Chapter 12 A validity study of the certification system of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

Published on Jan 1, 2004in Advances in Program Evaluation
· DOI :10.1016/S1474-7863(07)11012-7
Tracy Smith3
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Tracy Smith8
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+ 1 AuthorsLloyd Bond6
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This article describes a construct validation study of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards’ system of advanced certification. The evidence analyzed in the study included teachers’ instructional objectives and lesson plans for a given instructional unit, data collected during visits to all 65 teachers’ classrooms, and transcripts of scripted interviews of the teachers and their students. Two validity questions were examined in this comparative study: (a) To what extent is the National Board's vision of accomplished practice, as laid down in its Standards documents and as instantiated in its assessments, consonant with the characteristics of teaching expertise that have emerged from the research and scholarly literature?, and (b) Can National Board Certified teachers (NBCTs) and their noncertified counterparts (non-NBCTs) be distinguished on the basis of the quality of work produced by their students? In every comparison between NBCTs and non-NBCTs on the dimensions of teaching excellence, NBCTs obtained higher mean scores. In 11 of the 13 comparisons, the differences were highly statistically significant.
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Contemporary research on teaching indicates that teachers are powerful contributors to students’ academic achievement, though the set and interrelationships of characteristics that make for high-quality and effective teaching have yet to be satisfactorily determined. Nevertheless, on the basis of the extant research and a vision of exemplary teaching, the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards stipulated a definition of a superior teacher. The Board did this without empirical evidenc...
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In this paper, we describe the results of the first large-scale study, based on a unique data set from North Carolina, assessing the relationship between the certification of teachers by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) and elementary- level student achievement. Our findings indicate that NBPTS is successfully identifying the more effective teachers among applicants, and that NBPTS-certified teachers, prior to becoming certified, were more effective than their non-c...
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This title is a review of: Bond, L., Smith, T., Baker, W. K., & Hattie. J. (2000). The certification system of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards: A construct and consequential validity study, Center for Educational Research and Evaluation, University of North Carolina, Greensboro.
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Ms. Moss and Mr. Schutz focus on practices designed to reliably identify accomplished teachers and consider the implications of these practices for leveraging change. The more we learn, and the franker we are with ourselves and our clientele, the more valid the use of tests will become.1 OVER THE PAST few decades, educational administrators, policy makers, and the public they serve have come to rely increasingly on tests and other forms of standardized assessments as primary indicators of the qu...
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Abstract Adaptive teaching has become increasingly important in research and practice. However, its complexity calls for effective professional development approaches, such as Lesson Study, that may promote adaptive teaching practices. This study uses a quasi-experimental mixed-methods design, consisting of stimulated recall interviews and classroom observation instruments, to determine whether participating in Lesson Study leads to more adaptive teaching practices in both teachers’ perceptions ...
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The purpose of this paper is to answer the question, what progress student teachers make during one academic year, while being trained in a professional learning community, using objective classroom observation, using lesson preparation templates that match their developmental stage and stage-focused mentor feedback.
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Teacher adaptability is a key disposition for teachers that has been linked to outcomes of interests to schools. The aim of this study was to examine how the broader disposition of teacher adaptability might be observable as classroom-based adaptive practices using an argument-based approach to validation. The findings from the initial phase of the validation study indicate that there is sufficient warrant to further develop a teacher observation instrument based on the construct of teacher adap...
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In this study data-feedback in a cyclic model of data-driven teaching was used to enhance the teaching behavior of students registered in a master course for teachers. Differences between pre- and post-test measures in a simple one-group pre-test post-tests design proved to be significant with effect sizes ranging from d = 0.29 to d = 0.76. Improving teaching behavior in a time span of only six weeks on average is remarkable since earlier studies indicated that it takes over 15 years to master c...
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AbstractAlthough effective teaching behaviour is central for pupil outcomes, the extent to which pre-service teachers behave effectively in the classroom and how their behaviour relates to pupils’ engagement remain unanswered. The present study aims to validate a theoretical model linking effective pre-service teaching behaviour and pupil’s engagement, incorporating the role of context and teacher characteristics. The study included a sample of 264 pre-service teachers from 64 secondary schools ...
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