcrossing rate (MCR) of the non-stationary non-Gaussian responses by approximating the displacement and velocity responses with the bivariate vector translation process, in which the unified Hermite polynomial model (UHPM) is selected as the ...
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Abstract In this paper, an efficient method using the linear moments (L-moments) is proposed for dynamic reliability assessment of nonlinear structures subjected to non-stationary ground motions. The proposed method comprises three main steps. First, the extrema of structural responses are obtained from the random function-spectral representation model (RFSRM) and nonlinear time history analysis, in which the principal points are first combined with the RFSRM and a sampling strategy is suggested...
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Importance sampling methods are extensively used in time-independent reliability analysis. However, the kind of methods is barely studied in the field of time-variant reliability analysis. This article presents an importance sampling method for time-variant reliability analysis. It increases the probability of sampling failure trajectories of a time-variant performance function. To develop the method, the instantaneous performance function at a predefined time instant is regarded as a time-indep...
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#1Afshin Firouzi (IAU: Islamic Azad University)H-Index: 8
Last. Rouhollah AyazianH-Index: 1
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Abstract Reinforced concrete columns in chloride-laden environments are prone to steel reinforcement corrosion, which reduces their capacity to resist applied loads. The current study modeled the time-dependent effect of corrosion as a non-stationary Gaussian process while accounting for the uncertainties of other parameters using random variables. The down-crossing rate of the residual capacity of these structures under combined axial loads and bending moments from the safe domain has been calc...
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#2Hassan Baji (Central Queensland University)H-Index: 9
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Abstract Reliable prediction of the service-life of water pipes is of great importance for asset managers and decision makers. This paper introduces a framework for evaluating the reliability of corroded pipelines. Incorporating the random field representation of corrosion into a finite-element analysis have always been a daunting task especially when the time-dependent reliability analysis is intended. This research addresses the issue by representing the cross-section reduction of a buried pip...
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