Endometrioos – anamneesist diagnoosini

Published on Aug 24, 2011
· DOI :10.15157/EA.V0I0.10887
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Uuringu eesmark. Too eesmargiks oli anda ulevaade aastatel 2005–2008 endometrioosile viitavate kaebustega naistearsti vastuvotule poordunud ning diagnostilise laparoskoopia/laparotoomia labinud patsientide kusitluslehtede andmetest ning leida voimalikke endometrioosiga seotud kaebuseid ja riskitegureid. Metoodika. Retrospektiivne uuring, mille valimi moodustasid TU Kliinikumi naistekliinikus laparoskoopia/laparotoomia labinud 170 naist, kellest 118-l (69,4%) diagnoositi endometrioos ja 52-l (30,6%) haigust ei tuvastatud. Patsiendid, kellel operatsiooni kaigus endometrioosi ei tuvastatud, moodustasid edasistes analuusides kontrollruhma. Tulemused ja jareldused. Uuringus osalenud endometrioosi ja kontrollruhma naiste uld- ja reproduktiivanamneesis olulisi erinevusi ei leitud, kuid endometrioosiga patsiendid kaebasid monevorra sagedamini kogu menstruatsiooni kestel esinevaid alakohuvalusid ning menstruatsiooniaegset valulikkust voi veritsust defekatsioonil. Kontrollruhma naised olid sagedamini suitsetajad (32,7% vs 17,8%, p = 0,02) ning olid rohkem podenud sugulisel teel levivaid haigusi (48,1% vs 25,4%, p = 0,01). Vorreldes endometrioosi mooduka-raske vormiga esines minimaalse-kerge vormi korral sagedamini viljatust (vastavalt 34,7% ja 76,8%; p vs 27,5%; p = 0,02). Kokkuvottes leidsime, et kogutud anamneesi ja kaebuste alusel on raske ennustada endometrioosi esinemist ja raskusastet. Diagnoos kinnitatakse vaid laparoskoopilise ja histoloogilise leiu pohjal. Endometrioosi kergemad vormid on aga seotud naise reproduktiivfunktsiooni hairetega – viljatuse ja spontaanabortidega. Eesti Arst 2011; 90(7):321–326
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Objective. To investigate whether polymorphisms in genes involved in biosynthesis and signalling of sex steroids influence susceptibility to endometriosis and to infertility associated with it.Materials and methods. Patients with endometriosis (n = 150) and fertile controls (n = 199) were genotyped for polymorphisms in oestrogen receptor genes ESR1 (rs2234693 – T/C single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP), dinucleotide (TA)n repeat) and ESR2 (dinucleotide (CA)n repeat), progesterone receptor gene PG...
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Abstract Objective To determine plausible associations between endometriosis and vascular endothelial growth factor gene ( VEGF −2578 A/C, −1154 G/A, −634 G/C and 936 C/T), also angiotensin I-converting enzyme gene ( ACE −240 A/T and 2350 A/G) single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), as well as their respective haplotypes. Study design PCR-based restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis was used to detect SNPs in VEGF and ACE genes in 150 Estonian women with endometriosis and 199 control ...
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In this case-control study, we investigated the potential associations of MMP-2 and MMP-9 gene promoter region polymorphisms as well as MMP-2 promoter haplotypes with susceptibility to endometriosis in women of caucasian origin. The results demonstrated that polymorphisms in MMP-2 (−735 C/T) and MMP-9 (−1562 C/T) were associated with elevated risk of endometriosis and that certain MMP-2 promoter haplotypes were more common in control group.
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Endometriosis is the third leading cause of gynecologic hospitalization in the United States. This disease impacts both a woman's physical and mental well being. This impact is often compounded by the frequent delay from the onset of symptoms to a confirmed diagnosis, which may average 6 years or mo
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Objective To investigate the familial aggregation and the risk of endometriosis among the female relatives of women with endometriosis. We also compared the epidemiologic characteristics of women with and without family history of endometriosis.
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Objective The association between demographic factors, menstrual and reproductive characteristics, and clinical profile for women with endometriosis was analyzed in a retrospective case-control study.
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Problem Autoimmune mechanisms are involved in etiology of female infertility, the medical problem frequently treated by in vitro fertilization (IVF). Controlled ovarian hyperstimulation (COH) with supraphysiological levels of sex hormones is achieved by IVF. Methods of study Anti-human-ovary and eight common autoantibodies [nuclear (ANA-H, ANA-R on human HEp-2 cell line and rodent antigen, respectively), smooth muscle (SMA), parietal cell, thyroid microsomal, mitochondrial, β2-glycoprotein-I, ca...
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: Endometriosis is a complex gynecologic disorder that has long been recognized as showing heritable tendencies, with recurrence risks of 5-7% for first-degree relatives. Familial and epidemiologic studies support that this disease is a genetic disorder of polygenic/multifactorial inheritance. The current investigational challenge is to determine the number and location of causative genes. Recent advances in molecular technology make identification and elucidation of these genes now possible. In...
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BACKGROUND: Endometriosis is an important clinical situation associated with subfertility. It would be very useful to identify patients at increased risk for endometriosis prior to laparoscopy. In the present study, we evaluate the demographic and clinical characteristics in a cohort of Portuguese subfertile women in relation to the presence of endometriosis. METHODS: Consecutive subfertile patients scheduled for laparoscopy were interviewed prior to the procedure. At subsequent laparoscopy, the...
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